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ChangeLog: Suntech

Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:08 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Suntech Plugin

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

How to install and use:


Suntech v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29
- added default mappings

Suntech v5.0.0.3522 Released: 2019-10-21
added H_METER for ST300 and ST340 devices

Suntech v5.0.0.3520 Released: 2019-10-18
added H_METER for ST310U device

Suntech v5.0.0.3269 Released: 2019-07-19
- added Ignition, PWR_VOLT, BCK_VOLT, Odometer, Panic for ST4300 device

Suntech v5.0.0.3111 Released: 2019-05-15
- fix Harsh values parsing

Suntech v5.0.0.3094 Released: 2019-05-15
- added RX_LVL, HarshAcceleration, HarshBrake, SharpTurn for 'ST600 UP' device

Suntech v5.0.0.2862 Released: 2019-02-28
- added more variables for 'ST600 UP' device (from STT, ALT and TRV reports)

Suntech v5.0.0.2729 Released: 2019-01-18
- added ST4300 device mapper

Suntech v5.0.0.2634 Released: 2018-12-19
- added support of 1-Wire for ST300 device

Suntech v5.0.0.2583 Released: 2018-12-11
- added EMG_ID, EVT_ID, ALERT_ID for ST310U device
- keep connection and post Error message to Terminal when the message cannot be parsed

Suntech v5.0.0.2396 Released: 2018-10-30
* added support of BCK_VOLT for ST310U, ST2010 and ST125 devices

Suntech v5.0.0.2350 Released: 2018-10-22
* added support for binary protocol

Suntech v5.0.0.2251 Released: 2018-10-09
* Added Ignition, BATTERY_VOLT, BCK_VOLT, Odometer, TotalHourMeter, TripIdleTime inputs to ST600UP device

Suntech v5.0.0.2139 Released: 2018-09-19
* support of UEX report and add 'RS232_Data', 'H_METER' for ST600 device

Suntech v5.0.0.2033 Released: 2018-08-20
* support for ST600 UP device

Suntech v5.0.0.1802 Released: 2018-06-12
* support of SA200CMD report type

Suntech v5.0.0.1745 Released: 2018-06-05
* Fixed Position message parsing

Suntech v5.0.0.1720 Released: 2018-05-29
* fix BATTERY_VOLT value received in Location messages

Suntech v5.0.0.1686 Released: 2018-05-23
* add Out1 variable for ST215 device

Suntech v5.0.0.1680 Released: 2018-05-22
* Added KeepAlive to Suntech

Suntech v5.0.0.1665 Released: 2018-05-19
* Option for UDP_ACK added. Default enabled.

Suntech v5.0.0.1656 Released: 2018-05-17
* Added EVT_ID, ALERT_ID inputs to ST215, ST240, ST940 devices, added EMG_ID input to ST240 device

Suntech v5.0.0.1641 Released: 2018-05-15
* Fixed UPD connection polling

Suntech v5.0.0.1617 Released: 2018-05-10
* Added EMG_ID input to ST215 device

Suntech v5.0.0.1339 Released: 2018-02-21
* Added support for ST20, ST600M, ST730 devices

Suntech v5.0.0.1311 Released: 2018-02-10
* Input Out1 added to ST215 device

Suntech v5.0.0.775 Released: 2017-11-05
* Added PWR_VOLT, SATT and Ignition to SunTech ST310U
* Added DIST as Device Odometer to SunTech ST310U

Suntech v5.0.0.646 Released: 2017-10-18
* added support for ST310U device

Suntech v4.0.0.5582 Released: 2017-06-28
* Added Text1 input to ST300 device

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.5133 Released: 2017-02-22
* Improved support for Output1 / ST300CMD

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.5127 Released: 2017-02-20
* Added support for Output1 input for ST300CMD in Res message.

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.5040 Released: 2017-01-25
* Added DriverID input to ST300

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.4917 Released: 2016-12-20
* Fix parsing

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.4744 Released: 2016-10-25
* ST600: Support for STT, EMG, EVT, ALT

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.4533 Released: 2016-09-15
* Support for Suntech ST500 device

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.4319 Released: 2016-07-08
* Fix IO signals parsing

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.3957 Released: 2016-04-13
* ADC variable for STT, EMG, EVT, ALT messages of ST300R

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.3886 Released: 2016-03-17
* Added Input1 to ST215

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.3475 Released: 2015-11-04
* Fixed parsing issue when device sends back reply to command.

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.3449 Released: 2015-10-28
* Added ADC variable for ST-300K

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.3317 Released: 2015-10-01
* Added SoftwareVersion for ST215

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.3255 Released: 2015-09-21
* Added device type SunTech ST330

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.2758 Released: 2015-05-05
* Added MSG to ST210

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.2677 Released: 2015-04-14
* Added device type ST910

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.2520 Released: 2015-03-16
* Improved support for ST340

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.2007 Released: 2014-11-12
* Improved support for ST940

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.1853 Released: 2014-10-09
* Added support for ST9xx series

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.1733 Released: 2014-09-08
* Added signals DriverID and H_METER
* Fixed parsing RPM

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.1711 Released: 2014-09-03
* Added RPM to Suntech ST215

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.1445 Released: 2014-07-21
* Added Panic to ST240

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.1370 Released: 2014-07-07
* Added Device Type Suntech ST300 and ST340

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.1253 Released: 2014-06-23
* FIX: Parsing issue for ST215

Suntech Plugin v4.0.0.384 Released: 2014-01-27
* Added device types ST230 and ST240

Suntech Plugin v3.1.0.5395 Released: 2013-11-01
* Added ZIGBEE support for ST210

Suntech Plugin v3.1.0.5164 Released: 2013-09-25
* Now works with Patch.3840 v3.1.0.5164

Suntech Plugin v3.1.0.4992 Released: 2013-08-07
* Fixed issue with heading being zero at zero speed.

Suntech Plugin v3.1.0.4895 Released: 2013-06-25
* Device type SunTech ST215 added.

Suntech Plugin v3.1.0.3888 Released: 2012-11-15
* "DIST" is now considered to be in meters rather than km.


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Re: ChangeLog: Suntech

Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:39 pm

Suntech v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29

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