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ChangeLog: Maintenance

Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:03 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Maintenance Plugin

The GpsGate Maintenance plugin keeps track of when your vehicles are due for service. You can see their current maintenance status in the application and create notifications when vehicles pass a service interval.

More info on Maintenance Plugin:

Update history

Maintenance build 4466 Released: 2020-08-20
- Fixed login Maintenance service for Fixed Time Interval events with Reminders
- Fix "Add Event" button not doing anything when pressed in Maintenance Schedule window.
- Distribute Interval Event with Maintenance
- Removed Interval event from the Event Rule Wizard expression section

Maintenance build 3900 Released: 2020-02-13
Fixed issue with adding new Maintenance Log Events of type Regular Interval, when an previous log has been deleted
Fix cannot save maintenance schedule when accumulator has been renamed with different casing
Use ID instead of name to identify the message field used by the maintenance schedule

Maintenance build 3775 Released: 2020-01-16
- Quicker load of Maintenance vehicle statuses

Maintenance build 3664 Released: 2019-12-12
Compatibility release

Maintenence build 3490 Released: 2019-10-17
- Compatibility release.

Maintenance build 3321 Released: 2019-08-15
- Fix issue causing Maintenance report MT1001 not render when running MySQL on Unix based servers (Linux, AWS Aurora etc)

Maintenance build 3144 Released: 2019-06-13
More robust handling of broken Maintenance data.

Maintenance build 2932 Released: 2019-03-26
Compatibility release

Maintenance build 2758 Released: 2019-02-14
More robust Archiving

Maintenance v5.0.0.2545 Released: 2019-01-24

- maintenance import fix (ignore missing users)
- maintenance status window js race fix

Maintenance v5.0.0.2453 Released: 2018-11-15

- Maintenance Logs now included in Archiving

Maintenance v5.0.0.1924 Released: 2018-07-19
- Faster creating new applications.

Maintenance v5.0.0.1482 Released: 2018-04-19

- Faster scripting engine.

Maintenance v5.0.0.1360 Released: 2018-03-15
- Maintenance schedules can be now exported separately

Maintenance v5.0.0.1301 Released: 2018-02-15
- Open Resolve Accumulator Value window with date for the logged event instead of today's date

Maintenance v5.0.0.1014 Released: 2017-12-14
- More efficient use of Custom Fields.
- Exposed maintenance.getOverdueEvents() to Script Expression.

Maintenance v5.0.0.5903 Released: 2017-10-19
- Improved support for Archiving.

Maintenance v4.0.0.5586 Released: 2017-08-15
- Improved security. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

Maintenance v4.0.0.5417 Released: 2017-06-05
- Security improvements. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.
- Added Username column to maintenance log window

Maintenance v4.0.0.5167 Released: 2017-03-28
- Names instead of usernames listed in MT1000 report

Maintenance v4.0.0.4985 Released: 2017-01-11
- Removed usage of obsoleted rpc service calls

Maintenance v4.0.0.4787 Released: 2016-11-24
- Fix problem loading maintenance schedules
- Added Report: MT1001 Maintenance Service History per tag

Maintenance v4.0.0.4516 Released: 2016-09-13
- Fix: Fix missing Date Time picker
- Fix: Handling on Custom Fields of type List when editing a maintenance event

Maintenance v4.0.0.4204 Released: 2016-07-04
- Fixed issue when creating/modifying a Maintenance Schedule for a large number of vehicles

]Maintenance v Released: 2016-03-21
- Migrated to use new version of some core services
- Added the possibility to resolve accumulator values at a given time when logging Maintenance events

Maintenance v4.0.0.3569 Released: 2015-12-01
- Fixed issue where Maintenance Status window was not loading if it was initially maximized

Maintenance v4.0.0.3493 Released: 2015-11-17
- Fixed issue where you could not edit a maintenance events based on message fields
- Added CSV export of Maintenance Status
- Added option to include units during maintenance status export

Maintenance v4.0.0.3305 Released: 2015-10-07
- Maintenance can now use signals from the device to trigger Maintenance event
Restrictions: The incoming data needs to be a double and mapped to a GpsGate variable with distance or time units

Maintenance v4.0.0.3166 Released: 2015-09-08
- Maintenance email notifications are now send in HTML

Maintenance v4.0.0.3102 Released: 2015-08-11
- FIX: Performance problems under some circumstances

Maintenance v4.0.0.2901 Released: 2015-07-13
- Added Notify User by email or SMS as notification
- Added Search control to the Maintenance Status Window
- Changed due km or h in vehicle status window "From 2,0 km" -> to "2,0 km (at 26 862,5 km)"
- Allow to modify time intervals for maintenance events

Maintenance v4.0.0.2656 Released: 2015-05-05
- UX: Limit vehicle status display to only vehicles that are part of a maintenance schedule

- FIX: Upgrade scenario could fail under some circumstances

Maintenance v4.0.0.2458 Released: 2015-03-03
- FIX: Added Reminder sent indicator
- FIX: Various UI changes and fixes

Maintenance: v4.0.0.2334 Released: 2015-02-09
- FEATURE: Import maintenance logs from CSV

Maintenance v4.0.0.2069 Released: 2014-12-10
- FEATURE: Added Maintenance Reminder Notification templates
- 2 Default templates available depending on the event measuring type (time or accumulator)

- FIX: Allows to modify the maintenance event interval
- FIX: Allows to modify the maintenance reminder recipients list and time/accumulator period
- FIX: Localized Accumulator names in Maintenance Card
- FIX: Unlink maintenance event logs on maintenance event removal

Maintenance v4.0.0.1965 Released: 2014-11-11
- FEATURE: Link maintenance events to allow combining eg. distance and time

.0.0.1743 Released: 2014-09-16
- FIX: Error saving maintenance schedule
- FIX: Maintenance event handling

- FEATURE: Custom fields support added

Maintenance v4.0.0.1484 Released: 2014-08-12
- FIX: Fixed saving/restoring workspace settings for Maintenance Log window
- FIX: Name mix-up of accumulators between applications.

Maintenance v4.0.0.1028 Released: 2014-05-07
- FIX: Wrong maintenance schedule showing up after selecting one from table control

Maintenance v4.0.0.989 Released: 2014-04-29
- FIX: Localization issue in Event Rule drop down.

Maintenance v4.0.0.858 Released: 2014-04-08
- FIX: Issue where Roles were not visible for a Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance v4.0.0.700 Released: 2014-03-20
- FIX: Fixed bug when wrong card showed up after selecting a vehicle from maintenance status window. (it happened when the vehicles were sorted other way than ascending order of first column)

Maintenance v4.0.0.318 Released: 2014-01-15
- FIX: The accumulator values in reminder emails for acc-based events ignored adjustments to the accumulator. This has been fixed.

Maintenance v4.0.0.214 Released: 2013-12-11
- FIX: Advance notifications bug.

Maintenance v3.1.0.5483 Released: 2013-11-21
- FIX: Installation issue.

Maintenance v3.1.0.5454 Released: 2013-11-14
- FIX: Improved performance.

Maintenance v3.1.0.5437 Released: 2013-11-13
- FIX: Improved performance.

Maintenance v3.1.0.5434 Released: 2013-11-11
- FIX: Updating Maintenance Status window more robust.

Maintenance v3.1.0.5375 Released: 2013-11-05
- FEATURE: Notification can now be sent X days or X miles/km before maintenance event.

Maintenance v3.1.0.5234 Released: 2013-10-07
- FEATURE: Added maintenance history log and possibility to edit latest maintenance event

Maintenance v3.1.0.4829 Released: 2013-06-11
- FEATURE: Supports Time Accumulators. E.g. "Engine hours".

Maintenance v3.1.0.4249 Released: 2013-02-24
- FIX: Improved performance. Update recommended!
- FIX: Template errors.

Maintenance Released: 2013-01-02
- Initial release.

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Re: ChangeLog: Maintenance

Mon Aug 24, 2020 10:57 pm

Maintenance build 4466 Released: 2020-08-20

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