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ChangeLog: IntelliTrac (SysTech)

Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:57 pm

Patches and bug fixes for IntelliTrac Plugin (SysTech)

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.
How to connect:

IntelliTrac build 4155 Release 2020-04-29
- added default mappings

IntelliTrac build 3846 Release 2020-02-13
- Compatibility release.

IntelliTrac v5.0.0.3681 Released: 2019-11-29
- added ImpactDetection for 'CAREU U1 Lite Plus' device

IntelliTrac v5.0.0.2948 Released: 2019-04-02
- added support for 'SysTech CAREU EZ1'

IntelliTrac v5.0.0.2061 Released: 2018-08-28
- Added Output4 to CAREU U1 Plus

IntelliTrac v5.0.0.1951 Released: 2018-07-23
- Added Ignition, Input1, Input2, Output1, Output2, AnalogInput1, RFID, 1-Wire Temperature sensors and FuelLevel inputs to new CAREU UW1 and new IntelliTrac S1 devices

IntelliTrac v5.0.0.1021 Released: 2017-12-14
- Reduced memory usage.

IntelliTrac Plugin v5.0.0.781 Released: 2017-10-07
- Added device type CAREU P2

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.5251 Released: 2017-04-10
- Fix: Restarting a pooled connection could result in duplicated messages for SysTech devices

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.5211 Released: 2017-03-28
- Support for MSG message

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.4372 Released: 2016-07-29
* Fixed LAC parsing for binary protocol.

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.4033 Released: 2016-04-29
* Below zero 1-wire temp now supported for binary protocol.
* SensorXTemperature_Connected added which is true when the sensor is connected. (Useful for Device mapper Scripts).

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3865 Released: 2016-03-14
* BarCode and Text added to U1 Lite Plus.

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3780 Released: 2016-02-16
* Added PictureName to U1 Plus.

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3613 Released: 2015-12-14
* Fixed parsing error for file update report

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3606 Released: 2015-12-10
* Fixed parsing error for FTP download report

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3392 Released: 2015-10-21
* Fix parsing 1-Wire

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3379 Released: 2015-10-18
* Added 1-Wire temperature sensor support for U1Plus, U1Plus Lite and Ueco

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3378 Released: 2015-10-16
* Fixed OBDII_DTC_Count

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3307 Released: 2015-09-30
* Added OBDII_DTC_Count and OBDII_DTC_Code for UCAN3G

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3272 Released: 2015-09-23

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.3239 Released: 2015-09-16
* Added Device Type U1 Plus, U1 Lite plus and UeCo

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.2784 Released: 2015-05-12
* Improved handling of short Device IDs

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.1277 Released: 2014-06-26
* _PollPosition should now work for A1 (again)

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.1262 Released: 2014-06-25
* _PollPosition should now work for A1

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.1202 Released: 2014-06-11
* "City Drive" no longer default

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.1163 Released: 2014-06-03
* CellID inputs added to CAREU U1 Lite
* "City Drive" is set as default Track Filter for all device types.

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.1139 Released: 2014-05-29
* CellID corrected.

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.999 Released: 2014-04-29
* CellID now considers bit 6 + 7 in Extra data.

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.830 Released: 2014-04-04
* Added MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID to CAREU U1

IntelliTrac Plugin v4.0.0.593 Released: 2014-03-04
* Device types CAREU U3 and CAREU Ux added.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.5346 Released: 2013-10-25
* PowerVoltage + BatteryVoltage added to CAREU UCAN

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.5304 Released: 2013-10-15
* Harsh signals added to USmart

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.5148 Released: 2013-09-17
* HarshCornering added.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.5024 Released: 2013-08-19
* Text messages now uses last known position.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.5012 Released: 2013-08-14
* Added "Text" to CAREU U1 device mapper. Contains incoming text messages.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.4992 Released: 2013-08-07
* Added ExtraData_BatteryVoltage and ExtraData_PowerVoltage to CAREU U1 Lite

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.4981 Released: 2013-08-05
* Added ExtraData_BatteryVoltage and ExtraData_PowerVoltage to CAREU Usmart

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.4976 Released: 2013-07-29
* Added ExtraData_GsmSignalLevel to CAREU Usmart

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.4874 Released: 2013-06-20
* Improved handling of crash report 180, 181 and 182.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.4639 Released: 2013-05-07
* Added TCP pooling. Servers with many IntelliTrac devices connected over TCP will restart faster.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.4545 Released: 2013-04-17
* Added support for Nomadic GPRS + Iridium solution.
* Added HarshAcceleration and HarshBraking to U1, U1 Lite UCAN and A1.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.4462 Released: 2013-03-27
* FuelLevel added to U1

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.4280 Released: 2013-02-21
* Minor fixes.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.4088 Released: 2013-01-17
* RFID signal works better.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.3960 Released: 2012-12-05
* Added ExtraData_GsmSignalLevel to U1 Lite.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.1.0.3728 Released: 2012-10-04
* Improved handling of incoming SMS during Template Command execution.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.1.3716 Released: 2012-09-30
* Improved support for SAE J1979 signals.
* Support for AT$EXTRACFG signals.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.1.3607 Released: 2012-09-04
* Added CAN BUS SAE J1979 signals to CAREU U1 device type.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.1.3581 Released: 2012-08-28
* CAN bus signals added to IntelliTrac A1

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.1.3577 Released: 2012-08-27
* Added device types CAREU U1 Lite, CAREU USmart, CAREU UGo

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.1.3573 Released: 2012-08-25
* Added device type CAREU UCAN, including all ODBII signals.

The VarPack1 plugin can be useful to get ODBII GpsGate variables:

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.1.3525 Released: 2012-07-30
* Barcode added to A1 and U1

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3496 Released: 2012-07-03
* Improved work around for IntelliTrac protocol ID bug.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3491 Released: 2012-07-01
* Fixed mix up problem when two devices did share the same last 8 figures as ID.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3391 Released: 2012-04-25
* "MMSG" signal added for X1. Contains raw string value for any MMSG sent to server.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3364 Released: 2012-03-19
* FuelLevel signal added for A1

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3362 Released: 2012-03-19
* HDOP signal now works for A1

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3358 Released: 2012-03-18
* Engine and Motion signals now works for A1

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3307 Released: 2012-01-31
* More improvements of binary parser.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3301 Released: 2012-01-28
* Fixed binary parser.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3209 Released: 2011-12-13
* Improved Garmin PND integration.
* P1 BatteryVoltage signal.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3072 Released: 2011-10-01
* Added device types for "CAREU U1" and "IntelliTrac A1 Lite".

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.3045 Released: 2011-09-14
* "Device Setup" command fixed for A1.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.2854 Released: 2011-04-27
* Fixed handling of incoming MDT messages.

IntelliTrac Plugin v3.0.0.2817 Released: 2011-04-01
* Chat with MDT now works when chat initiated from server.


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Re: ChangeLog: IntelliTrac (SysTech)

Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:40 pm

IntelliTrac build 4155 Release 2020-04-29

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