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Cellocator with Garmin PND

Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:42 am

Updated: How to connect devices to GpsGate, click here

This guide covers the setup of Cellocator/Point Cello IQ with a FMI enabled Garmin PND

Enable support in Gpsgate Server:
1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Click Plugins
3. Install "Cellocator"
4. Install "Garmin"

For Chat and Dispatch support you need Chat and Dispatch as well.

Configure the device to connect to GpsGate Server
1. Use this guide to get the device connected to GpsGate Server:
2. You will also need to add the Garmin PND as a secondary device for the user.
3. Enable a secondary device for the "Device" User Type by open the User Type Editor found in the vehicle list setting menu.
4. Select "Device" in the User Type drop down list
5. Enable the checkbox found at the right side for the "Device 2" section.
6. Click "Save"
7. Open the Edit User form for your user
8. Select "Garmin PND" as device type in the "Device 2" section
9. Click "Save"

For more info about edit users and user type see:

Configure the Cello-IQ device to work with a Garmin PND
1. Open "Cellocator Programemr"
2. Under: 01 Communication and Configuration\Communication settings\COM port settings\Garmin Configuration\
- Backwards compatible Mode: "Normal"
- Disable Ping Garmin protocol upon connection: "Do not disable"
- Discard Garmin packets during NoIP_No GSM: "Discard"
- Enable Cellocator connected MDT Time&Zone synchronization: "Disable"
- Enable Garmin connected and disconnected Distress: "Disable"
- Enable Garmin connected and disconnected Events: "Enable"
- Enable Garmin support: "Enable"

2. Under: 01 Communication and Configuration\Communication settings\COM port settings\Port Configuration- Baud rate: 9600

Note: Since the "Cellocator Programmer" normally uses baudrate 115200 to connect to the device you must change the baudrate for the programmer as well.
You do that under the menu "Communication -> Configuration -> Communication Tab -> Baudrate"

More info is found in "Garmin-PNA-Integration-Manual.pdf" document made available by Pointer/Cellocator

Tips and troubleshooting
To monitor data communication between tracker and server you can use the "Terminal". More info here:

Physical setup:
See "Garmin-PNA-Integration-Manual.pdf"


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