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GUIDE: Speed Alerts in GpsGate VehicleTracker

Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:52 pm

Guide: Set up Speed Alerts in GpsGate VehicleTracker

(for a newer guide read here)


With speed alerts you can get a notification of each speeding incident to gain better control of your vehicle fleet and save money.
Speeding leads to increased costs for your business. Drivers that loose their license or get a speeding ticket reduce your profitability. Your vehicle fleet is aging faster if the vehicles are driven hard.
This guide shows you how to set up speed alerts for your vehicles in VehicleTracker.

Setup Process:

Speed alerts are supported in GpsGate VehicleTracker version 2.0.5 or later.

You need to be logged in as an Application Administrator to get access to the configuration menus.
Go through the following two steps to set up a speed alert in VehicleTracker.

a) Configure the Device Mapper for your device to support speed as an output

b) Create at least one Event Rule to detect speeding

Configure Device Mapper

This step configures device specific inputs to common GpsGate outputs used in the Event Rules. You need to repeat this step for each device you have in your installation.
1.Select "Manage Device Mapper" in the "Admin" menu

2.Click "Edit" on the Device Mapper you want to configure

3.Map the input "Speed" to the output "Speed"

4.Save the Device Mapper

Create an Event Rule for speeding

This step creates the Event Rule that will detect speeding. You can create multiple event rules that apply to different vehicles. This enables you to set different speed limits on different vehicle types or different drivers.
1.Select "Manage Event Rules" in the "Admin" menu.

2.Click "Add New Event Rule"

3.Give your rule a name and description, for example “Speeding 50”, “50 km/h speed alert”

4.Select the users you want it to apply to

5.Select "Analog expression" and click "Add"

6.Select "Speed", "Greater" and enter “13.89” (that is 50 km/h in meters/second)

7.Apply the event rule to channel "ALARM" if you want speeding alerts in the VehicleTracker user interface. If you do not add a channel your speeding alerts will be stored in the database, but not shown in the user interface

8.Save your rule

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