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ChangeLog: ERM

Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:58 pm

Patches and bug fixes for ERM Plugin

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

ERM v5.0.0.4485 Released: 2020-07-30
- improve Crash data parsing

ERM v5.0.0.4474 Released: 2020-07-27
- fix parsing reports with invalid data

ERM v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29
- added default mappings

ERM v5.0.0.4026 Released: 2020-03-16
- added CCN, CTA, JAM, NM, CU, VDOP, PDOP, GSS, GSSN, FIX, LOCA, LOCS, USER for 'ERM Generic' device

ERM v5.0.0.3769 Released: 2019-12-20
- added 'NetworkTechnology' for Generic device

ERM v5.0.0.2340 Released: 2018-10-19
- add support of CANBUS IDs: 1, 2, 98, 99, 29C, 21B, 2AC, 2F7, 478, 2F1, 2A6, 2A8, 29A, 29B, 28B, BD for STaRLink device

ERM v5.0.0.2224 Released: 2018-10-03
- Fixed handling of multiple $$T commands in the same message for ASOS protocol

ERM v5.0.0.2020 Released: 2018-08-15
- Compatible with Crash v5.0.0.2020

ERM v5.0.0.1845 Released: 2018-06-20
- Added support to parse message type 405 for report 30, added CAN_Ignition and CAN_AcceleratorPedalPosition inputs to Generic device

ERM v5.0.0.1703 Released: 2018-05-25
- Added support for sending Crash accident data by block

ERM v5.0.0.1501 Released: 2018-05-17
- enable ACK after connection with Intendia is closed

ERM v5.0.0.1393 Released: 2018-03-07
- Fix ASOS Protocol connection handling

ERM v5.0.0.1309 Released: 2018-02-09
- Fix to verbose logging when using ASOS Protocol

ERM v5.0.0.1251 Released: 2018-01-31
- Checksum calculation for send crash data command fixed.

ERM v5.0.0.774 Released: 2017-11-05
- Added CSS, NXT, SATN, STRT, BatteryChargeLevel and BatteryHealthLevel to ERM Generic device.

ERM v5.0.0.735 Released: 2017-10-30
- Improved ASOS integration.

ERM v5.0.0.709 Released: 2017-10-26
- add support of ReferenceNumber and RawData for Generic device.

ERM v4.0.0.5846 Released: 2017-09-19
- fix parsing of double values in Crash section.

ERM v4.0.0.5764 Released: 2017-08-16
- add support for TV5, TS5 and TS5_noerr inputs for Generic device

ERM v4.0.0.5575 Released: 2017-08-15
- Crash plugin support.
- Improved ASOS support; over EDA-RS232 to StarLink device, directly to StarLink device.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.5277 Released: 2017-05-12
- Support for uReader OTA firmware upgrade.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.5211 Released: 2017-03-28
- LAC, CellID, MCC, MNC inputes added to Generic device
- ASOS protocol - change read timeout for connection with Intendia server

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.5197 Released: 2017-03-23
* Fix ACK message

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.5154 Released: 2017-03-06
* CPU > 90% issue introduced in v4.0.0.5144 resolved (again)

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.5153 Released: 2017-03-06
* CPU > 90% issue introduced in v4.0.0.5144 resolved.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.5144 Released: 2017-03-03
* Fix ASOS protoco

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.5114 Released: 2017-02-15
* eFuel_FW_Version added to ERM Generic.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.5027 Released: 2017-01-20
* TVx value not changed to zero on error.
* TSx_noerr added.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.4949 Released: 2017-01-03
* Fix parsing of messages contain none readable characters (control characters)

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.4932 Released: 2016-12-22
* eFuel_Global_Parameters added to ERM Generic

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.4433 Released: 2016-08-17
* M0_Data5 to M0_Data10 and M1_Data5 to M1_Data10 added to ERM Generic

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.4379 Released: 2016-07-29
* ExternalDevice and ExternalDeviceMessage added to ERM Generic

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.4178 Released: 2016-05-31
* Added CAN_404_eData, CAN_405_eData and CAN_MessageType to ERM Generic.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.4123 Released: 2016-05-19
* Improved parsing for Intendia uReader

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.4108 Released: 2016-05-17
* Improved parsing for Intendia uReader

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.4071 Released: 2016-05-10
* Intendia uReader support. M0_DataX and M1_DataX inputs added to ERM Generic.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3876 Released: 2016-03-16
* EventData fix.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3856 Released: 2016-03-11
* Added EDV1 and EDV2 to ERM Generic

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3758 Released: 2016-02-09
* Support for Event 148. EventData_148 added as input to "ERM Generic".

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3740 Released: 2016-02-04
* Device type "ERM Generic" updated with inputs from Event Code 144

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3560 Released: 2015-11-26
* Fix Driver Behavior for StarLink
* Fix units for CAN parameters of ERM Generic device

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3552 Released: 2015-11-24
* Fix CAN Bus variables for Generic device

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3536 Released: 2015-11-20
* CAN Bus added to ERM Generic device type

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3523 Released: 2015-11-18
* StarLink support with CAN Bus

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3511 Released: 2015-11-13
* Support for Server 02 Confirmation. Activate per Device type under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3420 Released: 2015-10-26
* Driver Behavior support (Events Codes 40 and 41) for ERM device

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3307 Released: 2015-09-30
* FuelLevelPercent added.
* Fixed FuelStolen, FuelFillup

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.3196 Released: 2015-09-07
* FuelLevel input is not updated when value is invalid (65535)
* FuelLevel_Valid input added. Is true when FuelLevel value is value, and false when 65535.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.2911 Released: 2015-06-11
* Added TVx and TSx to ERM Generic

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.2761 Released: 2015-05-06
* Added EventData1String and EventData2String to ERM Generic
* EventCode 46 will now set IButton
* Removed RFID

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.2755 Released: 2015-05-05
* RFID added as input to ERM Generic and STaRLink

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.2542 Released: 2015-03-18
* HardwareType added.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.2437 Released: 2015-02-20
* 02_Confirmation added as input. Contains payload for "02 - Confirmation"

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.2419 Released: 2015-02-13
* Upgrade bug for MSSQL fixed.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.2407 Released: 2015-02-12
* HardwareVersion, ProtocolVersion and FirmwareComplied added.
* FirmwareVersion changed to string.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.1828 Released: 2014-10-03
* Odometer tuning: Trust Odometer when idle

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.1050 Released: 2014-05-09
* eFuel Sensor data can now be picked up from 06 reports.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.1046 Released: 2014-05-08
* EventData4 and EventData5 added to the ERM Generic device.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.515 Released: 2014-02-21
* Support for eFuel Sensor

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.484 Released: 2014-02-17
* FIX: Now supports "keep alive" from device.

ERM Plugin v4.0.0.225 Released: 2013-12-13
* Checksum is automatically added to SMS commands (as well as TCP/UDP commands).

ERM Plugin v3.1.0.5355 Released: 2013-11-04
* Set custom "Message Format" under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types for the ERM device types.

ERM Plugin v3.1.0.4590 Released: 2013-04-28
* Support for eBike

ERM Plugin v3.0.0.3458 Released: 2012-06-12
* Parings issue fixed.

ERM Plugin v3.0.0.3447 Released: 2012-06-06
* Will no longer disconnect when device sends OK for a command.
* Checksum is automatically added to outgoing Template Commands.

ERM Plugin v3.0.0.3333 Released: 2012-02-24
* Support for STarLink and ZEE

More info on ERM Plugin:


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Re: ChangeLog: ERM

Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:05 pm

ERM v5.0.0.4485 Released: 2020-07-30

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