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ChangeLog: Terminal

Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:19 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Terminal Plugin

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Terminal build 4093 Released: 2020-04-16
- Compatibility release.

Terminal build 3841 Released: 2020-02-13
Compatibility release.

Terminal build 3775 Released: 2020-01-16
- Display REST Login/logout Activity

Terminal build 3664 Released: 2019-12-12
Compatibility release

Terminal build 3597 Released: 2019-11-14
Compatibility release.

Terminal build 3512 Released: 2019-10-17
- Removed Login entries from User Action. Please use Activity instead.

Terminal build 3394 Released: 2019-09-19
- Fix for long blocking queries into User actions

Terminal build 3052 Released: 2019-05-16
- Fix removing users with a large number of User Actions registered

Terminal build 2851 Released: 2019-03-14
- Compatibility release.

Terminal build 2640 Released: 2019-01-17

- Fixed aborting commands from Terminal in Vehicle Tracker

Terminal v5.0.0.2460 Released: 2018-11-15

Uses service RPC commands for better performance and stability.

Terminal v5.0.0.1915 Released: 2018-07-19

- Faster creating new applications.

Terminal v5.0.0.1605 Released: 2018-05-17

- Added a "Force logout" button in SiteAdmin SystemTools tab -> Activity table. Select user activities that you want to force logout. This will close the session and log out the selected user from the related application.

Terminal v5.0.0.1146 Released: 2018-01-15
- Fix: Display Terminal first in site admin -> System Tool

Terminal v4.0.0.5868 Released: 2017-09-27
- Fix: Terminal buttons could send same command multiple times.

Terminal v4.0.0.5829 Released: 2017-09-14
- Fix: drop down-menu in the case of multiple devices

Terminal v4.0.0.5148 Released: 2017-03-28
- Added profiling for SOAP services

Terminal v4.0.0.4913 Released: 2017-01-11
- Performance improvements

Terminal v4.0.0.4528 Released: 2016-09-14
- Fixed upgrade to solve upgrade problem happens on some setups.

Terminal v4.0.0.4425 Released: 2016-09-13
- Clean up old files which in some rare case could break the functionality of the Terminal plugin

Terminal v4.0.0.4018 Released: 2016-05-23
- Improved performance in UserActions

Terminal v4.0.0.3915 Released: 2016-04-25
* Cleanup plugin can now cleanup UserActions

Terminal v4.0.0.3812 Released: 2016-03-21
* Fix UserAction could sometimes be duplicated
* Fix performance problems related to UserAction and modifications of Event Rules and Roles

Terminal v4.0.0.3690 Released: 2016-02-08
* UserActions for Role Management added
* Fix browsing User Actions in vehicle tracker

Terminal v4.0.0.3464 Released: 2015-11-17
* Added Route Geofence changes to User Action
* Added Device Mapper changes to User Actions
* Fix case where data from multiple devices could be present in same Terminal window

Terminal v4.0.0.3326 Released: 2015-10-07
* Incoming device data is displayed in real-time
* Added "Site Admin -> System Tools -> Queue Errors" that will allow sending email in case of listed commands failed.
* Name of user is appended to Terminal window title.

Terminal v4.0.0.2862 Released: 2015-07-13
* FIX: Increased command textbox length

Terminal v4.0.0.2378 Released: 2015-03-03
* FIX: Added "Provider Name" in SMS view

Terminal: v4.0.0.2219 Released: 2015-02-09
* FIX: Interface improvements for activity browser

Terminal v4.0.0.2079 Released: 2014-12-10
* FEATURE: Export QueueViewer as CSV

* FIX: Can now search by device name in Queue Viewer
* FIX: Translation support for User Action form

Terminal v4.0.0.1651 Released: 2014-09-16
FIX: Activity log "exclude own ip" option
FEATURE: Activity log CSV export

Terminal v4.0.0.1462 Released: 2014-08-12
* FEATURE: Log in time, origin and application type for web users under SiteAdmin -> System Tools -> Activity

Terminal v4.0.0.1279 Released: 2014-06-26
* FIX: First message is now logged in file mode.

Terminal v4.0.0.604 Released: 2014-03-19
* FEATURE: Can now be docked to be a Panel in Workspace.

Terminal v3.1.0.5431 Released: 2013-11-10
* FEATURE: Terminal data can now be logged to file.

Terminal v3.1.0.4829 Released: 2013-06-11
* FIX: Improved Profiler performance.

Terminal v3.1.0.4513 Released: 2013-04-10
* FEATURE: SiteAdmin -> System Tools -> Profiler. Shows performance and error information for server.

Terminal v3.1.0.4171 Released: 2013-02-06
* FEATURE: Terminal data is color coded to make it easier to read.
* FEATURE: Search for device type in Terminal.
* FEATURE: Abort individual commands in Queue Viewer.
* FEATURE: Terminal search result displays Name. And option to see full result on one page.

Terminal v3.1.0.3937 Released: 2012-11-30
* Users are now listed in alphabetical order in User Action drop down.

Terminal v3.1.0.3840 Released: 2012-11-05
* Terminal always use SiteAdmin time (not browser time).
* UserAction is now faster on large servers.
* Terminal window in VT can be re-sized.
* Queue Viewer shows Session User a command is executed under.

Terminal v3.0.0.3561 Released: 2012-09-20
* The Terminal will now never fail with "waiting for a free connection". Even on a server with 100% load.

Terminal v3.0.0.3363 Released: 2012-03-08
* Added User Actions for Plugin management

Terminal v3.0.0.3291 Released: 2012-02-01
* Fixed issue with Terminal in SiteAdmin introduced in v3.0.0.3289

Terminal v3.0.0.3289 Released: 2012-01-31
* User Actions. More info Released: 2011-03-14
* Terminal now has a view into "Scheduled Tasks", here you can see stuff like next time report processing is done, or Event Rules scheduled to detect off line condition and many more things handled by the Schduler.
* Nicer layout.

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Re: ChangeLog: Terminal

Thu Apr 16, 2020 2:45 pm

Terminal build 4093 Released: 2020-04-16

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