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Embedded XP

Fri Oct 17, 2008 6:14 pm

Hi All

I have developed a application using GPSToolsNet.
> I created deploy package based on the default PUBLISH option which creates a simple deployment package via a SETUP routine.
> Using this deployment package I have NO trouble installing on to another machine running XP Professional.
> For our client the application has to be downloaded into a XP Embedded computer (which is to be intalled in a Dozer).
> When I tried to install and run the application I get the following
> message
> "could not load file or assembly GPSTOOLSNET.200 VER Culture
> = Neutral Public Token Key = 9e4b59507d3c1a4f or one of its
> dependencies.
> Application has failed because the application configuration is incorrect.
> Re-installing the software may fix the problem.
> [Exception from HRESULT:0x800736B1"
> In the memory detail that follows the message
> "system.runtime.interopservices.COMException(0x800736B1)" is quoted ..
> Having never dealt with a XP embedded environment before I have no idea where to start to fix problem.
> Please have you any ideas or pointers which may set be down the right pathway??
> Regards
> Peter

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