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.NET CF - GpsLibCE.dll is missing!

Sat Aug 07, 2004 12:01 am

Running the GpsTools .NET CF samples gives me a 'System.MissingMethodException'

If you get this error message while running the GpsTools .NET Compact Framework samples you have forgotten to install GpsLibCE.dll or you have the wrong processor version of GpsLibCE.dll installed.

Visual Studio 2003 only: A common error is to deploy the x86 version (used in the emulator) to Pocket PC device typically using an ARM processor.

In Visual Studio 2003, the emulator uses the x86 version, but this has changed in Visual Studio 2005. Now both the emulator and device uses ARM.

Another common error is to install two versions of GpsLibCE.dll. One under \Windows and one under the same directory as the project is deployed to. Where the \Windows version has the right processor type (ARM), and the other the wrong type (x86). This typically happends when you have a project you have developed in the emulator which you for the first time run on a physical device, and by misstake you deply the x86 version of GpsLibCE.dll to the physical device.

For more information see the GpsTools Developer's Guide.

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