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ChangeLog: CalAmp

Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:21 pm

Patches and bug fixes for CalAmp Plugin

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More info on CalAmp Plugin:

Release history

CalAmp v5.0.0.3292 Released: 2019-07-23
Fixed installer.

CalAmp v5.0.0.3289 Released: 2019-07-23
* parse packets which are composed of MessageType = 1 and another MessageTypes (2, 4, 5, 9, 10)

CalAmp v5.0.0.1885 Released: 2018-05-22
* Fixed CalAmp parsing error, write error to the terminal, ACK back to the device

CalAmp v5.0.0.1680 Released: 2018-05-22
* KeepAlive works better.

CalAmp v5.0.0.1667 Released: 2018-05-20
* Support for Template commands using Message Type 5.
More info under "Sending Template Commands from a CalAmp device" here:

CalAmp v5.0.0.773 Released: 2017-11-05
* Added support for MessageType 9

CalAmp v4.0.0.5026 Released: 2017-01-19
* Added UserMsgData. A comma separated list of decimal values of UserMsg

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.2705 Released: 2015-04-20
* FEATURE: Garmin FMI support

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.2350 Released: 2015-02-06
* FIX: Can send any text command over UDP from server, not only commands starting with AT.

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.2302 Released: 2015-01-30
* FEATURE: Support from AT commands over UDP
* FEATURE: Support for Message Type 4. UserMsgID and UserMsg added as inputs. (Use Device Mapper Scripting to parse UserMsg)

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.2155 Released: 2015-01-06
* FIX: Issue with Accum inputs introduced in v4.0.0.2140

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.2140 Released: 2014-12-23
* FEATURE: Added Accum16 to Accum31

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.1783 Released: 2014-09-19
* FEATURE: Support for SMS report

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.1634 Released: 2014-08-19
* FEATURE: Static IP can be set for Device Type CalAmp Generic.

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.1624 Released: 2014-08-18
* FIX: SMS are no longer parsed as binary reports.

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.419 Released: 2014-02-05
* FIX: Fixed issue with short IMEI numbers.

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.264 Released: 2013-12-23
* Added MessageType to Device Mapper.

CalAmp Plugin v4.0.0.246 Released: 2013-12-18
* Support for Message 5. Added AppMsgType and AppMsgData, which contains comma separated string of custom application data typically to be pased in a Device Mapper Script.

CalAmp Plugin v3.1.0.5209 Released: 2013-10-02
* Fixed parsing problem.

CalAmp Plugin v3.1.0.4951 Released: 2013-07-18
* Added support for Message Type 10, Mini Event Report

CalAmp Plugin v3.1.0.3792 Released: 2012-10-22
* Added signals EventCode, EventIndex and GPSAntennaError

CalAmp Plugin v3.0.0.3178 Released: 2011-12-07

* Support for CalAmp LMU700, LMU710, LMU800, LMU900, LMU910, LMU1110, LMU1150, LMU1200, LMU1210, TTU1210, LMU2600, LMU2610, LMU3000, LMU4200, LMU4250, LMU5000, TTU710


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Re: ChangeLog: CalAmp

Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:21 pm

CalAmp v5.0.0.3292 Released: 2019-07-23

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