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FIX: Google provider failed.

Wed Oct 28, 2015 2:10 pm

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Your GpsGate Server sends you this automated email:

Hi, this is an automated email from your GpsGate Server. Google provider failed. 10 Google geocoding errors in sequence. Google geocoder is disabled.

Or you get blank addresses in your reports when using Google Maps as geocoder.


You most likely use a "free" Google Maps key which limits you to a daily quota of geocoding requests. (Typically 2500 per day). After this quota is used, all addresses will be blank.


If you have a Pay-as-you-go server, please contact support to activate Google Maps.

For legacy license servers you can purchase a Google Maps license here:

Or you can use any of the other available map / geocoding options:

GpsGate Native Map Based on OpenStreetMap data. (included for servers with active support).

Use POIs for geocoding

Create new geocoder "stack". You may for example want to create a new geocoder which first checks geofences, then POIs and as a final resort CloudMade and/or Google.

If you want to apply a new geocoder on a historical report, the report data needs to be reprocessed.


If you just want to disable the notification you can do this under SiteAdmin -> Maps -> Geocoder Errors


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RE: FIX: Google provider failed.

Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:03 pm

I enabled the geocoder error emails, and I see these errors in the mail nightly now. Not a real problem, but even when I disable the email notification the emails keep coming every night. It seems to me that disabling the notifications doesn't work.

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