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GUIDE: How to remove unwanted device types

Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:01 pm

GUIDE: How to remove unwanted device types

GpsGate Server supports a large number of device types, and it can be confusing with long lists for users of the service. It can therefor be useful to remove or rename existing Device Types. Here is described how:

I. Disable unwanted Protocol Listeners

1. Log in to SiteAdmin.
2. Go to NMEA Service -> Protocol Listeners
3. Stop all Protocol Listeners you are not using.

When you have stopped all listeners for a specific protocol, Device Types using that protocol will not show up in any application.

Note! Do not stop "Plain text sms listener" or "Plain text email listener" that wil prevent GpsGate Server from sending SMS and email notifications.

II. Delete unwanted Device Types

1. Log into SiteAdmin
2. Go to Commands -> Device Types
3. Delete the Device Types you do not need. (You can later create them again if you want to.)

Deleted Device Types will not show up in any application. You cannot delete Device Types that are in use. You can also rename Device Types which can be very useful.


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