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Enable SMS for GpsGate Server

Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:02 am

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here

Enable SMS for GpsGate Server

Here are the different options for how to enable SMS on your GpsGate Server. SMS is typical used for sending commands to GPS trackers or to send notifications and messages to users. If you don't need that you don't need SMS.

Twilio (Two-way) (International)

GpsGate Android SMS Proxy (Two-way)
GpsGate Android SMS Proxy makes it possible to use an Android device with SMS capability to send and receive SMS from a GpsGate Server. This enables very low priced local SMS solutions.

Infobip (Two-way) -
Internet based SMS service.

SmsBroadcast (Two-way) (Australia) -

SmsGatewayCenter (India) (One-way) -
Only outgoing SMS supported.

Cool SMS / Link Mobility (Denmark) (Two-way) -

VexxMobile (Brazil) (Two-way) -

WebSms (Austria) (Two-way) -

Nawras (Oman) (one-way) -

Jawal SMS (Saudi Arabia) (one-way) -

MobileProntoSMS (Brazil) (one-way) - ttp://
NOTE! This service cannot send "+" signs.

Clickatell (Two-way, Unicode) -
(Note! Clickatel has proven to have an unreliable service that changes things like Sender ID, and character encoding randomly over time).

Diafaan SMS (one-way) -

Zenziva SMS (Indonesia) (two-way) -

Raco Wireless (one-way) -

SMS Canal (one-way)

PSWin (Norway) (one-way)

BahrainSMS (one-way)

HSL SMS (UK) (Two-way) -
(Unreliable on the business side, since they cancel contracts without warning)

Vodafone Hungary (Two-way) -

BhashSMS (One-way) -

OneSimCard (One-way)

UnifonicSMS (One-way) -

FoxBoxSms (Two-way) -

KvtSms (One-way) -

SmsNetsize (two-way) -

BahrainViva (one-way) -

Telenor (two-way)

1010 SMS Gateway (two-way) Chinese

Telefonica (one way)

TextMagic (two-way)

Using multiple SMS providers
This new feature will let you categorize SMS providers for different applications and geographical locations. This way, you can let the system pick the most advantageous provider based on the recipient phone number.

Developers only: Integrate SMS over HTTP (Recommended for integration)
GpsGate Server provides a very simple and straight forward HTTP API which can be used for integration to any SMS service.

Still not found a suitable option?
We can also help you to integrate SMS to a local SMS provider using web services.

Third party integrations

Those are not supported by GpsGate


Deprecated solutions

GpsGate Windows SMS Proxy (Two-way)
GpsGate SMS Proxy makes it possible to use a normal mobile phone to send and receive SMS from a GpsGate Server. This enables very low priced local SMS solutions.

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