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ChangeLog: ATrack

Sun Nov 06, 2011 5:17 pm

Patches and bug fixes for ATrack Plugin
Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Release history

ATrack v5.0.0.4653 Released: 2020-09-16
fix type mismatch error

ATrack v5.0.0.4648 Released: 2020-09-15
added 'FMS_PowerTakeOff', 'FMS_PtoEngaged' for AK11 device

ATrack v5.0.0.4585 Released: 2020-09-02
DriverID_Attached added.

ATrack v5.0.0.4544 Released: 2020-08-20
AES encryption now supports HEX string as AES key

ATrack v5.0.0.4474 Released: 2020-07-27
add OdometerAcc and J1708_TotalVehicleDistance to OdometerAcc input list

ATrack v5.0.0.4227 Released: 2020-05-25
Added VIN, PendingCodeStatus, IntakeAirTemperature, ManifoldAbsolutePressure, EngineLoad, EngineCoolantTemperature, FuelUsed, FuelLevelPercent, EngineRPM, MIL, MassAirFlowRate, ThrottlePosition for AU7 device

ATrack v5.0.0.4218 Released: 2020-05-19
added 'FuelLevelPercent' for AK11 device

ATrack v5.0.0.4210 Released: 2020-05-14
- send AT$TIME back to device when $TIME is received
- added support of J1708 inputs for AU7 device

ATrack v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29
more default mappings.

ATrack v5.0.0.4059 Released: 2020-03-27
added default mappings

ATrack v5.0.0.4045 Released: 2020-03-23
fix parsing of ATrack sentence sequence length

ATrack v5.0.0.3843 Released: 2020-01-20
added CAN300_VehicleDistance, FMS_VehicleDistance to AK11 Device Odometer list

ATrack v5.0.0.3690 Released: 2019-12-03
fix CRC validation on multiple packets in a single message

ATrack v5.0.0.3604 Released: 2019-11-25
Improved pooled connection handling.

ATrack v5.0.0.3604 Released: 2019-11-11
added camera support for AK11 device

ATrack v5.0.0.3556 Released: 2019-10-28
added 'AV1' for AK7 device

ATrack v5.0.0.3520 Released: 2019-10-18
added more signals for AK7V device

ATrack v5.0.0.3414 Released: 2019-09-19
fix Picture data parsing

ATrack v5.0.0.3400 Released: 2019-09-13
added 'TrailerID' for AT5/AU7 devices

ATrack v5.0.0.3388 Released: 2019-09-10
fix parsing of multiple positions in binary packet

ATrack v5.0.0.3355 Released: 2019-08-29
fix identifying of '@G' data as a binary report

ATrack v5.0.0.3314 Released: 2019-08-01
added support for AK7V device

ATrack v5.0.0.3256 Released: 2019-07-18
Add a GeolocationPosition variable when the position is resolved for a Geolocation Provider
more robust creating of ATrack sentences

ATrack v5.0.0.3177 Released: 2019-06-19
added Temperature1{2} and Temp1{2}_Disconnected for AL1 device

ATrack v5.0.0.3132 Released: 2019-06-03
- fix parsing of CAN Alias values

ATrack v5.0.0.3113 Released: 2019-05-21
- added GForceData for AK7, AU7F devices

ATrack v5.0.0.3035 Released: 2019-04-30
- fix parsing of binary data

ATrack v5.0.0.2982 Released: 2019-04-16
- fix ACK for encrypted messages

ATrack v5.0.0.2977 Released: 2019-04-12
- improve detection of binary protocols.
- fix 'Week Rollover' issue

ATrack v5.0.0.2948 Released: 2019-04-02
- fix IMEI parsing

ATrack v5.0.0.2929 Released: 2019-03-25
- added support of J1708 signals for AK11 device,
- fix handling of encrypted data
- more robust search of IMEI in ASCII messages

ATrack v5.0.0.2879 Released: 2019-03-06
- added support of AES Encryption

ATrack v5.0.0.2873 Released: 2019-03-05
- fixed geolocation.

ATrack v5.0.0.2869 Released: 2019-03-04
- create an invalid TrackPoint with Position(0,0) when the device sends invalid values for Latitude/Longitude

ATrack v5.0.0.2824 Released: 2019-02-15
- added Geolocation support for all ATrack device types.

ATrack v5.0.0.2755 Released: 2019-01-25
- allow 0xFF to be part of ASCII protocol and fix null references

ATrack v5.0.0.2720 Released: 2019-01-18
- added BackupBattery, CellID, DriverID, EngineOn, EngineRPM, GpsAntennaDisconnected, GsmSignalLevel, HDOP, Input0-7, Output1-5, LAC, MainPower, MCC, MNC, Report101-132, ReportID, SatelliteCount, AnalogInput1-3, MaxSpeed, RFID_data, RXLEV, J1939 (FMS) for AK11 device

ATrack v5.0.0.2615 Released: 2018-12-14
- Fixed the command for getting crash data with device password and without device password

ATrack v5.0.0.2437 Released: 2018-11-07
- Added TextMessage input to AK7 device

ATrack v5.0.0.2382 Released: 2018-10-26
- fix TyreLocation_CPC_GPC and TTMID_CPC_GPC values

ATrack v5.0.0.2185 Released: 2018-09-27
- Support for custom prefix in text protocol.

ATrack v5.0.0.2157 Released: 2018-09-24
- Support for custom prefix in binary protocol.

ATrack v5.0.0.2113 Released: 2018-09-12
- Added EngineOn and Motion inputs to AL11 device

ATrack v5.0.0.2061 Released: 2018-08-28
- Added OdometerAcc input to AK11 device

ATrack v5.0.0.2039 Released: 2018-08-22
- support of EngineRPM for binary reports

ATrack v5.0.0.2030 Released: 2018-08-17
- Removed duplicate EngineRPM for ATrack AK7 device.

ATrack v5.0.0.2020 Released: 2018-08-15
- Compatible with Crash v5.0.0.2020

ATrack v5.0.0.1966 Released: 2018-07-30
' Added MILStatus_DM1, RSLStatus_DM1, AWLStatus_DM1, PLStatus_DM1, FMILStatus_DM1, FRSLStatus_DM1, FAWLStatus_DM1, FPLStatus_DM1 and from DTC1_DM1 to DTC13_DM1 inputs to AU7F device

ATrack v5.0.0.1926 Released: 2018-07-13
* Added: NumberOfTyreSensors_TSI, TyreSensorNumber_TSI, TyreLocation_TSI, SystemID_CPC_GPC, TyreID_CPC_GPC, GraphicalPosition_CPC_GPC, TyreLocation_CPC_GPC, TTMID_CPC_GPC inputs to AU7F device

ATrack v5.0.0.1914 Released: 2018-07-10
* Added ReportID, HDOP, SatelliteCount, Input0, Input1, Input2, Input3, Output1, Output2, AnalogInput1, Temperature1,
Temp1_Disconnected, Temperature2, Temp2_Disconnected, BackupBattery, MainPower, GsmSignalLevel, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID,
RXLEV, GsmStatus, GpsAntennaDisconnected, GpsAntennaShortCircuit, GpsSignalTimeout, Report101, Report102, Report103,
Report104, Report105, Report121, Report122, Report123, Report124, Report125, DriverID inputs to AL11 device

ATrack v5.0.0.1871 Released: 2018-06-26
* Added SystemID_CPC_SS, SystemState_CPC_SS, NO_TTM_Mounted_CPC_SS, SingleWheelExchange_CPC_SS, AutomaticTrailerLearning_CPC_SS, SystemID_CPC_TTM, TyreID_CPC_TTM,
TTM_Pressure_CPC_TTM, TTM_Temperature_CPC_TTM,TTM_State_CPC_TTM, AlarmWarning_CPC_TTM, BatteryFlag_CPC_TTM, TTM_Defective_CPC_TTM, Loose_TTM_Detection_CPC_TTM
to AU7F device

ATrack v5.0.0.1854 Released: 2018-06-21
* Added NumberOfAxles_MTI, NumberOfTyres_MTI, TyresOnAxle1_MTI, TyresOnAxle2_MTI, TyresOnAxle3_MTI, TyresOnAxle4_MTI, TyresOnAxle5_MTI, TyresOnAxle6_MTI, TyreLocation_TCSI, ColdInflationPressure_TCSI, UnderPressPercentageThd_TCSI, ExtrUnderPressPercentageThd_TCSI, OverPressPercentageThd_TCSI, OverTemp_TCSI inputs to AU7F device

ATrack v5.0.0.1840 Released: 2018-06-19
* Fixed parsing TyrePressure input, added TyreLocation_TC2, TyrePressure_TC2, RequiredTyrePressure_TC2, SystemID_CPC_SC, NumberOfAxles_CPC_SC, NumberOfTTMs_CPC_SC inputs to AU7F device,

ATrack v5.0.0.1828 Released: 2018-06-15
* AV2 and AV3 inputs added to AT5 device.

ATrack v5.0.0.1818 Released: 2018-06-13
* fix position values parsing.

ATrack v5.0.0.1773 Released: 2018-06-07
* Fixed parsing FMS_VehicleDistance input and fixed its unit name to meter for AK7, AT5F, AU7, AX9 devices

ATrack v5.0.0.1761 Released: 2018-06-07
* Fixed parsing AnalogInput1, AnalogInput2, AnalogInput3 inputs and added Temperature5 and Temp5_Disconnected inputs to AT5 device

ATrack v5.0.0.1736 Released: 2018-06-01
* add FMS_VIN and FMS_VehicleDistance Odometer for AU7F device
* add support of TyreLocation, TyreTemperature, TyreSensorEnable, TyreStatus, TyreElectricalFault, TyrePressureSupport, TyreAirLeakageRate, TyrePressureThresholdDetection for AU7F

ATrack v5.0.0.1726 Released: 2018-05-31
* Support of AL11 device

ATrack v5.0.0.1613 Released: 2018-05-09
* Added TyreSensorID and TyrePressure inputs to AU7F device

ATrack v5.0.0.1602 Released: 2018-05-07
* Added Ignition, Input0, Input1, Input2, Input3, AnalogInput1, AnalogInput2 inputs to AK11 device

ATrack v5.0.0.1548 Released: 2018-04-17
* Added new AK11 device type

ATrack v5.0.0.1459 Released: 2018-03-21
* Added OBDII and J1939 inputs to AK7 device.

ATrack v5.0.0.1393 Released: 2018-03-07
* Removed duplicate Speed variable

ATrack Plugin v5.0.0.1344 Released: 2018-02-22
* Fixed Iridium parsing issue

ATrack Plugin v5.0.0.1203 Released: 2018-01-23
* GPSVehicleSpeed (%XS) input added to ATrack AK7

ATrack Plugin v5.0.0.952 Released: 2017-11-30
* Do not fill the ErrorLog with checksum and length errors.

ATrack Plugin v5.0.0.800 Released: 2017-11-08
* Added DriverID to AL7

ATrack Plugin v5.0.0.781 Released: 2017-11-07
* Added more inputs to AL7

ATrack Plugin v5.0.0.722 Released: 2017-10-27
* Pictures could get wrong date stamp.

ATrack Plugin v5.0.0.576 Released: 2017-10-10
* Added support for RFID_data signal to all ATrack devices

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.5874 Released: 2017-09-27
* add support of Xforce, Yforce, Zforce for Generic device

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.5793 Released: 2017-08-28
* add support for AL7 device

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.5667 Released: 2017-07-18
* Added EngineOn and Temperature to AK7
* UDP listener is pooled

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.5326 Released: 2017-05-03
* Added input VehicleStop to AK1, AK7, AL1, AS3 and AT1Pro

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.5047 Released: 2017-01-27
* Improved picture data handling for ATrack

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.5034 Released: 2017-01-23
* No length check for AY5 binary protocol.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.5028 Released: 2017-01-20
* TextMessage added to AY5

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4983 Released: 2017-01-10
* Support outgoing commands over Iridium for AT5 and AU7

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4919 Released: 2016-12-20
* Fixed parser error for AY5.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4911 Released: 2016-12-18
* Improved handling of corrupt messages from device.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4910 Released: 2016-12-16
* Improved handling of corrupt messages from device.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4651 Released: 2016-10-07
* Inputs added to AX9 device mapper.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4465 Released: 2016-08-29
* TextMessage2 added. TextMessage contains first 255 character of text field. TextMessage2 the rest.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4118 Released: 2016-05-18
* Binary protocol support for Squarell

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4093 Released: 2016-05-12
* Fix parsing of TyreTemperature and TyrePressure

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4072 Released: 2016-05-10
* Tyre temperature and pressure sensor parameters for AK1, AL1, AT5 added.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.4003 Released: 2016-04-25
* Improved. 1-wire temp sensor support. Temperature3 + Temp3_Disconnected and Temperature4 + Temp4_Disconnected added to ATrack AT5 and ATrack Generic. Add %TP3 and %TP4 to AT$FORM.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3875 Released: 2016-03-16
* Added AX9 device type
* Fix FMS_TotalFuelUsed and FMS_WheelBasedSpeed signal

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3869 Released: 2016-03-15
* EngineOn added at AX7 and AX5

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3627 Released: 2015-12-16
* Improved error handling for picture data

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3606 Released: 2015-12-10
* Added FMS(using Sqaurell Flex12 CAN-BUS adapter) variables for AT5 device

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3557 Released: 2015-11-26
* Support for "crash" data

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3508 Released: 2015-11-12
* Added DriverID to AS3 device type

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3225 Released: 2015-09-11
* Position reports starting with @R now works.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3208 Released: 2015-09-09
* Fixed parsing error introduced in v4.0.0.3204

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3204 Released: 2015-09-08
* Extra Fields from AT$FMSC now supported. Set AT$FMSC command for Device Type under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3195 Released: 2015-09-07
* Work around for ATrack protocol error.
* _TakePicture now adds device password if present.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3183 Released: 2015-09-02
* Added Device Types AT5F and AU7F with FMS/CAN support.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.3052 Released: 2015-07-27
* Negative temperatures now works for binary protocol.
* Checksum used more strictly for text protocol.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2990 Released: 2015-07-07
* TextMessage added to AT5

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2982 Released: 2015-07-04
* TextMessage added to AL1

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2972 Released: 2015-07-02
* Altitude %AT now works as Extra Field in Binary Protocol.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2961 Released: 2015-06-30
* Fixed error related to ATrack sending data with timestamp far back in time

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2930 Released: 2015-06-15
* Fixed rare upgrade error

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2920 Released: 2015-06-12
* More robust parsing for binary protocol.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2855 Released: 2015-05-29
* MainPowerLost (%PS) added.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2844 Released: 2015-05-28
* Added Temperature1 and Temperature2 to AT5

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2710 Released: 2015-04-21
* $INFO reply from device can now be used in (multi-step) Template commands in both text and binary mode.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2620 Released: 2015-04-01
* FuelGauge added to AK1, AL1 and AT1Pro

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2577 Released: 2015-03-24
* Ignition_DriverID_Mode

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2550 Released: 2015-03-19
* Added TextMessage to AK1

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2543 Released: 2015-03-18
* Custom/Extra fields over Iridium now supported.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2473 Released: 2015-03-02
* Fix case when invalid data in beginning of sentence could corrupt the following message.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2427 Released: 2015-02-17
* EngineOn added to AT5, AL1, AU7 and AX5.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2394 Released: 2015-02-11
* ATrack AS1 (Asset tracker) and ATrack AS3 (Trailer tracker) added.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2236 Released: 2015-01-19
* Input2 and Input3 added to AK1, Ak7 and AL1

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2154 Released: 2015-01-05
* "take picture" command will now be executed as soon as the device gets online if executed while device was disconnected.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2151 Released: 2015-01-02
* Added support for %SS1 (GpsAntennaDisconnected), %SS2 (GpsAntennaShortCircuit) and %SS3 (GpsSignalTimeout) to AK1, AK7, AL1 and ATrack Generic.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2126 Released: 2014-12-18
* Temperature1 added to AU7

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2090 Released: 2014-12-10
* Improved support for Multi-step Template Commands using RegExp over Binary Protocol. (Again)

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2087 Released: 2014-12-08
* Improved support for Multi-step Template Commands using RegExp over Binary Protocol.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.2085 Released: 2014-12-08
* Fixed binary parsing problems for %VN and %FC

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1962 Released: 2014-11-04
* Fixed parsing problem for text protocol.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1913 Released: 2014-10-24
* Added support for ATrack data over Iridium

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1801 Released: 2014-09-25
* Added ATrack AL1 device type

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1792 Released: 2014-09-23
* Fix cases where partial data could corrupt subsequent message.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1783 Released: 2014-09-19
* Added CAN0 Signals:
   FuelPressure, Engine_RPM, Speed, CalculatedEngineLoad, EngineCoolantTemperature
   IntakeAirTemperature, ThrottlePosition, MIL, FuelLevel, MassAirFlowRate

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1723 Released: 2014-09-05
* Added DriverID to ATrack: AX7/AK7/AT1/AT1Pro/AT3/AY5

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1707 Released: 2014-09-02
* Added g-force fields to ATrack AT5 and AX7

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1658 Released: 2014-08-21
* Support for %CN / MCC + MNC in binary mode added.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1531 Released: 2014-08-04
* %CR / HomeNetwork added.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1486 Released: 2014-07-28
* FIX: No ACK is sent over SMS.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1401 Released: 2014-07-11
* FIX: Send ACK for ATrack picture data

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1367 Released: 2014-07-07
* Added DriverID to AK1

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1311 Released: 2014-07-01
* Camera support for AK1, AK7, AT1Pro, AT5, AU5, AU7, AY5

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1277 Released: 2014-06-26
* Camera support for AT5

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1250 Released: 2014-06-23
* Added DriverID to AT5 and AU7

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1186 Released: 2014-06-09
* Support for Garmin FMI

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.1062 Released: 2014-05-12
* %DT now ignored properly.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.771 Released: 2014-03-28
* Added device types AU7 and AK7
* Input1 changed to Input0 etc.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.693 Released: 2014-03-19
* Extended data now supported in binary mode as well.
* User defined fields supported.
* AT$FORM can now be added to Device Type to specify message format.

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.485 Released: 2014-02-17
* Added EngineOn to device type ATrack Generic. Enable with %EG

ATrack Plugin v4.0.0.423 Released: 2014-02-06
* Added device type ATrack AK1

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.5362 Released: 2013-10-28
* ODBII signals added for AT5 in v3.1.0.5327 removed.
* Added AnalogInput1 to AT1

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.5327 Released: 2013-10-18
* More OBDII signals added to AT5

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.5169 Released: 2013-09-25
* Device type AX7 added.

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.5110 Released: 2013-09-19
* MCC and MNC should now work.

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.5110 Released: 2013-09-10
* Signal "GpsAntennaDisconnected" now also work for short circuit.

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.5103 Released: 2013-09-04
* Signal "GpsAntennaDisconnected" added.

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.5070 Released: 2013-08-30
* Connection pooling (TCP). Much improved performance for large servers.
* Template Commands now sent after ACK.

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.4952 Released: 2013-07-18
* VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) added to device mapper for ATrack AX5

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.4808 Released: 2013-06-04
* Improved error handling when devices sends up corrupt data.

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.4054 Released: 2012-12-26
* Device password added to all device types.

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.3873 Released: 2012-11-11
* Signals added for user defined reports. Report121 to Report125.
* GpsGate will add CR + LF to outgoing AT commands even when written in lower case.

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.3840 Released: 2012-11-10
* Signals added for user defined reports. Report141 to Report145.
* OdometerAcc added to all device types (not only ATrack Generic).

ATrack Plugin v3.1.0.3787 Released: 2012-10-21
* All Extra data fields now supported. ( Use ASCII protocol when using extra data fields, and include %CI in AT$FORM )
* Signals added for user defined reports. Report101 to Report105.

ATrack Plugin v3.0.1.3531 Released: 2012-08-07
* Altitude is now used if %AT is included in the AT%FORM string.

ATrack Plugin v3.0.1.3529 Released: 2012-08-06
* Signals MainPower, SatelliteCount and BackupBattery added to device type ATrack AT1 and ATrack Generic.

ATrack Plugin v3.0.1.3520 Released: 2012-07-26
* Device type AX5 added.
* Support for Extra fields set using AT$FORM

ATrack Plugin v3.0.0.3433 Released: 2012-05-24
* CR + LF is now added automatically to outgoing AT commands over GPRS if missing.

ATrack Plugin v3.0.0.3398 Released: 2012-04-30
* DriverID now works in binary mode.

ATrack Plugin v3.0.0.3394 Released: 2012-04-27
* Binary mode fixed. Speed information now correct.

ATrack Plugin v3.0.0.3383 Released: 2012-04-17
* UTC bug fixed for YYYYMMDDhhmmss date using text protocol.

ATrack Plugin v3.0.0.3328 Released: 2012-02-21
* Connection will not be closed if device only sends keep alive for a longer period of time.

ATrack Plugin v3.0.0.3115 Released: 2011-11-03

* Support for ATrack AT1(E), AT3(E), AT5(i), AU5(i), AY5(i)

More info on ATrack Plugin:

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Re: ChangeLog: ATrack

Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:10 pm

ATrack v5.0.0.4653 Released: 2020-09-16

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