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ChangeLog: SensorLogic (Queclink)

Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:35 pm

Patches and bug fixes for SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin

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How to get connect a Queclink device to GpsGate Server:

Release history

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1938 Released: 2018-07-17
- Added FuelPercent, FuelVolume, MotionState, ICCID, BER, LastFixUTCTime, Pin15Mode, TimeZoneOffset, DaylightSaving, BeforeCrash, AfterCrash, AccelerationX, AccelerationY, AccelerationZ, GpsSignalLost, ExitingParkingFence, SpeedingAlert, Idling inputs to GV300W device,
- Added support for new GV300CAN device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1916 Released: 2018-07-10
- Added new Device Type GV350MA

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1871 Released: 2018-06-27
- Fixed the error while trying to insert picture data

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1818 Released: 2018-06-13
- fix FuelLevel1 and FuelLevel2 values from GTERI message type of GV300W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1796 Released: 2018-06-11
- added FuelLevel1 and FuelLevel2 to GV300W

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1752 Released: 2018-06-05
- Fixed invalid date parsing

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1728 Released: 2018-05-31
- fix invalid TimeStamp exception in GTPNA message.

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1720 Released: 2018-05-29
- Added BatteryPercent, BatteryVoltage, RSSI, HDOP inputs to GL300M device, added support for version F5 of GTNMR and GTINF messages format,

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1684 Released: 2018-05-23
- Fix duplicated variables for GV300W

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1681 Released: 2018-05-22
- install GV300 message fields to GV300W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1650 Released: 2018-05-16
- Added DigitalInput9, DigitalInput10, DigitalInput11, DigitalInput12, DigitalOutput9, DigitalOutput10, DigitalOutput11, DigitalOutput12 inputs to GV300, GV300N, GV300W devices,
- Added DigitalInput1, DigitalInput2, DigitalInput3, DigitalOutput1, DigitalOutput2, DigitalOutput3 inputs to GV300W device,

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1625 Released: 2018-05-11
- Added Jamming input to GV300N device, added support for 4 1-Wire sensors for GV300, GV300N, GV300W devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1617 Released: 2018-05-10
- Fixed duplicated BatteryPercent inputs in GMT100 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1602 Released: 2018-05-07
- Added CellID, MNC, MCC, LAC, Motion inputs to GMT200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1599 Released: 2018-05-04
- Fixed parsing issue when timestamp is not present in the GTCRD message

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1592 Released: 2018-05-03
- Fixed parsing issue for GTCRD crash data message for GV75 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1589 Released: 2018-05-02
- Added PowerRemoved input for GMT200 device for GTEPS message
- ignore GTPNA messages which contains invalid TimeStamp (out of range)

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1583 Released: 2018-04-27
- Added OdometerAcc, BatteryPercent, Temperature, RelativeHumidity, AmbientLightSensorValue and DeviceRemovalLightLevel inputs to GL300A device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1504 Released: 2018-04-09
- Added crash data integration for GB100 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1487 Released: 2018-04-04
- Added new GL300A and GL300CAN device types

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1458 Released: 2018-03-19
- support for protocol version 40 (used by GL50X)

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1451 Released: 2018-03-16
- Added MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, BatteryPercent, BackupBatteryVoltage, ExternalPowerVoltage to GMT100

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1377 Released: 2018-03-02
- Added Ignition, Motion, ExternalPowerVoltage, BatteryPercent, CSQBER, SatelliteCount, PowerOn, PowerOff, PowerDisconnected, ExternalPower, Wave1OutputID, Wave1OutputActive inputs to GV50 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1318 Released: 2018-02-13
- fix GTERI 1Wire data parsing.

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1309 Released: 2018-02-09
- Add support of 1WireData for GV300N device (GTERI message type)

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1256 Released: 2018-01-31
- DigitalFuelSensor added to GV300W

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1199 Released: 2018-01-21
- Added AnalogInput to GV200
- Fixed 1-wire parsing error.

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1088 Released: 2017-12-21
- add support of 1WireData_TemperatureSensor signal for GV300 generation devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1059 Released: 2017-12-15
- added inputs PowerDisconnected, ExternalPower, VirtualIgnitionOn, TowAlert to GB100

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1004 Released: 2017-12-08
- Fixed memory leak.

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.924 Released: 2017-11-27
- Fix OneWire parsing
- Add support of ExternalPowerVoltage signal for GV200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.846 Released: 2017-11-17
- Added support for HDOP, CellID, Mileage, BatteryPercent, HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshTurning and HarshSpeedLevel signals for version 45 of GTFRI, GTTOW, GTHBM messages of GB100 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.728 Released: 2017-10-29
- Fixed Ignition for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.718 Released: 2017-10-27
- Default AssetProtection compatible device definitions added for GL300, GL500 and GMT200 devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.604 Released: 2017-10-12
- add OdometerAcc and CAN_TotalDistance to available Device Odometers for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.595 Released: 2017-10-12
- fix GeofenceAlert for GL300 and GL300N devices.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.557 Released: 2017-10-05
- fix GeofenceID and GeofenceAlert parsing for GMT200, GL300 devices.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5764 Released: 2017-08-16
- fix parsing of ExternalPowerVoltage (GTERI message) for GV300 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5706 Released: 2017-07-28
- Fixed parsing of CAN_TotalDistance value

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5640 Released: 2017-07-11
- Added camera support for GV200 device.
- Handle the case when position is invalid in GTPHL for picture data

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5619 Released: 2017-07-05
- Fixed parsing issue for GTINF message and GL3000W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5604 Released: 2017-07-03
- fix GTRTL message parsing for GL300W device.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5586 Released: 2017-06-28
- validation of GPS Position by HDOP for GL3000W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5556 Released: 2017-06-20
- Add support for MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, BatteryPercent, Temperature to GL3000W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5513 Released: 2017-06-15
- Support for GB100, GL3000W, GL520 and GV600W

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5251 Released: 2017-04-10
- DigitalInput9/A/B/C and DigitalOutput9/A/B/C added to GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5228 Released: 2017-04-04
- Fix: OneWire parsing for GTERI messages

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5195 Released: 2017-03-21
- Added support for GTPBA message

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5157 Released: 2017-03-07
- SensorLogic: Added support for
- version 2C of GTINF and GTPNL
- version 1A of GTPNL and GTPFL
- version 02 of GTPNL,

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5148 Released: 2017-03-03
* Added support for HDOP, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, CrashDetected, GprsConnected, HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshTurning, HarshSpeedLevel, OdometerAcc, Jamming signals for new GS100 device mapper,
* added support for version 37 of GTCRA, GTPDP, GTHBM, GTJDR, GTGPJ messages

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5136 Released: 2017-02-24
* Added 1WireDeviceID_2, 1WireType_2, 1WireData_2, 1WireData_Signed_2 inputs (secondary 1WireDevice) to GV65Plus device mapper

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5130 Released: 2017-02-20
* Added GeofenceID input to GL500 device
* Added GeofenceAlert to GL500 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5060 Released: 2017-01-31
* GV300N: Ignition updated from GTERI messages.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5060 Released: 2017-01-31
* GV300: Ignition updated from GTERI messages.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5047 Released: 2017-01-27
* Added support for BatteryPercent to version 02 of GTDOG

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5040 Released: 2017-01-25
* Added Wave1OutputID and Wave1OutputActive inputs to GV55 device mapper, and added support to get values for them from the version 2F of GTDOS message
* Added HDOP input to GL300 device mapper
* Added support for version 30 of GTGSM and GTTEM messages for GL300 device
* Added EngineOn, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID signals to GV200 device mapper

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4944 Released: 2016-12-30
* Improved handing of GTERI for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4833 Released: 2016-11-21
* Support for GT301 device
* Added support of GTCRD for GV65Plus, GV75, GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4800 Released: 2016-11-14
* Added support for ExternalPowerVoltage and BatteryPercent signals of GV300 device for GTERI message
* Changed Wave1OutputActive variable to not insert last known value when not present from device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4783 Released: 2016-11-07
* Fix Ignition for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4775 Released: 2016-11-03
* GL300N: added GTINF message

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4762 Released: 2016-11-01
* GL300: Added Temperatur variable

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4750 Released: 2016-10-27
* Added Wave1OutputID and Wave1OutputActive status for version 27 of GTDOS

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4742 Released: 2016-10-25
* Fixed parsing error.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4740 Released: 2016-10-24
* Device Type setting to change default 60 seconds timeout for invalid position.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4649 Released: 2016-10-07
* Added support of GTHBD to GV500
* HDOP added to GL200
* UseFixTime added as DeviceType setting.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4647 Released: 2016-10-06
* SendTime used instead of GPS time for valid reports.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4537 Released: 2016-09-15
* Support of GTBPL message for GV500 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4522 Released: 2016-09-13
* GTMPxPriority only used when device has no valid RTC time.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4505 Released: 2016-09-07
* Fix CTCRD message

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4437 Released: 2016-08-18
* Support for Camera -

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4400 Released: 2016-08-05
* Fixed OBDII_Mileage for GV500 protocol 36xxxx

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4393 Released: 2016-08-04
* Support of GTRTL message for GL300VC device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4386 Released: 2016-08-02
* Added FuelPercent and FuelVolume inputs to GV300N (again)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4370 Released: 2016-07-26
* Added FuelPercent and FuelVolume inputs to GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4360 Released: 2016-07-22
* Added TowAlert input to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4275 Released: 2016-06-28
* Support for GTINF messages for GV300W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4238 Released: 2016-06-20
* "GTMPx Priority" added as MetaField

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4231 Released: 2016-06-16
* Added ExternalPowerVoltage parameter for GV300
* Add PID_IntakeAirTemperature and GTCRD message(BeforeCrash, AfterCrash, AccelerationX, AccelerationY, AccelerationZ) support for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4213 Released: 2016-06-10
* Can now handle protocol error from GV65 Plus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4180 Released: 2016-05-31
* Fix for GV500 Ignition.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4163 Released: 2016-05-27
* Fix Ignition for GV65 Plus.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4140 Released: 2016-05-23
* Fixed BatteryPercent for Sky Patrol TT8850

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4122 Released: 2016-05-22
* Added HarshSpeedLevel to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4106 Released: 2016-05-16
* Added TowAlert variable for GMT100

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4093 Released: 2016-05-12
* GTINF message for GV65NPlus
* Add GV75 device support
* VIN now works for GTOBD GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4082 Released: 2016-05-11
* LedOn and ExternalPower now keeps their value for GL200 and GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3952 Released: 2016-04-11
* Fix 1-Wire temperature variable for GTERI message type

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3935 Released: 2016-04-04
* Improved support for new GV500 using 36xxxx protocol.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3922 Released: 2016-03-30
* Fix Fuel sensor variable for GV200N/GV300N
* Support of GTSOS, GTRTL, GTPNA, GTFPA messages for GL300W (version 2C)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3910 Released: 2016-03-23
* Added Ignition variable for GTFRI/GTERI messages (version 38) of GV65Plus
* Added support of Temperature Sensor for GTERI message type, version 22 of GV65Plus/GV65NPlus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3902 Released: 2016-03-21
* Fix Temeprature Sensor for GTERI message
* Fix Ignition variable for GTFRI message type of GV300 device
* Added BatteryPercent variable for GTNMR/GTRTL/GTFRI/GTDIS message type of GL300/GL300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3847 Released: 2016-03-07
* Fix Odometer Acc variable for GV55 device, GTIGL message type

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3797 Released: 2016-02-18
* Fix parsing of GTBPL message (version 28)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3766 Released: 2016-02-10
* Fix Motion sensor for GTFRI message type

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3747 Released: 2016-02-05
* Fix Battery Percentage signal for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3717 Released: 2016-01-27
* Improved GTINF support

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3713 Released: 2016-01-26
* Improved GTBAT support for GV500N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3710 Released: 2016-01-25
* Improved GTOBD support for GV500N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3686 Released: 2016-01-18
* Add DigitalFuelSensor variable for GTERI message(version 25) for GV300N
* Add DigitalFuelSensor variable for GTERI message(version 35) for GV200(GV200N)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3681 Released: 2016-01-15
* Support of protocol version 35 for GTBPL, GTFRI, GTINF messages for GV200(GV200N)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3678 Released: 2016-01-13
* GV200 now uses IO inputs in GTERI message.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3673 Released: 2016-01-08
* GV200 now uses IO inputs in GTFRI message.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3666 Released: 2016-01-05
* Add all CANBUS variables (Caiquen adapter) from GTDAT message for GV200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3645 Released: 2015-12-21
* FIX: Binary paring issue.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3612 Released: 2015-12-11
* Fix Caiquen CANBUS variables from GTDAT short message for GV200 device
* Fix BatteryPercent variable from GTNMR and GTFRI messages for GL300/GL300W devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3606 Released: 2015-12-10
* CANBUS variables(Caiquen adapter) from GTDAT message for GV200 device
* Motion variable from GTFRI message for GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3594 Released: 2015-12-07
* Added Motion variable from GTFRI message for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3570 Released: 2015-11-30
* Fix Motion variable for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3541 Released: 2015-11-23
* Support for GTDOS version 25 for GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3467 Released: 2015-11-02
* Added TowAlert variable for GV300N
* Fix parsing of Fuel Level for GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3449 Released: 2015-10-28
* Support of device driver protocol version 25 for GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3379 Released: 2015-10-19
* Fix parsing of FuelLevel when sent as liters for GV65Plus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3351 Released: 2015-10-13
* Fix parsing of GTINF ExternalPowerVoltage and BackupBatteryVoltage for GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3339 Released: 2015-10-08
* Fix parsing of GTDTT DataToBackendServer for GV300
* Fix parsing of GTERI FuelVolume and FuelPercent for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3321 Released: 2015-10-02
* FuelPercent and FuelVolume added for GV200
* Fixed AnalogInput1-3 for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3307 Released: 2015-09-30
* Add GTDTT message support for GV300 and GV300N, added a new variable: DataToBackendServer
* Add support of GMT120 for GTNMR and GTFRI
* Fix GTINF for GV55N, added variables: ExternalPowerVoltage, BackupBatteryVoltage

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3283 Released: 2015-09-24
* GTFRI support added to GMT200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3235 Released: 2015-09-15
* Fixed parsing error for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3191 Released: 2015-09-04
* Fixed Ignition for GV55N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3183 Released: 2015-09-02
* Improved parser stability

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3161 Released: 2015-08-26
* OBDII_EngineRPM now works better for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3143 Released: 2015-08-20
* Fix parsing error when using binary format
* Added PowerOn/PowerOff signals when using binary format

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3142 Released: 2015-08-19
* Added support for INF reports in binary format
* Added support for server ACK when using binary format
* Fix connection pooling over UDP when using binary format
* Binary parsing stability improved
* Fix ACK of binary heartbeat messages
* Added Ignition, HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshTurning signals in binary format
* Added Analog inputs to GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3133 Released: 2015-08-17
* Various fixes when using binary format

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3130 Released: 2015-08-14
* Binary format support added
* Motion input works for GL300VC

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3124 Released: 2015-08-13
* GTFRI now works for GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3077 Released: 2015-08-03
* HourMeter added to GV200 and GV300
* GTFRI works better for GL300VC

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3054 Released: 2015-07-28
* Device type GL300VC added.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3003 Released: 2015-07-12
* Jammer and Motion input added to GV300
* GTINF now works for GV300VC

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2948 Released: 2015-06-24
* Added CANBUS support to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2939 Released: 2015-06-19
* SOS and DigitalInput1 added for GMT200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2929 Released: 2015-06-15
* Added GTTOW support to GV300 and GMT200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2851 Released: 2015-05-29
* Added GTFRI support to GL300W

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2814 Released: 2015-05-25
* Added GTGSM and GTINF support to GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2791 Released: 2015-05-15
* Added 1-wire support for GV65 and GV65plus
* DigitalFuelSensor added to GV200
* BatteryPercent now works for GL300vc

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2783 Released: 2015-05-12
* More inputs added to GV65 and GV65plus
* Fixed parsing error for GL300VC

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2768 Released: 2015-05-06
* GTDAT added to GV200
* Fix OBDII parsing error

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2742 Released: 2015-05-01
* Charging input and +BUFF data working better for GT300
* OBDII_FuelConsumption input now working for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2728 Released: 2015-04-24
* Added Motion to GT300
* Added device type GV300N
* Added more OBDII inputs to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2714 Released: 2015-04-21
* PushButton should now work.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2691 Released: 2015-04-17
* Added inputs to GT300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2596 Released: 2015-03-27
* Added GTCAN support to GV65Plus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2581 Released: 2015-03-24
* Added Device Type GV65Plus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2554 Released: 2015-03-19
* OdometerAcc added to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2541 Released: 2015-03-18
* GTFRI works better for GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2348 Released: 2015-02-05
* GTINF now works for GV100

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2260 Released: 2015-01-26
* GTINF now works for GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2158 Released: 2015-01-07
* Motion input works better for GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2105 Released: 2014-12-15
* Device Odometer works better for GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2088 Released: 2014-12-09
* 1WireData_Signed added.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2077 Released: 2014-12-04
* Improved parsing for SkyPatrol's version of GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2020 Released: 2014-11-17
* Added Harsh driving inputs to GV65Lite.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2017 Released: 2014-11-14
* PowerOn / PowerOff inputs now works better.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1991 Released: 2014-11-07
* ExternalPowerVoltage added to GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1939 Released: 2014-10-31
* GTOBD works better for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1852 Released: 2014-10-09
* Fix GTFRI for GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1833 Released: 2014-10-06
* Fix 1WireDevice data parsing for GV300, GV320
* Added secondary 1WireDevice to GV300 and GV320

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1830 Released: 2014-10-03
* Fix parsing error of GTERI reports

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1754 Released: 2014-09-15
* Fix parsing error of GTERI reports
* Added GV300 signals "Wave1OutputID" and "Wave1OutputActive"

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1719 Released: 2014-09-04
* Jamming added to GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1625 Released: 2014-08-18
* IButton added to GV300 and GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1503 Released: 2014-07-29
* GMT200 and GV65 added.
* DigitalInput1 and DigitalInput2 added to GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1308 Released: 2014-07-01
* Jamming added to GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1249 Released: 2014-06-23
* MovementStatus fix

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1229 Released: 2014-06-20
* MovementStatus added to GL500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1225 Released: 2014-06-17
* Support GTDOG added to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1184 Released: 2014-06-04
* RxLevel added to GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1143 Released: 2014-05-30
* Added OdometerAcc to GMT100, GV300 and GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1138 Released: 2014-05-29
* Added GeoActive to GL300 and FuelLevelPercent to GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1103 Released: 2014-05-19
* More inputs added to GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1101 Released: 2014-05-19
* DigitalInput1 and PowerDisconnected added to GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1095 Released: 2014-05-15
* Added new inputs to GV65 device.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1062 Released: 2014-05-12
* RFID_Reverse added.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1043 Released: 2014-05-08
* 1WireDeviceID_2, 1WireData_2 and 1WireType_2 added to GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1011 Released: 2014-05-02
* Added device type GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.977 Released: 2014-04-28
* Added DigitalFuelSensor to GV300 and GV320
* MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID added to GV300 and GV320

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.916 Released: 2014-04-15
* Added OBDII_Connect and OBDII_Disconnect to GV500
* ExternalPower works better for GV500
* Unknown harsh signal now considered to be barking
* Support for Garmin FMI

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.710 Released: 2014-03-21
* Improved handling of corrupt speed data from device.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.692 Released: 2014-03-19
* GTOBD works better.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.631 Released: 2014-03-13
* CellID, LAC, MNC, MCC, Ignition and Motion added to GL200 and GL300
* Multi-position reports works better.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.570 Released: 2014-03-03
* BatteryPercent and Temperature works better for GL500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.523 Released: 2014-02-24
* Device type GT500 added.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.521 Released: 2014-02-23
* BatteryPercent works better for GMT100

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.501 Released: 2014-02-20
* DigitalInput1 and OdometerAcc added to GL200. BatteryPercent works better for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.483 Released: 2014-02-14
* FIX: DigitalInput fixed for GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.403 Released: 2014-02-03
* FEATURE: FuelLevel added to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.378 Released: 2014-01-27
* FEATURE: BatteryPercent added to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.373 Released: 2014-01-23
* FIX: Improvements for GL200, GV300, GV55, GV500 and GL500
* FEATURE: Added OdometerAcc to GV55 and AnalogInput to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.318 Released: 2014-01-19
* FIX: $GTOBD works better for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.224 Released: 2013-12-13
* FIX: $GTBAT now works for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.155 Released: 2013-12-02
* FEATURE: Possible to set time zone for device. Set under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types.
* FIX: Improved parsing for GL500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.131 Released: 2013-11-29
* FIX: Improved OBD data parsing.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5445 Released: 2013-11-13
* FIX: "BatteryPercent" works better for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5443 Released: 2013-11-13
* FIX: Now correct time stamp for GTINF messages.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5398 Released: 2013-11-01
* BatteryPercent now works better for GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5376 Released: 2013-10-30
* Ignition now works better for GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5337 Released: 2013-10-24
* Ignition now works better for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5322 Released: 2013-10-17
* Added device type GMT100

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5295 Released: 2013-10-14
* Added ExternalPowerVoltage to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5273 Released: 2013-10-10
* Improved GV500W

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5269 Released: 2013-10-09
* Improved GV500. Added GV500W and GV55LITE

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5218 Released: 2013-10-02
* Added device type GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5153 Released: 2013-09-18
* Improved parsing of GTGEO data.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5118 Released: 2013-09-11
* GpsAntennaCut added to GV200 and GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5117 Released: 2013-09-11
* PowerDisconnected added to GV200
* ExternalGpsAntenna should now work. 0 - Antenna OK. 1 - Disconnected. 3 - Unknown state

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5011 Released: 2013-08-14
* More signals added to GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4987 Released: 2013-08-06
* Connection pooling.
* Support for multi-position GTFRI reports.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4958 Released: 2013-07-22
* Added device type GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4950 Released: 2013-07-18
* More signals added to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4910 Released: 2013-06-27
* Bug in Ignition OFF for GV200 fixed.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4905 Released: 2013-06-26
* Added RFID support to GV200.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4882 Released: 2013-06-24
* Added HarshAcceleration and HarshBraking to GV200. Support for Eco Report

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4876 Released: 2013-06-21
* Added device type GV320

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4875 Released: 2013-06-20
* UDP messages are now ACK:ed.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4835 Released: 2013-06-13
* Added DigitalInput1, DigitalInput2 and DigitalInput3 to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4821 Released: 2013-06-07
* Added PowerDiconnected to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4805 Released: 2013-06-03
* FIX: Handles case when device sends up negative speed.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4600 Released: 2013-04-29
* FEATURE: New device type GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4470 Released: 2013-04-02
* FEATURE: Signals 1WireData, 1WireType and 1WireDeviceID added to device type GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4308 Released: 2013-02-28
* FEATURE: Added device type GL500
* FEATURE: Added support for GTSTR and GTCTN reports.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4204 Released: 2013-02-19
* FEATURE: Added GV200 device definition.
* FIX: Parsing issues for GV300, GL500, GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.3817 Released: 2012-10-29
* Uses BatteryPercent signal from GTFRI

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.1.3532 Released: 2012-08-07
* Added support for GTPOR

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3399 Released: 2012-04-30
* Added RSSI and BatteryPercent signals to GL200 (GTINF sentence).

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3334 Released: 2012-02-27
* Support for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3291 Released: 2012-01-24
* Improved handling of GTRTL

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3047 Released: 2011-09-14
* Now handles GTBPL and GTINF correctly.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3029 Released: 2011-08-24
* Now handles GTBTC, GTEPF and GTEPN correctly.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2892 Released: 2011-05-20
* ExternalPower, Charging and LedON added for GL200. Improved support for BatteryVoltage.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2872 Released: 2011-05-07
* SOS for GL200 now works.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2870 Released: 2011-05-05
* Improved handling of reports sent after device reset, and before tracker has a fix.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2862 Released: 2011-04-30
* Support for GL200 (should work now)
* UDP support

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2851 Released: 2011-04-23
* Support for GL200


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