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Plugin: Abu Dhabi map

Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:05 pm

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Abu Dhabi Geospatial Portal map support for VehicleTracker
GpsGate Server 3.0

This plugin enables the "Abu Dhabi Geospatial Portal map" in VehicleTracker.

How to install

0. The map is dependent on the "CoreMap" plugin. Install it first (you'll get prompted).

1. Download the plugin from the GpsGate Server plugin repository,
You do this from SiteAdmin->Plugins and select Get More Plugins. Search for "Abu Dhabi" and click Install.

2. Go to SiteAdmin->Applications and enable the map for the application(s) of your choice. You do that in Privileges and Roles->Enable/Disable Features, then select Maps->_UseMapPlugin->Abu Dhabi.

Both English and Arabic language layers are available, see the layer-chooser in the upper right of the map.

* This address must be open in your firewall:

* SSL/https is currently not supported. I.e you'll probably get a warning in your browser about insecure or mixed content if your site runs on https.


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