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TomTom Navigator 3 + GpsGate and BT GPS.

Fri Aug 06, 2004 12:40 am

How do I get GpsGate to work with TomTom Navigator and a Bluetooth GPS?

Note! Those instructions are for TomTom 3. For TomTom 5 you should follow those steps:

TomTom 3:

If TomTom Navigator is installed it blocks any BlueTooth GPS even after a soft reset. This means you normally cannot use any other GPS application while TomTom is installed. Luckily GpsGate solves this problem. Follow any of the two options below to make it possible to run any number of GPS applications even when TomTom is installed:

Option 1 - Using TomTom Plug-in

1. Download and install GpsGate v1.10. Download instructions here:

2. Download and install the TomTom plug-in. You find it on the download page above, at the bottom.

3. Start TomTom GPS from the Start menu.

4. Start GpsGate.

5. Select "TomTom GPS" as input.

6. Create a virtual port to connect your other GPS applications to. (E.g. COM7 on Ipaq)

Now GpsGate will use TomTom as GPS input, and you can connect other GPS applications to the virtual ports created in GpsGate.

NOTE! This solution will always start up TomTom Navigator! Everything will work, but you need to find your way back to the Today screen from Navigator to start more applications.

NOTE2! TomTom PLugIn does not provide any satellite information, only position info, this means that applications connected to GpsGate when using this configuration wont get any information about how many satellites is in use.

Option 2 - Replacing the BT serial driver.

For advanced users there is another option. What TomTom (Bluetooth only) does is to replace the normal Bluetooth driver when installed.

1. Before installing TomTom check which driver is used for the Bluetooth COM port. For Ipaq you find the information here:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\Serial8\Dll (*)

2. Install TomTom

3. Replace the above key value with the original value.

4. Soft reset.

for other devices you replace the "8" in Serial8 with the number TomTom assignes to the GPS.

Now you can connect GpsGate directly to the Bluetooth GPS, and you can connect TomTom, and any number of other GPS applications to GpsGate.

Here are some links to registry editors on PocketPC: ... /tre_e.htm

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