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Plugin: User Actions

Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:11 pm

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here

Terminal Plugin v3.0.0.3289 ( Released: 2012-01-31

New system tool, User Actions. Logs various user actions in the system.

* Logins
* User add/update/remove
* Device add/update/remove
* Tag add/update/remove
* View add/update/remove
* Workspace add/update/remove
* Geofence add/update/remove
* Event rule add/update/remove
* Event close
* Track view/remove
* Report add/update/remove

How to install
1) In SiteAdmin, go to Plugins.
2) Download and install Core v3.0.0.3275 and the latest versions of Patch.3275 and Terminal.
3) When the latest Terminal plugin is installed, you can find the user action log under SiteAdmin -> System Tools -> User Actions.
4) To enable the user action log in VehicleTracker, go to the application management page for the app that you want to enable it in.
5) Enable/Disable Features -> Plugins -> UserActions.
Note: All actions are logged and viewable in SiteAdmin even when the UserActions plugin is disabled in an application. The UserActions plugin in VT is just for viewing the log.


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