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Pulkovo 1942

Thu May 25, 2017 11:42 am

Bear with me as I'm not a specialist!

I have a table of buoy positions, eastings and nortings described as WGS84_39N, lat/lon in Pulkovo-42, Zone 9. An example from the table is below:

578133.74 E, 5089398.52 N (column heading is "System WGS84_39N)
45°57'12.99N, 52°0'33.856E (column heading is "Pulkovo-42, Zone 9)

I cannot get the two sets of data to match. In CoordTrans, if I enter eastings/northings as "UTM Zone 39N (WGS84)" and the lat/lon datum as "Pulkovo 1942", there is a distance of 96.34 metres between the coordinate.

I'm struggling to create a georeferenced AutoCAD drawing prepared from the data set and, ultimately, everything has to be in WGS84 for overlaying onto a chart.

Any suggestions about what I'm doing wrong much appreciated.


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