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ChangeLog: Meitrack

Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:55 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Meitrack Plugin

More info:

Update under SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Release history

Meitrackv5.0.0.4479 Released: 2020-07-29
- parse temperature sensors data on Event Id 34
- added support for P88L device

Meitrack v5.0.0.4476 Released: 2020-07-28
- fix parsing invalid reports

Meitrack v5.0.0.4078 Released: 2020-04-01
- revert 'fix AFF message acknowledgement'
- added default mappings

Meitrack v5.0.0.4075 Released: 2020-03-31
fix AFF message acknowledgement

Meitrack v5.0.0.3833 Released: 2020-01-16
added GsmSignal, ExternalVoltage, BatteryVoltage, BatteryLevel, Mileage, TotalFuelConsumption, ClutchSwitchPressed, ParkingBrakeSwitchOn, CruiseControlSystemOn, AcceleratorPedalPosition, ActualEngineTorque, ActualEngineTorqueCurrentSpeed, EventCode, VehicleSpeedTachograph, VehicleSpeedWheel, AmbientAirTemperature, TotalEnginRrunTime, HighResolutionVehicleDistance, HighResolutionTotalFuelConsumption, AxleWeight, ServiceDistance, IgnitionOn/Off for TC68L device

Meitrack v5.0.0.3794 Released: 2020-01-08
- added TC68L device

Meitrack v5.0.0.3746 Released: 2019-12-17
added 'BatteryVoltage', 'ExternalVoltage', 'ExternalPower', 'SatelliteCount', 'GsmSignal' for T633L device

Meitrack v5.0.0.3639 Released: 2019-11-21
- ignore corrupt messages and keep the connection with device

Meitrack v5.0.0.3626 Released: 2019-11-15
- added 'BatteryVoltage', 'ExternalVoltage', 'ExternalPower', 'SatelliteCount', 'GsmSignal' for T633L device

Meitrack v5.0.0.3516 Released: 2019-10-17
- fix Input{1..5} values from report CCE

Meitrack v5.0.0.3450 Released: 2019-10-01
- added HarshBraking, HarshAcceleration, HarshCorneringLeft, HarshCorneringRight for T333 device
- added support for T633L device

Meitrack v5.0.0.3256 Released: 2019-07-18
- Add a GeolocationPosition variable when the position is resolved for a Geolocation Provider

Meitrack v5.0.0.3000 Released: 2019-04-25
- added TemperatureSensor8 and PassengerCounter (protocol A91) for T366G device

Meitrack v5.0.0.2979 Released: 2019-04-15
- enable 'Device Password Support' for all devices

Meitrack v5.0.0.2906 Released: 2019-03-13
- fix LockInfo_AlarmStatus value type

Meitrack v5.0.0.2880 Released: 2019-03-06
- added support of T366 device

Meitrack v5.0.0.2779 Released: 2019-02-04
- added support for K211G

Meitrack v5.0.0.2775 Released: 2019-02-01
- added support of Resolve Geolocation based on CellTower information

Meitrack v5.0.0.2441 Released: 2018-10-15
- added support of AD1/2/3, Input1/2/3/4/5, Out1/2/3/4/5 for T366G device
- added support of SatelliteCount, GsmSignal, OdometerAcc, EventID, RFID, FuelPercentage, BatteryVoltage, ExternalVoltage, LowBattery, ExternalPower, Tow, GpsAntennaCut, LowFuel, FuelTheft, HarshBraking, HarshAcceleration, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, HDOP, TemperatureSensor1-7 for T366G device
- Added MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID inputs to P99G device, removed HDOP and LowBattery inputs duplications from T366G device type, added TemperatureSensor1_Beta, TemperatureSensor2_Beta,TemperatureSensor3_Beta inputs to T366G device type

Meitrack v5.0.0.2265 Released: 2018-10-10
- show Error message in terminal when position could not be parsed
- added 'TemperatureSensor0_Beta' for T333 device

Meitrack v5.0.0.2204 Released: 2018-10-01
* add support of TemperatureSensor0_Beta with value parsed based on the Beta protocol documentation from 20.02.2017 for T366G device

Meitrack v5.0.0.2017 Released: 2018-08-16
* Support for Geo Location.

Meitrack v5.0.0.1926 Released: 2018-07-13
* Fixed parsing HDOP input for P99G device

Meitrack v5.0.0.1703 Released: 2018-05-25
* Added camera support for T333 device

Meitrack v5.0.0.1686 Released: 2018-05-23
* Support of _UpgradeMeitrackFirmware command for P99G and T1 devices.

Meitrack v5.0.0.1349 Released: 2018-02-23
* Added SatelliteCount input to CCE report to P99G device,

Meitrack v5.0.0.1295 Released: 2018-02-07
* Added SatelliteCount input to P99G device

Meitrack v5.0.0.1290 Released: 2018-02-06
* Added TemperatureSensor0 input to T333 and T366G

Meitrack v5.0.0.1132 Released: 2018-01-09
* Added DriverID to T333

Meitrack v5.0.0.918 Released: 2017-11-26
* Binary protocol now handles negative longitude and latitude.

Meitrack v5.0.0.901 Released: 2017-11-23
* Set savechangesonly=true for RFID signal for T333 device (again)

Meitrack v5.0.0.829 Released: 2017-11-15
* Set savechangesonly=true for RFID signal for T333 device

Meitrack v5.0.0.750 Released: 2017-11-01
* _UpgradeMeitrackFirmware command added to T333 and T355
* OTA command can now start / continue when the device reconnects.

Meitrack v5.0.0.614 Released: 2017-10-16
* Compatibility fixes to support future versions of GpsGate Server

Meitrack v5.0.0.600 Released: 2017-10-12
* fix _UpgradeMeitrackFirmware command

Meitrack v4.0.0.5894 Released: 2017-10-02
* add support for T366G device
* fix _UpgradeMeitrackFirmware command

Meitrack v4.0.0.5874 Released: 2017-09-27
* fix parsing of n-bytes data
* add support of EventID, GsmSignal, HDOP, BatteryVoltage, BatteryLevel for T622 device

Meitrack v4.0.0.5858 Released: 2017-09-22
* add support for GsmSignal, HDOP, BatteryVoltage, BatteryLevel, WiFi MAC 1-8, WIFi RSSI 1-8 to the P99G device

Meitrack v4.0.0.5843 Released: 2017-09-18
* fix outgoing commands format for binary protocol.
* added support of Event Codes for P99G device

Meitrack v4.0.0.5694 Released: 2017-07-27
* Disable ACK for CCE messages (P99G device).

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.5685 Released: 2017-07-26
* Parsing of multiple CCE packets (P99G device).

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.5682 Released: 2017-07-25
* Support for CCE report (P99G device)

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.5625 Released: 2017-07-07
* Support for P99G device.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.5144 Released: 2017-03-03
* add support of CustomizedData for T333 device
* add support for T622 device

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.5115 Released: 2017-02-15
* Fixed parsing issue.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.4975 Released: 2017-01-10
* Added support for FuelPercentage signal for T1, MVT600, MVT800 devices for AAA automatic event report where the event code is 35
* Added support for VT900 device

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.4925 Released: 2016-12-21
* Add support for T333 device

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.4563 Released: 2016-09-22
* Added support of OTA Firmaware Upgrade for MVT800 device

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.4464 Released: 2016-05-13
* TemperatureSensorX fixed for negative values.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.4102 Released: 2016-05-13
* BatteryLevel added to T355

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3896 Released: 2016-03-21
* Better timeout handling for _TakePicture command.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3766 Released: 2016-02-10
* Parsing fixes for T322

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3756 Released: 2016-02-08
* Improved parsing for Google Maps link SMS

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3677 Released: 2016-01-13
* Parse DTC values to hexadecimal

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3639 Released: 2015-12-18
* Added ExtraField variable for VT310

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3487 Released: 2015-11-06
* Added new DTCx subsystem codes

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3470 Released: 2015-11-03
* Support for T355 devices

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3289 Released: 2015-09-25
* Fixed FMS Gateway Diagnostics variables for MVT600

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3258 Released: 2015-09-22
* Additional FMS Gateway signals added for MVT600

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3129 Released: 2015-08-14
* Improvements when devices use UDP.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.3102 Released: 2015-08-10
* Stability improvement

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2882 Released: 2015-06-04
* Added Temp sensors to MVT800
* Added additional FMS Gateway OBD signals

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2860 Released: 2015-06-02
* BatteryLevel sho0uld now work for MT90

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2790 Released: 2015-06-02
* Added FMS Gateway (OBD adapter connected on serial port) support for MVT600

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2743 Released: 2015-05-01
* Added EventID, MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID to MT90

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2739 Released: 2015-04-29
* Improved camera stability

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2734 Released: 2015-04-28
* Improved camera support

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2669 Released: 2015-04-13
* RFID_keep added as input to T1 and MVT600

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2484 Released: 2015-03-05
* Improved camera stability

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2458 Released: 2015-02-26
* Take Picture will take a picture for all attached cameras.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2315 Released: 2015-02-02
* MVT600 and T1 now supports up to 8 TemperatureSensor inputs in the Device Mapper.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.2165 Released: 2015-01-07
* More inputs added to T322

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.1821 Released: 2014-11-21
* BatteryVoltage and BatteryLevel now works better for MT90

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.1821 Released: 2014-09-30
* Added ExternalPowerCut to VT300

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.1505 Released: 2014-07-30
* FIX: SOS works better when using SMS reports with Google links.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.1482 Released: 2014-07-25
* FIX: Camera fixes.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.1463 Released: 2014-07-23
- FIX: _TryGetAllPictures will skip file names that are not in required format (instead of getting stuck on those).

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.1424 Released: 2014-07-16
- Ignition added as input to MVT800

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.1163 Released: 2014-06-03
- TemperatureSensor inputs added to T1

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.1141 Released: 2014-05-30
- Outgoing commands can now handle binary data.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.981 Released: 2014-04-28
- TempMask added to MVT600. It is a binary mask that indicates if a TemperatureSensor is connected or not. bit0 is TemperartureSensor0, bit1 is TemperartureSensor1 etc. Useful for scripting.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.961 Released: 2014-04-24
- TemperatureSensor inputs added to MVT600

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.530 Released: 2014-02-24
- Device type Meitrack T322 added.

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.480 Released: 2014-02-14
- Camera support for T1

Meitrack Plugin v4.0.0.334 Released: 2014-02-06

New camera-related commands for Meitrack/Meiligao device (MVT600) :

- _TakeOnePicture command: take picture on device, acknowledge that it is taken, but don't download immediately. Can be used with events for use cases like "while condition is true, take pictures on interval" (e.g. every 2 min).

- _TryGetAllPictures command: used to obtain pictures taken with _TakeOnePicture. Actually acquires list of all pictures on device, then downloads all pictures that were not previously downloaded. Can take a very long time, but OK to abort - downloaded pictures are preserved.

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.5352 Released: 2013-10-27
* Added Input4, LowBattery, SOS, GsmSignal and GpsAntennaCut to MVT800

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.5312 Released: 2013-10-16
* Added device type MVT800

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.5230 Released: 2013-10-04
* Added Ignition to TC68

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.5110 Released: 2013-09-09
* Improved handling of corrupt data from older VT3xx devices.

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.5107 Released: 2013-09-05
* Improved handling of corrupt data from older VT3xx devices.

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.5068 Released: 2013-08-29
* MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID added to MVT100, MVT340, MVT380, MVT600, T1 and TC68. (Make sure you install VarPack2 to have GpsGate Variables to map to).

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.5026 Released: 2013-08-20
* FIX: _TakePicture can now be executed when device is not connected.

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.5008 Released: 2013-08-13
- More signals added to TC68
- Support for new Camera plugin

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.4961 Released: 2013-07-23
- BatteryLevel added to MT90. Can be used with Google Maps linked SMS.

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.4844 Released: 2013-06-16
- Improved parser for MVT devices.

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.4663 Released: 2013-05-10
- AD1/AD2/AD3 now gives correct value for MVT600 and T1

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.4467 Released: 2013-03-31
- Improved parser for RedView.

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.4405 Released: 2013-03-19
- Added device type TC68
- Add signal GsmSignal to T1

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.4306 Released: 2013-03-03
- Minor optimizations.

Meitrack Plugin v3.1.0.4038 Released: 2012-12-19
- ExternalVoltage added to MVT100/MVT340/MVT380/MVT600/T1, GpsAntennaCut added to T1

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.1.3667 Released: 2012-09-20
- Improved performance on large servers.

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.1.3599 Released: 2012-09-03
* OdometerAcc and GsmSignal added for VT310, RunTime added for MVT100

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.1.3517 Released: 2012-07-24
* OdometerAcc added to MVT100, MVT340, MVT600 and T1

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3492 Released: 2012-07-02
* Signal AD3 added to Meitrack MVT600

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3462 Released: 2012-06-13
* Improved logging in Terminal when GpsGate adds wrapping to outgoing commands.

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3455 Released: 2012-06-11
* BatteryVoltage added for MT80, MT90, MVT100, MVT340, MVT380, MVT600
* ExternalPower added for MVT100, MVT340, MVT380, MVT600

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3328 Released: 2012-02-21
* Device type Meitrack T1 added.

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3256 Released: 2012-01-07
* Signals added to MVT100. Input1, Input2, Out1, AD1

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3206 Released: 2011-12-12
* Device Type Meitrack MT90 added.

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3139 Released: 2011-11-16
* Improved parsing of "broken" VT310 data.

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3100 Released: 2011-10-24
* Support for AFF reports which requires ACK from server.

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3085 Released: 2011-10-11
* BatteryVoltage and GsmSignal added to Meitrack MVT380

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.3035 Released: 2011-09-02
* GPRS setup command will now set time zone to UTC

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.2913 Released: 2011-06-06
* SMS from VT310 with Google maps links can now be handled.

Meitrack Plugin v3.0.0.2854 Released: 2011-04-27
* "SatelliteCount" added to MVT trackers. Released: 2011-04-21
* Setup command now uses IP address rather than domain address.


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Re: ChangeLog: Meitrack

Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:51 pm

Meitrackv5.0.0.4479 Released: 2020-07-29

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