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GpsGate Android Tracker with Garmin Fleet device

Tue Mar 03, 2015 12:35 pm

GpsGate Android Tracker Client with Garmin PND

This guide covers the setup of GpsGate Android Tracker Client with Garmin Android platform devices.
Supported Garmin devices:
Fleet 660 and Fleet 670 with version 3.20 or newer firmware.

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Click Plugins
3. Install "Garmin" (v4.0.0.2500 or newer)

For full Chat and Dispatch support you also need Chat and Dispatch plugin.

Application setup:
1. Login to SiteAdmin and select your application from the list
2. Expand "Privileges and Features" Under Plugins, enable Garmin

Adding User:
1. Click "Add new User"
2. Select "Device + Garmin FMI" in "User Type" drop down. Click Next
3. Enter a "Username" and a "Name", which is the name displayed on the map and in list. Click "Next"
4. Click Next for Roles
5. Click Next for Tags
6. Device 1: Select Device Type to "Android Wifi Only"
7. Leave APP ID field empty
8. Device 2: Set to "Garmin PND"
9. Save User

Registering the device:
1. When the user is saved a popup window appears with the registration link
2. Open that link in the browser on your Garmin Fleet device
3. Click "1. Get GpsGate Tracker"
4. When the App is downloaded and installed, go back to the browser in the Fleet device
5. Click "2. Register your tracker"

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