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GUIDE: Add Server _Odometer value to your report

Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:08 pm

GUIDE: Add Server _Odometer value to your report

This guide may require some basic knowledge of writing SQL queries.

You can read more about reports in the Reporting Manual:

Adding _Odometer value to reports.

1. Check if UserID is an available Field, by opening the Insert field menu (right mouse button). If it does, continue to step 3.

2. If UserID is not included:
Open the Query Editor and click your report's Query to the left. You will have to add UserID to the selection. For a query without any joins this should work:


With a query using joins, you will need to prefix UserID with one of the table names. For example "EventProvider01.UserID".

Make sure the query executes, save and return to your report.

3. Right click the cell where you want the _Odomter value to be and select 'Accumulator value -> Odometer'

4. A window appears where you need to map UserID and TimeStamp parameter.

5. Map UserID to UserID and TimeStamp to SamplingStart (for odmeter value at start) or SamplingEnd (for odometer value at end). Click OK

6. The cell should now have [_Odometer] as content.

7. Right click the cell and choose: 'Unit -> TRACK_DISTANCE'

8. Save the report.

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RE: GUIDE: Add Server _Odometer value to your report

Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:19 pm

Is there a way to get delta value between _Odometer at start and _Odometer at end? since both Odometers representation in report layout are same [_Odometer] so I can not use $math.eval(Odometer_end - Odometer_start).

Using DistanceOdo value in special condition when problem with split track happen, can not guarantee correct distance value.

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