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IntelliTrac X1/Pro/Plus/X8

Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:37 pm

How to connect SysTech IntelliTrac X1/Pro/Plus/X8 to GpsGate Server

How to install for GpsGate Server v3.1

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Plugins. Click on "Get More Plugins"
3. Install "IntelliTrac".

4. Skip for hosted server. Open port 6090 for TCP/IP and UDP in your firewall, and direct the traffic to the server you installed GpsGate Server on.

Verify the firewall is setup and the plugin is installed correctly.

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Devices
3. Click on "Test" for the listener you want to verify.

How to add a vehicle and how to add a device to a vehicle.

1. Login to your VehicleTracker application

2. Click "Add new User"
3. Select "Device" in "User Type" drop down. Click Next.
3. Enter a "username" and a "Name", which is the name displayed on the map and in list. Click "Next".
4. Click Next for Roles.
5. Click Next for Tags.
6. Select Device Type to "IntelliTrac ...".
7. Fill in the IMEI number of the tracker.
8. Click Save.

Configure your device to send data to your servers public IP port 6090. You find the public IP in SiteAdmin under Devices.

* If you use a PIN code for the SIM card you need to connect to the tracker over a COM port and set this PIN code using the $ST+UNPM command
* If you have used the tracker with another server you need to reset it first to allow SMS traffic from GpsGate Server. Use the $ST+RESET command.
* The tracker password may not be changed, it must be the default "0000".

For more information regarding direct IntelliTrac commands, please check the IntelliTrac documentation or post questions to our forum, and we'll try to help you out:

Manual setup without SMS for IntelliTrac X1
If you don't have SMS support on your GpsGate Server you need to manually configure the X1 tracker. Connect to it over a COM port and use the $ST+COMM and $ST+UNPM.

$ST+COMM=0000,3,,,apn,gprs username,gprs password,1,ipaddress,6090,180,
Where "ipaddres" is the IP address to your server e.g.
Where "apn", "gprs username" and "gprs password" are the APN, and username + password for your SIM card.

$ST+UNPM=0000,short imei,,,7,7,7,7,1
Where "short imei" is the 9 last digits in the IMEI number e.g. 353358011976334 -> 011976334. If you specify the whole IMEI number it will not work!

Start tracking over GPRS every 60 seconds.

Manual setup without SMS for IntelliTrac X8
If you don't have SMS support on your GpsGate Server you need to manually configure the X8 tracker. Connect to it over a COM port and use the $ST+UNID and $ST+GPRS commands.

The Unit ID must be 10qqqqqqqq, where "qqqqqqqq" is the 8 last figures in the device's IMEI number.
353358011976334 -> 1011976334

Advanced configuration
There is some server database settings that controls the content of configuration SMS sent to new trackers. You find those values in the settings table. Namespace "SysTech".

SyncInterval - Sync interval in seconds to keep GPRS connection alive. Zero (default) to turn off.
Transport - Default transport for IntelliTrac, can be set to sms, tcp or udp. Default is tcp;
GprsRoaming - If GPRS roaming is allowed or not. Set to false - 0 - to disable GPRS when roaming. Default true - 1


If you have your own server, please read this for trouble shooting:

To monitor data communication between tracker and server you can use the "Terminal". More info here:

If you can see data coming in from the GPS tracker in the Terminal, but you still don't get a position on the map, you can send the output from the Terminal to us together with information about your GPS tracker and we will take a look at it. Send it to "support at gpsgate . com"

Use Template Commands to manage your trackers remotely:

Manufacturer homepage

Upgrades and fixes


Franson Support

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