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ChangeLog: Publish

Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:01 am

Updates for Publish Plugin

"Publish" enables you to include a real time map with selected vehicles on a public home page. More info on how to install, activate and use:

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Release History

Publish build 4229 Released: 2020-06-18
- Changes in how the share button works: If the user don’t have the right privileges (_CreateSharedLocation), it will instead share the current address of the vehicle.
- _AnonymousLogin is now removed and not needed for Publish.

Publish build 4075 Released: 2020-04-16
- Single vehicle Publish and Share Location now uses Native Map 2.0.

Publish build 3765 Released: 2020-01-16
- Compatibility release.

Publish build 3677 Released: 2019-12-12
Compatibillity release

Publish build 3490 Released: 2019-10-17
- Compatibility release.

Publish build 3284 Released: 2019-08-15

- Added a Google Maps Link target to Share Location which creates a link to Google Maps with the vehicle current position.
- Use current map (Native Map or Google Map) as default when generating Share Location links
- Remember user Map choice for future usage
- Added a _PublishCodeEditor privilege that is required to view and edit the Publish code generator

Publish build 3118 Released: 2019-05-23
- Compatibility release.

Publish build 2927 Released: 2019-04-17
- Removed the "GpsGate" mark from Publish map

Publish build 2851 Released: 2019-03-14
- Publish view works again.
- The publish wizard didn't respond to changed window size, default was always used.

Publish build 2819 Released: 2019-02-14
Compatibility release.

Publish v5.0.0.2412 Released: 2018-11-15
Compatibility release.

Publish v5.0.0.2338 Released: 2018-10-18
- Fixed units in Publish/Share location

Publish v5.0.0.2334 Released: 2018-10-18

- Publish and Share location now also supports GpsGate Native Map.
- Different units support for speed (metric, en/US, nautical, same as for the app creating the link)

- Updated Publish REST API

new Parameter
Name = "maptype",
Type = "string",
Required = false,
Description = "Which map type to use. Default gmap (Google Maps). Supported Maps: gmap and nativemap (GpsGate native map)",
In = ParameterIn.Query

Publish v5.0.0.2094 Released: 2018-09-20

- Resolved to strict cross-site security.

Publish v5.0.0.2017 Released: 2018-08-16

- Fixes for Embed map in web page (Enable Access-Control-Allow-Origin for Publish RPCs)
- Return NotFound when trying to generate a Share Location for an unknown user

Publish v5.0.0.1885 Released: 2018-07-19

- Added the possibility to draw todays track in Single Vehicle Publish (Share Location)

- Fix case in Publish plugin where "Show Users" text was black if no proper doctype was declared for the page where it was included.
- Removed map fullscreen button for published applications (there is already a fullscreen button in the bottom toolbar).

Publish v5.0.0.1720 Released: 2018-06-14

- Added _CreateSharedLocation privilege which is needed to generate Shared Location Links (both for UI and REST)
- Privilege will be automatically added to _Administrator and _Operator roles to all current Applications in which Publish is enabled.

- Single vehicle publish links now work in IE10+

Publish v5.0.0.1662 Released: 2018-05-18
- Fix: Activation in application could sometimes fail.

Publish v5.0.0.1656 Released: 2018-05-17

- Added the possibility to generate time limited publish links to track 1 vehicle

Right click in the User -> Create Publish Link
REST api: applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/publish
include a required expire parameter (in minutes) in query string

Publish v5.0.0.790 Released: 2017-11-15
- Publish can now also generate plain <a> links that opens a public map that follows a specific vehicle. Good for integration with an external system that only needs to know about GpsGate Server url and vehicle's username.
- The single vehicle map view can also be embedded as an <iframe>.

Publish v4.0.0.3383 Released: 2015-10-20
* FIX: Publish wizard for Internet Explorer / Edge

Publish Plugin v4.0.0.1087 Released: 2014-06-09
* FIX: Will now consider if application is expired.

Publish Plugin v3.1.0.5047 Released: 2013-08-23
* Security improvements. Update recommended!

Publish Plugin v3.1.0.4691 Released: 2013-05-13
* Works better in IE.

Publish Plugin v3.1.0.4253 Released: 2013-02-20
* Vehicle markers will now use same color as in VehicleTracker.
* Moved to repository.

Publish Plugin v3.1.0.4041 Released: 2012-12-20
* Initial release (beta)


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Re: ChangeLog: Publish

Thu Jun 18, 2020 12:24 pm

Publish build 4229 Released: 2020-06-18

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