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Nokia and Bluetools...?

Sat Mar 18, 2006 4:09 pm


I have written a program that sends files to the phone using Bluetools library with C# in .Net 2.0. I try my program with SonyEricsson T630 and some models of Siemens,it works fine. The problem appeared when I tried it with some models of Nokia.
---Program can not understand the error code when the user rejects the file.
---Program sends the same file several times.
---Program can not tell the user if the file is being sent.

All of these works fine with other handsets. What is the difference of handsets..? Am I missing something?

Thanks very much.

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RE: Nokia and Bluetools...?

Sun Mar 19, 2006 11:47 am

You are using the ObexObjectPush component to send files? Or have you written your own Obex implementation using BlueTools?

As for ObexObjectPush it is tried with several cell phones of most major manufacturer but we found that even cell phones from the same manufacturer sometimes reacted differently and responded different return codes to the same commands.

* Which Nokia cell phones are you experiencing problems with?
* Do you receive any error codes or exceptions when you are experiencing the problems? From either BlueTools or the ObexObjectPush component?

It is also good if you specify exactly which commands you are sending the cell phone when it does not respond as expected.

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