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GUIDE: Multi-step Event Rules

Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:42 pm

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here

GUIDE: Multi-step Event Rules


Note! All your plugins must be up to date. All "green" under SiteAdmin -> plugins. Here is how to install / update the "Tag Notifier"


In more complex scenarios you might want to have event rules executed in a specific order. You can do this using the Tag Notifier. Here is one example how to.


We assume working hours is 4:00 to 14:00. During this time it is OK to leave the parking area. Between 14:00 and 4:00 the next day it is OK to return to the parking area, but once in the parking area, it should be an alarm if leaving the parking area again.

We will solve this problem with two event rules that work together using the Tag Notifier.

1. Create an empty Tag named "Parking". No vehicles should be included in this Tag!

2. Create a Geofence for the parking area.

3. Create a new Event Rule called "To Parking".

In Step 2. select the vehicle (tag) you want to be monitored for unauthorized leaving the parking zone.

In Step 3. Select "Activate on schedule".
Activate from should be 14:00, and to "4:00". 14:00 in left drop down, 4:00 in right drop down.
Note! the green area should show the "parking time" and the grey area the "working time".
Select which days are working days.
Make sure "Finish events automatically when outside schedule" is selected.

In Step 4. Add a "Geofence Expression". Select the Parking geofence tag. And select "Inside"

In Step 4. Click on "Show advanced options". Add an end expression that never is true. E.g. Speed equals -1

In Step 5. Add a "Tag Notifier".
Select "Parking" for "Tag when rule is on:".

Save the Event Rule. Ignore warning about "Parking" tag being empty.

4. Create one more event rule called "Suspected". Which is the event rules that triggers the alarm.

In Step 2. Select the "Parking" Tag only!

In Step 4. Add a "Geofence Expression". Select the Parking geofence tag. And select "Outside"

In Step 5. Add the notifiers you need, e.g. email and SMS.

Once the vehicles enters the parking zone (this is what the "To Parking" event rules does) they are activated in the "Suspected" event rule. If they now leave the parking area the event is fired. At 4:00 in the morning the schema makes the "To Parking" event false again and the vehicles are moved out of the Parking Tag and in that way no longer active in the "Suspected" event rule.


This only works for Live Event Rules, not for reporting.


How to use SimOne to test Event Rules


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