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Upgrading from TomTom3 to TomTom5

Thu Sep 15, 2005 11:37 am

Here is a quote from TomTom support regarding upgrading from TomTom3 to TomTom5

With navigator 3 gps driver versions 2.08 and higher the commport was locked to prevent conflicts from third party applications.As a downside it prevented other applications accessing the port.

Navigator 5 GPS does not do this.

If you have upgraded to Navigator 5 from Navigator 3 there may well be remnants of the old GPS drivers still blocking the port.
We would suggest removing all Tomtom from the PDA
Start/settings/system/remove programs and then make a fresh installation of the Navigator 5 application from the upgrade CD.
You should then be able to use third party applications with your GPS.

With best regards,

The TomTom Customer Support Team

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