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ChangeLog: Dashboard

Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:00 am

Updates and bug fixes for Dashboard Plugin

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Release history

Dashboard build 3828 Released: 2020-01-16
- Compatibility release.

Dashboard build 3772 Released: 2019-12-20
* Disabled onDirtyChange in Dashboard since it's not working.
* Fixed some issues with TextInput.onChange in Dashboard.

Dashboard build 3664 Released: 2019-12-12
Compatibility release

Dashboard build 3140 Released: 2019-06-13
Improved performance for servers with heavy Dashboard usage.
Condition value box not too small in IE any more.

Dashboard build 3072 Released: 2019-05-16
Compatibility release.

Dashboard build 2851 Released: 2019-03-14
- Shut down Dashboard properly on Service restart.

Dashboard build 2778 Released: 2019-02-14
Compatibility release.

Dashboard build 2766 Released: 2019-01-30
- Compatibility release.

Dashboard build 2517 Released: 2018-12-13

Fixed a bug that prevented adding a second condition after a digital condition was set

Dashboard v5.0.0.2457 Released: 2018-11-15

- Improved performance.

- The charts order is changed, always showing graph by default.
- Fix localization

Dashboard v5.0.0.2327 Released: 2018-10-18

- Nice hourly representation of series that increase all over the day, i.e. fleet distance, daily idle time, etc.
- Show spread chart for accumulated count too

- Respect culture settings correctly when building the dashboard conditions
- Saving or deleting a dashboard item is now performed way faster

Dashboard v5.0.0.2140 Released: 2018-09-20

- Historical detailed dashboard chart with duration selector (day, week, month)
- Dashboard items are now shown in multiple rows

User Experiance:
- Cleaner UI

- Readded missing default dashboard items
- Pie chart now works for event rule based dashboard items

- Improved dashboard performance

Dashboard v5.0.0.1333 Released: 2018-03-15
- On import enable dashboard for all available views

Dashboard v5.0.0.1319 Released: 2018-02-15
- Improved overall performance.

Dashboard v5.0.0.1146 Released: 2018-01-15
- Fixes slow Service startup. And slow plugin upgrades.

Dashboard v5.0.0.765 Released: 2017-11-15
User experiance:
- First batch of UI updates to modernize the look of VehicleTracker. New buttons and a more 'flat' looking interface.

Dashboard v5.0.0.643 Released: 2017-10-19
- Improved support for Archiving.

Dashboard v4.0.0.5640 Released: 2017-08-15
Minor changes.

Dashboard v4.0.0.5417 Released: 2017-06-05
- Security improvements. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

Dashboard v4.0.0.5268 Released: 2017-04-26
- Fix: Works better in GpsGate Fleet app.

Dashboard v4.0.0.5109 Released: 2017-02-16
- Fix install on servers using older Microsoft SQL Server backends
- Optimizations and smaller fixes.

Dashboard v4.0.0.4983 Released: 2017-01-11
- Fix Application Template synchronization problem

Dashboard v4.0.0.4888 Released: 2016-12-13
- Initial Release
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Re: ChangeLog: Dashboard

Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:02 pm

Dashboard build 3828 Released: 2020-01-16

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