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Using the _Me tag to only see your own data

Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:09 pm

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here

Using the _Me tag to only see your own data

New in GpsGate Server v3.1 is the _Me tag. It is a tag that only contains the logged in user. It can be used to make sure that a user only can see the users own data.

Create a Me Role

Make a copy of the _Operator Role. You manage Roles under Admin -> Features.

Under the _ReadData privilege select the _Me Tag only. All other tags should be unmarked.

The Me Role should include both _WebLogin and _DeviceLogin. In this way you can create a user that both can have a device, and be able to login to the web interface.

Create a new Me User Type

Create a new User Type called "Single User". Make sure it includes both fields for username + password, and a device. Add the Me Role to this User Type. Also add common "Users" tag.

More info on User Types here:

When adding new user you should select the "Single User" User Type.

Map View example

Create a View that contains the _All Tag.

When a "Single User" logs in this user will only see the users own data generated from the device assigned to the user.

Same View, but different device data in view depending on who is logged in.

Live Event Rule example

Add (or edit existing) Event Rule. In step 2 make sure that the Event Rule is valid for all vehciles. Add an Email Notifier in Step 5. Select "Users" as receipents of email alerts.

Now, when there is an event only the owner of the device generating the event will receive an email.

Same Event Rule, but different notifications depending on who receives the email notification.

Reporting example

_Me does not yet work with Reporting.

You can also of course create a Role which can see and receive everything.

For testing purposes; There is a useful feature in SiteAdmin to login "impersonated". In the application list in SiteAdmin click on the icon left to the name of the application, then select the username to login as. In this way you can verify that a user gets the proper experience when logged in. Very useful for verifying that a certain user only can access the data he has rights to.

Core and Reporting or later is required.

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RE: Using the _Me tag to only see your own data

Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:46 am

¿Actualy exist a way to work "_Me" rol with reports?

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