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TrackerOne Garmin FMI integration.

Mon May 23, 2011 11:15 pm

TrackerOne Garmin FMI integration.

For you as a tracker firmware developer who has TrackerOne support, and want to add Garmin FMI support to your tracker.

First you need to install GpsGate Server on a developer machine. Download the latest ZIP here:

Install "Garmin" from ""
Install "Patch.2856" from "" (not from

Read this blog for how setup VehicleTracker, except you add a GpsGate TrackerOne device and not a "Teltonika" device;

The command to tunnel data is $FRTUN,{LEN}binary data*XX\r\n
The tracker must send the first $FRTUN to enable tunneling and signal it is supported. You can send an empty $FRTUN*XX\r\n

LEN is the length of the binary data to be tunneled.
XX is the NMEA checksum.

Here is a typical sequence:

Tracker: $FRLIN,imei,...*XX\r\n
Server: $FRSES

Tracker: $FRTUN*XX\r\n
Server: $FRTUN,{LEN}data*XX\r\n

Then simply act as a proxy between server and Garmin. The tracker's only part is to tunnel the data in each direction using $FRTUN

Garmin Navigator <-> Garmin FMI <-> GPS Tracker <-> TrackerOne Protocol <-> GpsGate Server

If you have added a Garmin slave device to your user, you will get a $FRTUN back from the server to "Enable Fleet Management".

The Terminal is a very useful tool when doing this integration. More info:

More info on GpsGate TrackerOne

More info about Garmin FMI


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