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New Core + Reporting release!

Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:41 pm

Core + Reporting v3.0.0.3019

GpsGate now generates "any" report based on GPS tracking data -

Download reports or create new reports in an "Excel" like interface.

We have also added support for Driver ID. All features that worked for vehicles now also work for drivers. All vehicle reports can be used for drivers as well, same goes with Event Rules, and features available in the real time Map View. Drivers are typically identified using IButton or RFID.

New features

* (3.0) Reports are now always processed automatically. No more need for "manual" processing.

* Install "Basic One" plugin to use 3.0 Distance and Event Reports by default.

* New layout for reports with headlines, grouping, and summaries
* Customize and create new reports in an Excel/spreed sheet like interface.
* Driver ID - Event Rules, reports and real time Map view support driver information.
* CSV reports do no longer have any units in each cell.
* Mobile VT now consider View privileges.
* TrackerOne support for Chat, Job Dispatch and data tunneling
* Set rights for Roles to see individual reports.
* Old 2.3 reports can be removed from menu using Role/Features.

Most reported bugs fixed.

How to update

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to "Plugins"

Update the following plugins:
Detailed Distance Report
Event Report

3. Click on "Get More Plugins"
4. Install "BasicOne".

5. Install the reports you need. As described here:

Avoid activating reports you do not need in larger applications, since processing of reports takes both CPU and disk space. So... avoid activating all reports in all applications without a clear purpose. Instead first evaluate a report, and when you see its purpose activate it in applications that needs it.


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