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How to solve "Failed to open MGR2:"

Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:26 pm

How to solve "Failed to open MGR2:"

You get this error on some devices when you try to create a Virtual Port. You can solve this in two ways.

1. Upgrade to GpsGate 2.0.1 BETA4 build 102 or later
This is the recommended way of getting around this. Upgrade and you should have no more problems with this issue.

2. Use VPortBoot.exe together with GpsGate 1.10

Note that this method will require some manual steps at install, and also when you uninstall GpsGate.

Install VPortBoot.exe
1. Download
2. Unzip and copy VPortBoot.exe to \Windows\Setup on the device.
(If you are unsure, select the version found in the ZIP files arm folder.)
3. WM 5.0: Turn off power on device.
4. Make a soft rest.

Now it should work to create Virtual Ports.

Uninstall GpsGate 1.10
1. Delete \Windows\Setup\VPortBoot.exe
2. WM 5.0: Turn off power on device.
3. Make a soft rest.

You can now uninstall GpsGate 1.10


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