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ChangeLog: Ruptela

Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:38 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Ruptela Plugin

Update from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

More info on how to connect Ruptela tracker:

Release history:

Ruptela v5.0.0.4489 Released: 2020-08-04
- added support for HarshBreakingDigital, HarshTurningDigital, HarshAccelerationDigital for all devices

Ruptela v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29
- added default mappings

Ruptela v5.0.0.3098 Released: 2019-05-16
- added AccelerometerX/Y/Z for ECO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.3081 Released: 2019-05-12
- added AccelerometerX/Y/Z for PRO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.3080 Released: 2019-05-11
- added DigitalFuelSensorC{2..10}, DigitalFuelSensorA1 for PRO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.3062 Released: 2019-05-09
- added ShockDuration, G_Peak_X/Y/Z for PRO4 and ECO4+ devices

Ruptela v5.0.0.3053 Released: 2019-05-07
- added ECO_IdlingTime, ECO_Cornering, TellTale_SeatBelt for FM-ECO4+ device

Ruptela v5.0.0.2977 Released: 2019-04-12
- added DigitalFuelSensorC1 for PRO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.2964 Released: 2019-04-10
- added ECO_OverSpeed, ECO_BrakingEvents, ECO_HarshAcceleration for TCO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.2959 Released: 2019-04-08
- added DigitalOutput1/2, PhoneCall, GSMOperator, GPSSpeed, GNSSAntenna, ShockDuration for TCO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.2869 Released: 2019-03-04
- added support of OBD parameters for TCO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.2715 Released: 2019-01-17
- support of outgoing commands via UDP

Ruptela v5.0.0.2382 Released: 2018-10-26
* added DigitalInput1 and DigitalInput2 for PRO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.2170 Released: 2018-09-26
* add support for IO IDs 561-572 to TCO4

Ruptela v5.0.0.2157 Released: 2018-09-24
* UDP support.

Ruptela v5.0.0.2146 Released: 2018-09-21
* Ignore corrupt messages which cannot be parsed and show info message in terminal window

Ruptela v5.0.0.1564 Released: 2018-04-23
* Fixed odometer reading for Plug4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.1506 Released: 2018-04-09
* Added VirtualOdometer input to odometer list to Plug4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.1405 Released: 2018-03-09
* Added DigitalFuelSensorB1 input to PRO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.1360 Released: 2018-02-27
* Added ACK to identification packet to ECO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.1339 Released: 2018-02-21
* Logs invalid CRC as info level log and on Terminal Window

Ruptela v5.0.0.1278 Released: 2018-02-05
* Fixed negative temperature values

Ruptela v5.0.0.1213 Released: 2018-01-24
* add inputs RFID_A, RFID_B to FM-Eco4+ and PRO4 devices

Ruptela v5.0.0.1083 Released: 2017-12-21
* fix parsing of reports with invalid latitude/longitude
* fix TemperatureSensors values

Ruptela v5.0.0.956 Released: 2017-12-01
* removed duplicated inputs.

Ruptela v5.0.0.913 Released: 2017-11-24
* add support of IButton_Reverse for all devices

Ruptela v5.0.0.842 Released: 2017-11-16
* Added support for DigitalOutput1 and DigitalOutput2 for FM-Eco4+ device

Ruptela v5.0.0.829 Released: 2017-11-15
* add support of TemperatureSensor1 for ECO4 device

Ruptela v5.0.0.765 Released: 2017-11-02
* add support for TemperatureSensorID_0/1 and TemperatureSensorValue_0/1 for FM-Eco4+ device

Ruptela v4.0.0.5853 Released: 2017-09-22
* Added CANBUS_CruiseCS signal to PRO4 device, fixed the CANBUS_CruiseCS signal for TCO3 and TCO4 devices

Ruptela v4.0.0.5829 Released: 2017-09-13
* add support of Bluetooth Temperature Sensors for PRO4 device

Ruptela v4.0.0.5513 Released: 2017-06-15
* Added OBD_FuelLevel, OBD_RPM, OBD_CoolantTemperature and PowerVoltage signals to new Plug4 device.

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5456 Released: 2017-05-31
* Added ECO_OverSpeed, ECO_BrakingEvents, ECO_HarshAcceleration to PRO4 device,
* Not set negative values for CANBUS_CoolantTemperature and CANBUS_AmbientAirTemperature for PRO4 device when Ignition is off

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5347 Released: 2017-05-09
* Add support for AnalogInput1, AnalogInput2, GSMSignalStrength, SateliteCount to PRO4 device

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5334 Released: 2017-05-04
* Add support for CANBUS_PTOstate and CANBUS_AmbientAirTemperature to PRO4

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5235 Released: 2017-04-07
* Added TemperatureSensorID_0, TemperatureSensor3, TemperatureSensor0, TemperatureSensor2, ECO_OverSpeed, ECO_BrakingEvents, ECO_HarshAcceleration, IButton_Passenger to ECO4
* Added CANBUS_Driver1Time to PRO4

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5220 Released: 2017-03-31
* Added support of CurrentProfile, PCB Temperature, CANBUS_CruiseCS, CANBUS_EngineLoad, CANBUS_FuelEconomy, CANBUS_HRFC, CANBUS_Distance, CANBUS_CoolantTemperature, CANBUS_FuelRate, MCC, MNC, CANBUS_RPM, CANBUS_EngineHours, CANBUS_FuelLevel, CANBUS_AccPedal, FuelLevelPerCent, CANBUS_FuelUsed, CANBUS_WBSpeed, CustomIgnition for TC04 device

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5164 Released: 2017-03-09
* Added PowerVoltage to PRO4 device

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5144 Released: 2017-03-03
* Added CANBUS_FuelUsed to PRO4 device mapper

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5129 Released: 2017-02-20
* Added CANBUS_HRFC to PRO4 device mapper

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5106 Released: 2017-02-14
* Added DigitalInput4 (Ignition) to Generic device

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5084 Released: 2017-02-07
* Added CANBUS_Distance signal to PRO4

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5077 Released: 2017-02-06
* Added VirtualOdometer, CANBUS_FuelLevel, FuelLevelPerCent, CANBUS_CoolantTemperature signals to PRO4

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5071 Released: 2017-02-02
* Created new PRO4 device mapper and added DigitalInput4(Ignition), BatteryVoltage, CANBUS_RPM inputs.

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5063 Released: 2017-02-01
* Added support of CustomIgnition input for ECO4 device

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.5025 Released: 2017-01-19
* Added DigitalInput3 input for ECO4+

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4985 Released: 2017-01-10
* Added IButton to ECO4+

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4881 Released: 2016-12-06
* Added SateliteCount and HDOP signal for RuptelaECO4 Device

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4837 Released: 2016-11-21
* TCO4 Device: Added AnalogInput1, AnalogInput2, DigitalInput1, DigitalInput2, DigitalInput3

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4814 Released: 2016-11-17
* Fix outgoing commands via TCP (missing Length and CRC)

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4802 Released: 2016-11-14
* Fix ACK for extended reports

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4766 Released: 2016-11-02
* Added IButton variable for all devices, remove iButtonID

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4764 Released: 2016-11-01
* ECO4: Fix IButton variable

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4760 Released: 2016-10-31
* ECO4: Added IButton variable

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4500 Released: 2016-09-06
* Added HDOP and SatelliteCount

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4444 Released: 2016-08-24
* SMS support added.

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.4099 Released: 2016-05-13
* Add support of command 68 (extended protocol records)

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.2381 Released: 2015-02-09
* Added device type Ruptela FM-Eco4+

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.2037 Released: 2014-11-20
* Added device type TCO4

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.1238 Released: 2014-06-19
* Digital Signals added.

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.1126 Released: 2014-05-26
* FIX: negative latitude and longitude were miss-parsed.

Ruptela Plugin v4.0.0.479 Released: 2014-02-14
* FIX: Added missing leading zeros in IMEI


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Re: ChangeLog: Ruptela

Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:10 pm

Ruptela v5.0.0.4489 Released: 2020-08-04

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