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GUIDE: Speeding area with Geofence and Event Rule

Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:34 pm

Guide: Speeding area with Geofence and Event Rule

This guide shows how you can combine Geofences with advanced Event Rules to create a Speeding area.

(new feature: create Event Rules based on real speed limits)

This is a three step process:

a) Create Geofence and Geofence Tag

b) Apply Geofence to Event Rule

c) Configure your device mapper

Create new Geofence

First of all you have to create a new Geofence and group the geofence using a Geofence Tag. There are two predefined Geofence Tags that are applied to predefined Event Rules. But in the example we will show how to create your own Geofence Tag and apply it to a new Event Rule.

1. Select the Geofences tab below the map

2. Select the “Geofence mode” -radiobutton

3. Select “--New--” in the dropdown menu

4. Drag the red circle that is displayed on the map to your desired location. Resize it by dragging the circle boarder. You can also use the text fields in the form

5. Name your geofence, for example “Speeding area one”

6. Click “Advanced” next to “Select Tag”

7. Click “New” and name your Geofence Tag (Geofence group), for example “Speeding alert area”. Click “Add”

8. Save your Geofence

Create an Event Rule for speeding inside Geofence

This step creates the Event Rule that will detect speeding in your Geofence. You can create multiple event rules that apply to different vehicles using Vehicle tags. This enables you to set different speed limits on different vehicle types or different drivers.

1. Select "Manage Event Rules" in the "Admin" menu.

2. Click "Add New Event Rule"

3. Give your rule a name and description, for example “Speeding area 50”, “50 km/h speed alert in geofence”

4. Select the Vehicle Tags you want it to apply to. If non are selected then the rule will apply on all vehicles

5. Select “Match All”

6. Select “Geofence expression” and click “Add”

7. Select your Geofence Tag and select “Inside”

8. Select "Analog expression" and click "Add"

9. Select "Speed", "Greater" and enter “13.89” (that is 50 km/h in meters/second)

10. Apply the event rule to channel "ALARM" if you want speeding alerts in the VehicleTracker user interface. If you do not add a channel your speeding alerts will be stored in the database, but not shown in the user interface

11. Save your rule

Configure Device Mapper

This step configures device specific inputs to common GpsGate outputs used in the Event Rules. You need to repeat this step for each device you have in your installation.

1. Select "Manage Device Mapper" in the "Admin" menu

2. Click "Edit" on the Device Mapper you want to configure

3. Map the input "Speed" to the output "Speed"

Save the Device Mapper

Now you will get a new alarm in the Alarm panel every time a vehicle drives above 50 km/h inside your geofence.

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