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ChangeLog: Queclink

Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:35 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Queclink Plugin

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

How to get connect a Queclink device to GpsGate Server:

Release history

Queclink build 4478 Released: 2020-07-28
- fix parsing of GTMPN, GTMPF, GTVGN, GTVGF and GTFRI for GV500MA device
- added CAN inputs for GV800 device

Queclink build 4262 Released: 2020-06-01
added support for GV500MAP device

Queclink build 4206 Released: 2020-05-13
fix parsing of GTSTR message for GL50B device

Queclink build 4193 Released: 2020-05-11
added support for 'Queclink GV608' device

Queclink build 4142 Released: 2020-04-24
fix parsing position by GTCAN messgae for GV300CAN device (4B)

Queclink build 4103 Released: 2020-04-09
added DigitalInput{0..4} for GL300 device

Queclink build 4091 Released: 2020-04-03
fix parsing of GTINF message for GV350MA (F1) device

Queclink build 4045 Released: 2020-03-23
parse GTANT messages for GV300CAN device (4B)

Queclink build 4031 Released: 2020-03-18
- parse ExternalPowerVoltage, BatteryPercent, AnalogInput1, GpsAccuracy by GTFRI message for GV300 CAN device (4B)
- added AnalogInput{1..4} for GV800 device

Queclink build 4023 Released: 2020-03-12
- added default mappings for Queclink devices
- fix parsing of GTINF message for GV300CAN device (4B)
- parse GTDRM message for GL300A device (49)

Queclink build 4001 Released: 2020-03-09
- parse BatteryVoltage/BackupBatteryVoltage by GTINF message for GV350MA device

Queclink build 3898 Released: 2020-02-07
- added Queclink prefix to all Queclink device types

Queclink build 3878 Released: 2020-01-30
- added RSSI, GNSSLevel for GL300 device

Queclink build 3843 Released: 2020-01-20
- added 1WireDeviceID{1..4}, 1WireType{1..4}, 1WireData{1..4}, 1WireData_Signed{1..4}, 1WireData_TemperatureSensor{1..4}, 1WireData_Humidity{1..4} for GV800 device

Queclink build 3840 Released: 2020-01-17
- added DataToTheBackendServer, DataToTheBackendServerASCII for GV800 device
- keep the connection with device when invalid TimeStamp is received and log in ErrorLogs files

Queclink build 3832 Released: 2020-01-15
- improve parsing of DataToTheBackendServer input from GTDTT message when contains end/delimiter patterns or any hex values,
- added 1WireData_TemperatureSensor_{1..4}, 1WireData_Humidity_{1..4} for GV200 device

Queclink build 3788 Released: 2020-01-07
- fix parsing of DataToTheBackendServer value when it contains comma (,)
- position is marked invalid if there is a HDOP value and equal with 0 for GV75 and GMT200 devices

Queclink build 3773 Released: 2019-12-20
- position is marked invalid if the device sends HDOP = 0 for GV300W device

Queclink build 3728 Released: 2019-12-13
- more robust sentence validation/creation

Queclink build 3683 Released: 2019-12-12
- Renamed SensorLogic to Queclink!
- added VirtualIgnitionOn, DurationIgnitionOn for GV500 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3673 Released: 2019-11-28
- fix Ignition parsing by GTINF message for GV350MA device
- parse GTERI message for GV600W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3609 Released: 2019-11-13
- fix parsing of GTFRI message for GL300A device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3583 Released: 2019-11-01
- added CAN_TotalDistance, CAN_EngineRPM, CAN_EngineTemperature, CAN_FuelLevel, CAN_AdBlueLevel for GV200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3556 Released: 2019-10-28
- fix DateTime parsing in GTPHL

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3541 Released: 2019-10-24
- added support for GTRFM messages
- added 'DataToTheBackendServerASCII' for GV200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3516 Released: 2019-10-17
- added support for GL50B device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3450 Released: 2019-10-01
- parsing ExternalPowerVoltage signal (GTEPS message) for GV300, GMT200, GMT200N devices
- added 'GTDAT' message field for all devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3424 Released: 2019-09-23
- added 'ExternalPowerVoltage' for GV75 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3410 Released: 2019-09-18
- fix type mismatch error
- fix parsing of GTBAT messages for GV500MA device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3400 Released: 2019-09-13
- do not disconnect the device when Saving Picture Data throws any InvalidOperationException (only log and display in terminal window)

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3397 Released: 2019-09-12
- fix handling of 'HDOP Valid Threshold' value

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3381 Released: 2019-09-06
- ignore picture packets with empty name
- added support of RF433 sensors for GV300/GV300N devices
- added 'HDOP Valid Threshold' metafield, default 0 (off), which makes the position valid is HDOP value is below or equal to this number

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3360 Released: 2019-08-30
- added ProtocolDeviceType, ProtocolMajorVersion, ProtocolMinorVersion for all devices
- added BatteryPercent, MovementStatus, GpsAccuracy for GL500MA device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3304 Released: 2019-07-29
- keep the connection with device when it sends picture packages with 'Total Frames = 0' or 'Empty Picture Data'

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3280 Released: 2019-07-22
- added RF{1..16}_AccessoryAddress, RF{1..16}_AccessoryType, RF{1..16}_AccessoryData for GV800 device
- added AnalogInputAlarm and AnalogInputVCC (from message GTMAI) for GV200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3256 Released: 2019-07-18
- Add a GeolocationPosition variable when the position is resolved for a Geolocation Provider

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.3185 Released: 2019-06-24
- enable Geolocation Resolve for all device types

SensorLogic v5.0.0.3172 Released: 2019-06-17
- fix parsing of 'Data to the Backend Server' message when it contains more than 20 fields

SensorLogic v5.0.0.3127 Released: 2019-05-28
- fix parsing of GTDAT messages when 'Data to the Backend Server' field contains End Pattern

SensorLogic v5.0.0.3125 Released: 2019-05-27
- fix FrontOutNumber and RearOutNumber values

SensorLogic v5.0.0.3101 Released: 2019-05-16
- added ReportTypeID, DoorMask, FrontDoorOpen, FrontInNumber, FrontOutNumber, RearDoorOpen, RearInNumber, RearOutNumber for GV200 device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2991 Released: 2019-04-18
- added support of 'TakePicture' command for GV350MA device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2945 Released: 2019-03-29
- added 'Trust Odometer In Fat Point' metafield for all devices, default false

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2935 Released: 2019-03-27
- added SatelliteCount, BatteryPercent, BatteryVoltage, SOS, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID for GL300W device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2922 Released: 2019-03-21
- fix parsing of double values
- fix EngineOn value

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2919 Released: 2019-03-18
- fix CAN_EngineTemperature value
- fix GTNMR and GTFRI reports for GL300W device (major version 82)

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2909 Released: 2019-03-13
- fix CAN_FuelLevel value for GV200 device
- added CANBUS_Device_State, CAN_AcceleratorPedalPressure, CAN_TotalEngineHours, CAN_TotalIdleFuelUsed, CAN_AxleWeight, CAN_TachographInfo, CAN_DetailedIndicators, CAN_Lights, CAN_Doors, CAN_TotalVehicleOverspeedTime, CAN_TotalEngineOverspeedTime for GV200 device.

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2902 Released: 2019-03-12
- fix CANBUS values int GTERI and GTCAN messages

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2883 Released: 2019-03-07
- added DigitalInput1..5 for GV800 device and Wave1Output for GV55W device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2862 Released: 2019-02-28
- fix OdometerAcc value for GV50 devices,

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2858 Released: 2019-02-27
- added HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshTurning for GV50 device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2854 Released: 2019-02-27
- added HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshTurning for GV350MA device
- added OdometerAcc for GV50 device
- added RSSI for GV50 device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2820 Released: 2019-02-14
- added support of GTLSA report type

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2814 Released: 2019-02-13
- added support for GL500MA

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2780 Released: 2019-02-05
- added support of GV600M device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2770 Released: 2019-01-30
- added GpsAccuracy for GV300, GV300N devices

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2757 Released: 2019-01-25
- do not send double ACK for HeartBeat messages

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2747 Released: 2019-01-23
- added support of CK300 device.
- fix FuelPercent, FuelVolume values (report GTERI) for GV300W device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2719 Released: 2019-01-17
- added support of GV800 device
- fix BatteryPercent, Ignition and Motion values (reports GTERI, GTFRI) for GV300, GV300N

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2656 Released: 2019-01-04
- SensorLogic: Added ExternalPowerVoltage, Ignition, PowerDisconnected, PowerOn, PowerOff, DigitalInput1, DigitalInput2,
DigitalInput3, DigitalInput4, DigitalOutput1, DigitalOutput2, DigitalOutput3, DigitalOutput4, DigitalOutput4 inputs to GV628W device,

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2656 Released: 2019-01-02
- added ICCID for GV200 device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2648 Released: 2018-12-21
- Added SOS input to GL300M device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2583 Released: 2018-12-10
- added support of ReportTypeID for GV200 device

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2538 Released: 2018-11-28
- Added ExternalPowerVoltage input to GMT200N new device type, added support for version of 42 of GTFRI message type

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2418 Released: 2018-11-15
- added support of Motion, ExternalPower, LedOn, LedOn, Temperature, Low Battery, Ignition for GL300M device
- SensorLogic: fix Ignition value from message GTIGL of GV350MA device
- SensorLogic: added support of Idling (GTIDN, GTIDF) for GV300 and GV300N devices

SensorLogic v5.0.0.2326 Released: 2018-10-18

- SensortLogic compatibility fixes for Crash >

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.2119 Released: 2018-09-14
- Added Temperature input to GL300W device
- Added 1WireDeviceID_3, 1WireType_3, 1WireData_3, 1WireData_Signed_3, 1WireDeviceID_4, 1WireType_4,1WireData_4, 1WireData_Signed_4 inputs to GV200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.2069 Released: 2018-09-03
- Added Motion input to GV300N, added support for parsing device status for version 06 of GTFRI message format

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.2054 Released: 2018-08-27
- support of GTGSV message for GL300W device
- fix type error for SoftwareVersion

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.2049 Released: 2018-08-24
- BatteryPercent added to GL520

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.2032 Released: 2018-08-20
- Removed dependency to GpsGate.Camera

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.2029 Released: 2018-08-17
- Fixed the case when picture name already exists for the device exception happening and
device keeps on resending the same data over and over, first time reject message, second time ACK back to the device and log error on the terminal

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.2020 Released: 2018-08-15
- Fixed type error for SoftwareVersion
- Compatible with Crash v5.0.0.2020

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.2006 Released: 2018-08-13
- Added SoftwareVersion input to GV200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1980 Released: 2018-08-06
- support of TakePicture command for GV300W and GV600W devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1968 Released: 2018-07-30
- support of GTERI message for GV300CAN device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1938 Released: 2018-07-17
- Added FuelPercent, FuelVolume, MotionState, ICCID, BER, LastFixUTCTime, Pin15Mode, TimeZoneOffset, DaylightSaving, BeforeCrash, AfterCrash, AccelerationX, AccelerationY, AccelerationZ, GpsSignalLost, ExitingParkingFence, SpeedingAlert, Idling inputs to GV300W device,
- Added support for new GV300CAN device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1916 Released: 2018-07-10
- Added new Device Type GV350MA

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1871 Released: 2018-06-27
- Fixed the error while trying to insert picture data

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1818 Released: 2018-06-13
- fix FuelLevel1 and FuelLevel2 values from GTERI message type of GV300W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1796 Released: 2018-06-11
- added FuelLevel1 and FuelLevel2 to GV300W

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1752 Released: 2018-06-05
- Fixed invalid date parsing

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1728 Released: 2018-05-31
- fix invalid TimeStamp exception in GTPNA message.

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1720 Released: 2018-05-29
- Added BatteryPercent, BatteryVoltage, RSSI, HDOP inputs to GL300M device, added support for version F5 of GTNMR and GTINF messages format,

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1684 Released: 2018-05-23
- Fix duplicated variables for GV300W

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1681 Released: 2018-05-22
- install GV300 message fields to GV300W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1650 Released: 2018-05-16
- Added DigitalInput9, DigitalInput10, DigitalInput11, DigitalInput12, DigitalOutput9, DigitalOutput10, DigitalOutput11, DigitalOutput12 inputs to GV300, GV300N, GV300W devices,
- Added DigitalInput1, DigitalInput2, DigitalInput3, DigitalOutput1, DigitalOutput2, DigitalOutput3 inputs to GV300W device,

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1625 Released: 2018-05-11
- Added Jamming input to GV300N device, added support for 4 1-Wire sensors for GV300, GV300N, GV300W devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1617 Released: 2018-05-10
- Fixed duplicated BatteryPercent inputs in GMT100 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1602 Released: 2018-05-07
- Added CellID, MNC, MCC, LAC, Motion inputs to GMT200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1599 Released: 2018-05-04
- Fixed parsing issue when timestamp is not present in the GTCRD message

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1592 Released: 2018-05-03
- Fixed parsing issue for GTCRD crash data message for GV75 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1589 Released: 2018-05-02
- Added PowerRemoved input for GMT200 device for GTEPS message
- ignore GTPNA messages which contains invalid TimeStamp (out of range)

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1583 Released: 2018-04-27
- Added OdometerAcc, BatteryPercent, Temperature, RelativeHumidity, AmbientLightSensorValue and DeviceRemovalLightLevel inputs to GL300A device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1504 Released: 2018-04-09
- Added crash data integration for GB100 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1487 Released: 2018-04-04
- Added new GL300A and GL300CAN device types

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1458 Released: 2018-03-19
- support for protocol version 40 (used by GL50X)

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1451 Released: 2018-03-16
- Added MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, BatteryPercent, BackupBatteryVoltage, ExternalPowerVoltage to GMT100

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1377 Released: 2018-03-02
- Added Ignition, Motion, ExternalPowerVoltage, BatteryPercent, CSQBER, SatelliteCount, PowerOn, PowerOff, PowerDisconnected, ExternalPower, Wave1OutputID, Wave1OutputActive inputs to GV50 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1318 Released: 2018-02-13
- fix GTERI 1Wire data parsing.

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1309 Released: 2018-02-09
- Add support of 1WireData for GV300N device (GTERI message type)

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1256 Released: 2018-01-31
- DigitalFuelSensor added to GV300W

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1199 Released: 2018-01-21
- Added AnalogInput to GV200
- Fixed 1-wire parsing error.

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1088 Released: 2017-12-21
- add support of 1WireData_TemperatureSensor signal for GV300 generation devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1059 Released: 2017-12-15
- added inputs PowerDisconnected, ExternalPower, VirtualIgnitionOn, TowAlert to GB100

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.1004 Released: 2017-12-08
- Fixed memory leak.

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.924 Released: 2017-11-27
- Fix OneWire parsing
- Add support of ExternalPowerVoltage signal for GV200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) v5.0.0.846 Released: 2017-11-17
- Added support for HDOP, CellID, Mileage, BatteryPercent, HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshTurning and HarshSpeedLevel signals for version 45 of GTFRI, GTTOW, GTHBM messages of GB100 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.728 Released: 2017-10-29
- Fixed Ignition for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.718 Released: 2017-10-27
- Default AssetProtection compatible device definitions added for GL300, GL500 and GMT200 devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.604 Released: 2017-10-12
- add OdometerAcc and CAN_TotalDistance to available Device Odometers for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.595 Released: 2017-10-12
- fix GeofenceAlert for GL300 and GL300N devices.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v5.0.0.557 Released: 2017-10-05
- fix GeofenceID and GeofenceAlert parsing for GMT200, GL300 devices.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5764 Released: 2017-08-16
- fix parsing of ExternalPowerVoltage (GTERI message) for GV300 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5706 Released: 2017-07-28
- Fixed parsing of CAN_TotalDistance value

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5640 Released: 2017-07-11
- Added camera support for GV200 device.
- Handle the case when position is invalid in GTPHL for picture data

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5619 Released: 2017-07-05
- Fixed parsing issue for GTINF message and GL3000W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5604 Released: 2017-07-03
- fix GTRTL message parsing for GL300W device.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5586 Released: 2017-06-28
- validation of GPS Position by HDOP for GL3000W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5556 Released: 2017-06-20
- Add support for MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, BatteryPercent, Temperature to GL3000W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5513 Released: 2017-06-15
- Support for GB100, GL3000W, GL520 and GV600W

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5251 Released: 2017-04-10
- DigitalInput9/A/B/C and DigitalOutput9/A/B/C added to GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5228 Released: 2017-04-04
- Fix: OneWire parsing for GTERI messages

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5195 Released: 2017-03-21
- Added support for GTPBA message

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5157 Released: 2017-03-07
- SensorLogic: Added support for
- version 2C of GTINF and GTPNL
- version 1A of GTPNL and GTPFL
- version 02 of GTPNL,

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5148 Released: 2017-03-03
* Added support for HDOP, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, CrashDetected, GprsConnected, HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshTurning, HarshSpeedLevel, OdometerAcc, Jamming signals for new GS100 device mapper,
* added support for version 37 of GTCRA, GTPDP, GTHBM, GTJDR, GTGPJ messages

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5136 Released: 2017-02-24
* Added 1WireDeviceID_2, 1WireType_2, 1WireData_2, 1WireData_Signed_2 inputs (secondary 1WireDevice) to GV65Plus device mapper

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5130 Released: 2017-02-20
* Added GeofenceID input to GL500 device
* Added GeofenceAlert to GL500 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5060 Released: 2017-01-31
* GV300N: Ignition updated from GTERI messages.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5060 Released: 2017-01-31
* GV300: Ignition updated from GTERI messages.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5047 Released: 2017-01-27
* Added support for BatteryPercent to version 02 of GTDOG

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.5040 Released: 2017-01-25
* Added Wave1OutputID and Wave1OutputActive inputs to GV55 device mapper, and added support to get values for them from the version 2F of GTDOS message
* Added HDOP input to GL300 device mapper
* Added support for version 30 of GTGSM and GTTEM messages for GL300 device
* Added EngineOn, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID signals to GV200 device mapper

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4944 Released: 2016-12-30
* Improved handing of GTERI for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4833 Released: 2016-11-21
* Support for GT301 device
* Added support of GTCRD for GV65Plus, GV75, GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4800 Released: 2016-11-14
* Added support for ExternalPowerVoltage and BatteryPercent signals of GV300 device for GTERI message
* Changed Wave1OutputActive variable to not insert last known value when not present from device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4783 Released: 2016-11-07
* Fix Ignition for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4775 Released: 2016-11-03
* GL300N: added GTINF message

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4762 Released: 2016-11-01
* GL300: Added Temperatur variable

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4750 Released: 2016-10-27
* Added Wave1OutputID and Wave1OutputActive status for version 27 of GTDOS

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4742 Released: 2016-10-25
* Fixed parsing error.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4740 Released: 2016-10-24
* Device Type setting to change default 60 seconds timeout for invalid position.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4649 Released: 2016-10-07
* Added support of GTHBD to GV500
* HDOP added to GL200
* UseFixTime added as DeviceType setting.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4647 Released: 2016-10-06
* SendTime used instead of GPS time for valid reports.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4537 Released: 2016-09-15
* Support of GTBPL message for GV500 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4522 Released: 2016-09-13
* GTMPxPriority only used when device has no valid RTC time.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4505 Released: 2016-09-07
* Fix CTCRD message

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4437 Released: 2016-08-18
* Support for Camera -

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4400 Released: 2016-08-05
* Fixed OBDII_Mileage for GV500 protocol 36xxxx

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4393 Released: 2016-08-04
* Support of GTRTL message for GL300VC device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4386 Released: 2016-08-02
* Added FuelPercent and FuelVolume inputs to GV300N (again)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4370 Released: 2016-07-26
* Added FuelPercent and FuelVolume inputs to GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4360 Released: 2016-07-22
* Added TowAlert input to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4275 Released: 2016-06-28
* Support for GTINF messages for GV300W device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4238 Released: 2016-06-20
* "GTMPx Priority" added as MetaField

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4231 Released: 2016-06-16
* Added ExternalPowerVoltage parameter for GV300
* Add PID_IntakeAirTemperature and GTCRD message(BeforeCrash, AfterCrash, AccelerationX, AccelerationY, AccelerationZ) support for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4213 Released: 2016-06-10
* Can now handle protocol error from GV65 Plus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4180 Released: 2016-05-31
* Fix for GV500 Ignition.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4163 Released: 2016-05-27
* Fix Ignition for GV65 Plus.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4140 Released: 2016-05-23
* Fixed BatteryPercent for Sky Patrol TT8850

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4122 Released: 2016-05-22
* Added HarshSpeedLevel to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4106 Released: 2016-05-16
* Added TowAlert variable for GMT100

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4093 Released: 2016-05-12
* GTINF message for GV65NPlus
* Add GV75 device support
* VIN now works for GTOBD GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.4082 Released: 2016-05-11
* LedOn and ExternalPower now keeps their value for GL200 and GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3952 Released: 2016-04-11
* Fix 1-Wire temperature variable for GTERI message type

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3935 Released: 2016-04-04
* Improved support for new GV500 using 36xxxx protocol.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3922 Released: 2016-03-30
* Fix Fuel sensor variable for GV200N/GV300N
* Support of GTSOS, GTRTL, GTPNA, GTFPA messages for GL300W (version 2C)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3910 Released: 2016-03-23
* Added Ignition variable for GTFRI/GTERI messages (version 38) of GV65Plus
* Added support of Temperature Sensor for GTERI message type, version 22 of GV65Plus/GV65NPlus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3902 Released: 2016-03-21
* Fix Temeprature Sensor for GTERI message
* Fix Ignition variable for GTFRI message type of GV300 device
* Added BatteryPercent variable for GTNMR/GTRTL/GTFRI/GTDIS message type of GL300/GL300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3847 Released: 2016-03-07
* Fix Odometer Acc variable for GV55 device, GTIGL message type

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3797 Released: 2016-02-18
* Fix parsing of GTBPL message (version 28)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3766 Released: 2016-02-10
* Fix Motion sensor for GTFRI message type

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3747 Released: 2016-02-05
* Fix Battery Percentage signal for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3717 Released: 2016-01-27
* Improved GTINF support

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3713 Released: 2016-01-26
* Improved GTBAT support for GV500N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3710 Released: 2016-01-25
* Improved GTOBD support for GV500N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3686 Released: 2016-01-18
* Add DigitalFuelSensor variable for GTERI message(version 25) for GV300N
* Add DigitalFuelSensor variable for GTERI message(version 35) for GV200(GV200N)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3681 Released: 2016-01-15
* Support of protocol version 35 for GTBPL, GTFRI, GTINF messages for GV200(GV200N)

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3678 Released: 2016-01-13
* GV200 now uses IO inputs in GTERI message.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3673 Released: 2016-01-08
* GV200 now uses IO inputs in GTFRI message.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3666 Released: 2016-01-05
* Add all CANBUS variables (Caiquen adapter) from GTDAT message for GV200 device

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3645 Released: 2015-12-21
* FIX: Binary paring issue.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3612 Released: 2015-12-11
* Fix Caiquen CANBUS variables from GTDAT short message for GV200 device
* Fix BatteryPercent variable from GTNMR and GTFRI messages for GL300/GL300W devices

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3606 Released: 2015-12-10
* CANBUS variables(Caiquen adapter) from GTDAT message for GV200 device
* Motion variable from GTFRI message for GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3594 Released: 2015-12-07
* Added Motion variable from GTFRI message for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3570 Released: 2015-11-30
* Fix Motion variable for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3541 Released: 2015-11-23
* Support for GTDOS version 25 for GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3467 Released: 2015-11-02
* Added TowAlert variable for GV300N
* Fix parsing of Fuel Level for GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3449 Released: 2015-10-28
* Support of device driver protocol version 25 for GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3379 Released: 2015-10-19
* Fix parsing of FuelLevel when sent as liters for GV65Plus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3351 Released: 2015-10-13
* Fix parsing of GTINF ExternalPowerVoltage and BackupBatteryVoltage for GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3339 Released: 2015-10-08
* Fix parsing of GTDTT DataToBackendServer for GV300
* Fix parsing of GTERI FuelVolume and FuelPercent for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3321 Released: 2015-10-02
* FuelPercent and FuelVolume added for GV200
* Fixed AnalogInput1-3 for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3307 Released: 2015-09-30
* Add GTDTT message support for GV300 and GV300N, added a new variable: DataToBackendServer
* Add support of GMT120 for GTNMR and GTFRI
* Fix GTINF for GV55N, added variables: ExternalPowerVoltage, BackupBatteryVoltage

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3283 Released: 2015-09-24
* GTFRI support added to GMT200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3235 Released: 2015-09-15
* Fixed parsing error for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3191 Released: 2015-09-04
* Fixed Ignition for GV55N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3183 Released: 2015-09-02
* Improved parser stability

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3161 Released: 2015-08-26
* OBDII_EngineRPM now works better for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3143 Released: 2015-08-20
* Fix parsing error when using binary format
* Added PowerOn/PowerOff signals when using binary format

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3142 Released: 2015-08-19
* Added support for INF reports in binary format
* Added support for server ACK when using binary format
* Fix connection pooling over UDP when using binary format
* Binary parsing stability improved
* Fix ACK of binary heartbeat messages
* Added Ignition, HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshTurning signals in binary format
* Added Analog inputs to GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3133 Released: 2015-08-17
* Various fixes when using binary format

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3130 Released: 2015-08-14
* Binary format support added
* Motion input works for GL300VC

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3124 Released: 2015-08-13
* GTFRI now works for GV300N

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3077 Released: 2015-08-03
* HourMeter added to GV200 and GV300
* GTFRI works better for GL300VC

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3054 Released: 2015-07-28
* Device type GL300VC added.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.3003 Released: 2015-07-12
* Jammer and Motion input added to GV300
* GTINF now works for GV300VC

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2948 Released: 2015-06-24
* Added CANBUS support to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2939 Released: 2015-06-19
* SOS and DigitalInput1 added for GMT200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2929 Released: 2015-06-15
* Added GTTOW support to GV300 and GMT200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2851 Released: 2015-05-29
* Added GTFRI support to GL300W

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2814 Released: 2015-05-25
* Added GTGSM and GTINF support to GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2791 Released: 2015-05-15
* Added 1-wire support for GV65 and GV65plus
* DigitalFuelSensor added to GV200
* BatteryPercent now works for GL300vc

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2783 Released: 2015-05-12
* More inputs added to GV65 and GV65plus
* Fixed parsing error for GL300VC

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2768 Released: 2015-05-06
* GTDAT added to GV200
* Fix OBDII parsing error

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2742 Released: 2015-05-01
* Charging input and +BUFF data working better for GT300
* OBDII_FuelConsumption input now working for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2728 Released: 2015-04-24
* Added Motion to GT300
* Added device type GV300N
* Added more OBDII inputs to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2714 Released: 2015-04-21
* PushButton should now work.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2691 Released: 2015-04-17
* Added inputs to GT300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2596 Released: 2015-03-27
* Added GTCAN support to GV65Plus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2581 Released: 2015-03-24
* Added Device Type GV65Plus

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2554 Released: 2015-03-19
* OdometerAcc added to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2541 Released: 2015-03-18
* GTFRI works better for GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2348 Released: 2015-02-05
* GTINF now works for GV100

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2260 Released: 2015-01-26
* GTINF now works for GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2158 Released: 2015-01-07
* Motion input works better for GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2105 Released: 2014-12-15
* Device Odometer works better for GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2088 Released: 2014-12-09
* 1WireData_Signed added.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2077 Released: 2014-12-04
* Improved parsing for SkyPatrol's version of GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2020 Released: 2014-11-17
* Added Harsh driving inputs to GV65Lite.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.2017 Released: 2014-11-14
* PowerOn / PowerOff inputs now works better.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1991 Released: 2014-11-07
* ExternalPowerVoltage added to GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1939 Released: 2014-10-31
* GTOBD works better for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1852 Released: 2014-10-09
* Fix GTFRI for GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1833 Released: 2014-10-06
* Fix 1WireDevice data parsing for GV300, GV320
* Added secondary 1WireDevice to GV300 and GV320

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1830 Released: 2014-10-03
* Fix parsing error of GTERI reports

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1754 Released: 2014-09-15
* Fix parsing error of GTERI reports
* Added GV300 signals "Wave1OutputID" and "Wave1OutputActive"

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1719 Released: 2014-09-04
* Jamming added to GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1625 Released: 2014-08-18
* IButton added to GV300 and GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1503 Released: 2014-07-29
* GMT200 and GV65 added.
* DigitalInput1 and DigitalInput2 added to GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1308 Released: 2014-07-01
* Jamming added to GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1249 Released: 2014-06-23
* MovementStatus fix

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1229 Released: 2014-06-20
* MovementStatus added to GL500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1225 Released: 2014-06-17
* Support GTDOG added to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1184 Released: 2014-06-04
* RxLevel added to GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1143 Released: 2014-05-30
* Added OdometerAcc to GMT100, GV300 and GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1138 Released: 2014-05-29
* Added GeoActive to GL300 and FuelLevelPercent to GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1103 Released: 2014-05-19
* More inputs added to GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1101 Released: 2014-05-19
* DigitalInput1 and PowerDisconnected added to GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1095 Released: 2014-05-15
* Added new inputs to GV65 device.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1062 Released: 2014-05-12
* RFID_Reverse added.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1043 Released: 2014-05-08
* 1WireDeviceID_2, 1WireData_2 and 1WireType_2 added to GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.1011 Released: 2014-05-02
* Added device type GV65Lite

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.977 Released: 2014-04-28
* Added DigitalFuelSensor to GV300 and GV320
* MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID added to GV300 and GV320

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.916 Released: 2014-04-15
* Added OBDII_Connect and OBDII_Disconnect to GV500
* ExternalPower works better for GV500
* Unknown harsh signal now considered to be barking
* Support for Garmin FMI

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.710 Released: 2014-03-21
* Improved handling of corrupt speed data from device.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.692 Released: 2014-03-19
* GTOBD works better.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.631 Released: 2014-03-13
* CellID, LAC, MNC, MCC, Ignition and Motion added to GL200 and GL300
* Multi-position reports works better.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.570 Released: 2014-03-03
* BatteryPercent and Temperature works better for GL500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.523 Released: 2014-02-24
* Device type GT500 added.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.521 Released: 2014-02-23
* BatteryPercent works better for GMT100

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.501 Released: 2014-02-20
* DigitalInput1 and OdometerAcc added to GL200. BatteryPercent works better for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.483 Released: 2014-02-14
* FIX: DigitalInput fixed for GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.403 Released: 2014-02-03
* FEATURE: FuelLevel added to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.378 Released: 2014-01-27
* FEATURE: BatteryPercent added to GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.373 Released: 2014-01-23
* FIX: Improvements for GL200, GV300, GV55, GV500 and GL500
* FEATURE: Added OdometerAcc to GV55 and AnalogInput to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.318 Released: 2014-01-19
* FIX: $GTOBD works better for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.224 Released: 2013-12-13
* FIX: $GTBAT now works for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.155 Released: 2013-12-02
* FEATURE: Possible to set time zone for device. Set under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types.
* FIX: Improved parsing for GL500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v4.0.0.131 Released: 2013-11-29
* FIX: Improved OBD data parsing.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5445 Released: 2013-11-13
* FIX: "BatteryPercent" works better for GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5443 Released: 2013-11-13
* FIX: Now correct time stamp for GTINF messages.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5398 Released: 2013-11-01
* BatteryPercent now works better for GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5376 Released: 2013-10-30
* Ignition now works better for GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5337 Released: 2013-10-24
* Ignition now works better for GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5322 Released: 2013-10-17
* Added device type GMT100

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5295 Released: 2013-10-14
* Added ExternalPowerVoltage to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5273 Released: 2013-10-10
* Improved GV500W

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5269 Released: 2013-10-09
* Improved GV500. Added GV500W and GV55LITE

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5218 Released: 2013-10-02
* Added device type GV500

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5153 Released: 2013-09-18
* Improved parsing of GTGEO data.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5118 Released: 2013-09-11
* GpsAntennaCut added to GV200 and GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5117 Released: 2013-09-11
* PowerDisconnected added to GV200
* ExternalGpsAntenna should now work. 0 - Antenna OK. 1 - Disconnected. 3 - Unknown state

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.5011 Released: 2013-08-14
* More signals added to GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4987 Released: 2013-08-06
* Connection pooling.
* Support for multi-position GTFRI reports.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4958 Released: 2013-07-22
* Added device type GL300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4950 Released: 2013-07-18
* More signals added to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4910 Released: 2013-06-27
* Bug in Ignition OFF for GV200 fixed.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4905 Released: 2013-06-26
* Added RFID support to GV200.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4882 Released: 2013-06-24
* Added HarshAcceleration and HarshBraking to GV200. Support for Eco Report

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4876 Released: 2013-06-21
* Added device type GV320

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4875 Released: 2013-06-20
* UDP messages are now ACK:ed.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4835 Released: 2013-06-13
* Added DigitalInput1, DigitalInput2 and DigitalInput3 to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4821 Released: 2013-06-07
* Added PowerDiconnected to GV300

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4805 Released: 2013-06-03
* FIX: Handles case when device sends up negative speed.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4600 Released: 2013-04-29
* FEATURE: New device type GV55

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4470 Released: 2013-04-02
* FEATURE: Signals 1WireData, 1WireType and 1WireDeviceID added to device type GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4308 Released: 2013-02-28
* FEATURE: Added device type GL500
* FEATURE: Added support for GTSTR and GTCTN reports.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.4204 Released: 2013-02-19
* FEATURE: Added GV200 device definition.
* FIX: Parsing issues for GV300, GL500, GL200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.1.0.3817 Released: 2012-10-29
* Uses BatteryPercent signal from GTFRI

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.1.3532 Released: 2012-08-07
* Added support for GTPOR

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3399 Released: 2012-04-30
* Added RSSI and BatteryPercent signals to GL200 (GTINF sentence).

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3334 Released: 2012-02-27
* Support for GV200

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3291 Released: 2012-01-24
* Improved handling of GTRTL

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3047 Released: 2011-09-14
* Now handles GTBPL and GTINF correctly.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.3029 Released: 2011-08-24
* Now handles GTBTC, GTEPF and GTEPN correctly.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2892 Released: 2011-05-20
* ExternalPower, Charging and LedON added for GL200. Improved support for BatteryVoltage.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2872 Released: 2011-05-07
* SOS for GL200 now works.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2870 Released: 2011-05-05
* Improved handling of reports sent after device reset, and before tracker has a fix.

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2862 Released: 2011-04-30
* Support for GL200 (should work now)
* UDP support

SensorLogic (Queclink) Plugin v3.0.0.2851 Released: 2011-04-23
* Support for GL200


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