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How can I avoid the "Safe mode" dialog

Tue Oct 31, 2006 2:22 pm

How can I avoid the "Safe mode" dialog

If GpsGate is closed in a not graceful way, it will display a dialog that enables you to start GpsGate in Safe mode. For example when starting GpsGate after a soft reset or after turning power off the computer without shuting down Windows first this will happen.

In safe mode GpsGate won't start any inputs or outputs. And you will be able to edit the configuration. If anything in the current setup made GpsGate crash, or your PDA to freeze, you can fix that in safe mode.

In some cases you might want to avoid this dialog all together. There is a checkbox in the safe mode dialog you can use to make it never appear again.

Or if you are an advanced user or developer, you might be interested to know that the safe mode dialog is controlled by the follwoing registry setting:

Displaying this dialog is controlled by:

NeverAskMeSafeMode : DWORD

A value of 1 will disable the dialog.


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