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ChangeLog: AppGeocoder

Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:37 pm

AppGeocoder Plugin

If you have a set of POIs and Geofences you want to use for geocoding for all or a set of your applications, but you don't necessarily want to show all POIs and recreate the Geofences in each application, then this is the Plugin for you!


0. Make sure you have installed the Geocoder Plugin. More info:

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Plugins
3. Enter "" as URL
4. Download and install "AppGeocoder".

Setup a AppGeocoder

Create application with geocoder

1. Create a new application. Name it e.g. "GeoApp1"
2. Add POIs or Geofences to the application.
3. Select a suitable Geocoder for this application in SiteAdmin. E.g. "POI"
4. Optionally add a user named "GeoUser", which will can be used below.

NOTE! Check which AppID this application has. You can see it in the URL for this application under SiteAdmin -> Applications. In this example we assume it is "7"

Create a new Geocoder using "GeoApp1"

1. Login to SiteAdmin. Go to Maps -> Geocoder
2. Enter a name e.g. "MyGeocoder" and click "New"
3. Select "App Geocoder" in drop down.
4. Enter username,AppID as URL. Example: "GeoUser,7"
5. Click "Insert"

username is the username for a user in "GeoApp1" which you created above. In this example it is "GeoUser", but you can also use the a shared admin user to save licenses.

AppID is the AppID for "GeoApp1", in this example "7"

6. Click "Down" in the "Cache" row.
7. Remove "Cache". Note! For performance and data storage size, it is important that you remove "Cache". Data is already cached in GeoApp1

You should now see one row with "App Geocoder", and "GeoUser,7" as URL.

8. Click "Save"

Use MyGeocoder

1. Under SiteAdmin -> Applications -> [Select application] -> You can select "MyGeocoder" under the Geocoder menu.
2. Click Save.

MyGeocoder is now active in your application!

NOTE! Do NOT select "MyGeocoder" for the "GeoApp1" application, that will not work!!


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