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GUDIE: Http Expression vs. Command Notifier

Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:17 pm

Http Expression vs. Command Notifier

Which is best for forwarding position reports and events to a 3rd party system?

Http Expression

* Is light weight and designed to be used for "forward everything".
* Can both handle "live" reports going forward in time and "buffered" reports. Can also be run in reporting mode. (all three modes can be turned on and off).
* Will use the device to store data if your web service is down. That is if the device supports "ACK". Rather than the command queue.

More info on Http Expression here:

Command Notifier

* Is more resource intensive since it uses the Command Queue to guarantee delivery.
* It will only handle reports that goes forward in time. It will not handle buffered data sent from a device.
* It is not really intended to forward "all" reports from a device. Rather to handle rare events.

Risks: Scaling (not designed for forward everything). Losing buffered data.

More info on Command Notifier here:


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