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Index - All GpsGate Server plugins

Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:47 pm

Short description of all plugins available for GpsGate Server in alphabetical order for each repository.


Core Core includes all core functionallity in GpsGate Server.
Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12538

Patch.v4 Bug fixes for Core, and new minor features.
Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16591

Device plugins GpsGate supports most GPS tracker devices on the market. Here is a complete list:

Reporting GpsGate has a powerful and flexible Reporting framework. Here you find a list of reports:

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12540

Map plugins GpsGate supports most types of maps. Here is a complete list:

SMS plugins Support for SMS services: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7829

Language plugins Multi-Language support: Translate GpsGate to new language:

The AccessFilter plugin makes it possible for you to control which IP addresses can access your GpsGate Server.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16985

ArcGIS The integration between ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor and GpsGate Server allows to pull vehicles latest position from the GpsGate Server and use it within an ArcGIS Server. ... ntergation

AreaSearch Select the Area Search tool and draw a rectangle on the map to get a list of tracks in that area for the selected time period. If you want to search for specific events that is possible too. ... rea_search

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14972

Basic One Application template.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14096

Branding Use your own logo. Integrate log in / out to your own home page

Camera Take a picture using camera attached to a device. topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16290

Chat Chat to mobile phones or Garmin PND

Communicate with the driver using Garmin Navigator

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12582

Cell ID resolve a Cell Tower location. ... _locations

Cleanup How to not run out of disk space topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13841

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12719

Dispatch Job dispatch. To Smart Phones, laptops, SMS or Garmin FMI navigators. ... redesigned

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12813

Driver Journal With Driver Journal users can categorize their trips and add notes in a simple web interface. Driver Journal can be used to meet tax authority requirements and company regulations. Driver Journal reports can be printed and emailed for archiving purposes.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15123

Eco Report The business case to drive environmentally friendly is great. Fuel prices are increasing and the Global economical crises makes it more important for fleet owners to look at all costs. By introducing GpsGate Eco-driving reporting you start saving costs day one. This solution aslo lower the impact on the environment and this is a bonus that benefit you and future generations. ... tal_impact

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15133

Geocoder This plugins enables you to create new geocoders. You may for example want to create a new geocoder which first checks geofences, then POIs and as a final resort CloudMade and/or Google. This is easily done using this geocoder.

Updates & Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12855

Interval Event This plugin contains two expressions that can be used in Event Rules for value and time intervals.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15124

Maintenance The GpsGate Maintenance plugin keeps track of when your vehicles are due for service. You can see their current maintenance status in the application and create notifications when vehicles pass a service interval based on time, distance or engine hours. ... aintenance ... gine_hours ... e_schedule

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15485

Map Coordinates This plugin shows the coordinate and street address of a position you click on map. This is very useful when importing and verifying the calibration of custom maps.

Mobile GpsGate Mobile gives you control over your fleet where ever you are. Fleet status is available on a single overview page, vehicles can be tracked on a map in real time and alarms are managed directly from your mobile devices.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14094

MultiMonitor allows you to show multiple maps on a different monitor.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=17901

Online Status This simple plugin shows the current number of online and offline vehicles in a small window.

PointsOfInterest Video guide on POIs here: ... t_from_kml
how to import/export using CSV files: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13511

Updates & Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12572

Find customer usage trends using the Statistics plugin ... _statistic

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=17583

Street View Window Google Street view

Terminal The must have tool for trouble shooting device to server connectivity

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12710

VarPack2 More GpsGate variables for Device Mapper.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13913

WatchDog.Client Collects error and performance statistics and can send alerts over SMS, email or reports if something is wrong.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15637

Fuel ConsumptionEnter your fuel fills in the Fuel Consumption plugin to track your fuel consumption ... h_fill_log

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16765

UserSync enables system administrators to define copy rules, which automates user copying between applications.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16788


AlwaysValid Using this plugin you can have the marker on the map move on "invalid" position updates as well.

Updates & Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14044

AppGeocoder Updates & Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12954

Bambuser Here is a plugin to demonstrate how to connect a live video stream to a vehicle in VehicleTracker. (Limited functionallity)

CheckHDOP Using the CheckHDOP plugin you can invalidate "valid" position reports with too high HDOP value.

Updates & Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14860

DataForward The DataForward plugin can be used to forward the unmodified data sent from a device to one or many other servers. For example a GpsGate Server setup for testing that needs some real world data. Or some other tracking system.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16143

Developer Tools Reprocess reports, rescan for script plugins.

Updates & Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12914

Device Manager The device manager can be used to batch send template commands. You can also view command status for an entire user tag.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14319

Driver DI in Tag Expression This expression can for example be used to: Send a command to activate a vehicle from the server if a driver is authorized to use the vehicle. Or to create an alert if an unauthorized Driver ID is trying to login on a vehicle

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15703

Http Expression HTTP Expression can be used to include custom expression in Event Rules. Both in Live Event Rules and Event Rules used for Reporting (Analyze). Another area of usage is to get real time position updates from GpsGate to another system.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15507

Map Measure Tools Measure distance on map.

Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14681
Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14731

Publish Publish" enables you to include a real time map with selected vehicles on a public home page. More info on how to install, activate and use

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15649

Rendezvous Event expression which detects if a user comes close to another user in a specified Tag.

Updates & Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13037

Sound Alarm The plugin will play an alert sound on an incoming alarm. The sound will repeat until the(all) alarms are closed.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14189

SUTRAN The SUTRAN plugin adds support for the government regulations applied to GPS tracking companies in Peru. ... egulations

Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14857
Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14858

Tag Notifier Use a Tag Notifier to dynamically add and remove vehicles to a View using Event Rules. Can for example be used to only show vehicles in a specific geofence, or all vehicles with ignition on or with some other special status.

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13020

TrackingSchedule This plugin is a filter that makes it possible to discard device messages sent outside of working hours for reasons of privacy.

Setup: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15084
Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15125

VarPack1 More GpsGate variables for CAN/OBDII

Updates: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13353


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