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GUIDE: GPS Tracker off line report.

Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:19 pm

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here


To get the most out of your tracking server you want to make sure GPS trackers are connected. This guide describes how to setup a report which shows how much time your GPS trackers are "off line", that is not connected to your server.


Login to VehicleTracker
Select "Event Rules" from Admin menu.
Click on "Add new Event Rule"

1. Rule name and description

Enter a name + description. If you are only going to use this event rule for reporting, select Enabled: "No". Only select "Live and "Yes" if you want the event rules for real time notifications as well.

Click "Next".

2. Who this rule applies to

Click "Next". (Which tags of users the report will be generated for is selected when generating the report).

3. Schedule rule activity

If you GPS trackers are only used during specific office hours select "Active on schedule" and setup a schedule. Make sure "Finish events automatically when outside schedule" is selected.

If your GPS trackers should always be active keep the default "Always active" selected.

Click "Next".

4. Expressions

Select "Offline Expression" in drop down.
Select the timeout in the first drop down. This will set time a GPS tracker should be silent before GpsGate considers it to be "off line".

In the second drop down select "device activity" if you just want to check if the GPS tracker is connected or not. And select "valid position" if you want to check that the GPS tracker actually sends up valid data. For example a GPS tracker can be connected "device activity" is ok" but not sending up any position data if the GPS antenna is removed or broken.

The third drop down should not be changed. Keep it as "True". Setting this option to "False" will generate corrupt reporting data.

Click "Next".

5. Notifications

Click Next and then "Save.

Your off line event rule is now setup!


Use reports to get the off line statistics. You can for example have the reports emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly.

Use the reports EV1000 and EV1001 to show off line statistics from your event rule, more info:

Report SY1000 and SY1001 are also very useful. Those reports does not require any event rule setup. They are used to display the last time a device was connected, or did send up a valid position.

How to setup a report for emailing:


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