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ChangeLog: Teltonika

Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:23 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Teltonika Plugin

More info on how to connect Teltonika trackers to GpsGate Server here.

Install upgrades under SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Teltonika v5.0.0.4412 Released: 2020-07-08
- added OriginalSMS for FMB640 device
- added support for FMC640 device
- do not add BeaconX_Major/Minor to every message when is not used

Teltonika v5.0.0.4306 Released: 2020-06-12
- added HDOP, PDOP for FMB640
- fix parsing of CAN300_TotalMileage for FMB120/140 devices
- added CAN300_TotalMileage to OdometerAcc list for FMB120/140 devices

Teltonika v5.0.0.4285 Released: 2020-06-09
- added CCID_Part1/2/3 for FMB630 device.

Teltonika v5.0.0.4268 Released: 2020-06-03
- added ExtendedAnalogInput1/2 for TFT100 device
- added support for FMU125 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.4263 Released: 2020-06-01
- fix parsing of CCID_Part{1..3} for FMB640
- added support for FMB002, FMB003, FMB020 devices

Teltonika v5.0.0.4227 Released: 2020-05-25
- fix AnalogInput1/2 values for TFT100 device
- added DigitalInput1/2/3 for TFT100 device
- added CAN300_EngineTemperature, CAN300_ControlStateFlags, CAN_SecurityStateFlags for FMB125 device
- added Alarm, ManDown for GH5200 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.4218 Released: 2020-05-19
- added CAN{10..69}, CAN{10..69}_HEX for FMB640 device
- added 'GroundSense' for FMB120 / FMB140 devices

Teltonika v5.0.0.4193 Released: 2020-05-11
- added support for FMC130 device
- added support of 1Wire for FM5300 device
- added GroundSense, BLE_Sensor{1..4}_Raw for FMB125 device
- added CCID_Part{1..3} for FMB640 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.4123 Released: 2020-04-17
- added support for TFT100 device
- added BLE_Sensor{1..4}_Raw for FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.4108 Released: 2020-04-14
added Beacon inputs for FMB001 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.4103 Released: 2020-04-09
added BLE_Temperature{1..4} for FM3001 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.4026 Released: 2020-03-16
- extend Beacon list up to 40 sensors for FMB120

Teltonika v5.0.0.4024 Released: 2020-03-13
- extend Beacon list up to 40 sensors for FMB920

Teltonika v5.0.0.4018 Released: 2020-03-11
- set save_changes_only to false for Beacon_Major and Beacon_Minor inputs

Teltonika v5.0.0.4010 Released: 2020-03-10
- added BarcodeID for FMB920 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3985 Released: 2020-03-03
- crash trace data is parsed using Two Complement algorithm

Teltonika v5.0.0.3961 Released: 2020-02-26
- added BLE_Sensor{1..4}_Raw for FMB920 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3950 Released: 2020-02-24
- fix Beacon data parsing

Teltonika v5.0.0.3939 Released: 2020-02-22
- fix crash data parsing

Teltonika v5.0.0.3930 Released: 2020-02-18
- added IButton_ForDriverID, RFID_ForDriverID, RFID_ForDriverID_COM1, RFID_ForDriverID_COM2 for Teltonika devices.

Teltonika v5.0.0.3929 Released: 2020-02-18
- fixed processing of Crash Trace Data

Teltonika v5.0.0.3922 Released: 2020-02-14
- added support for processing Crash Trace Data

Teltonika v5.0.0.3918 Released: 2020-02-13
- setting CrashDetection input value according to new protocol documentation

Teltonika v5.0.0.3914 Released: 2020-02-12
- enable CrashDetection for FMB125 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3895 Released: 2020-02-06
- added support for FMB140 device
- added Kimax inputs for FMB125 device
- added Beacon_Data for FMB122 device
- added CrashDetectionDetails for FMB125 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3864 Released: 2020-01-24
- fix Type mismatch error

Teltonika v5.0.0.3841 Released: 2020-01-17
- added SensorTemp1..6 (1-Wire) for FMB640 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3786 Released: 2020-01-07
- added CAN200_DoorStatus for FMB125 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3746 Released: 2019-12-17
- added BatteryVoltage (ID = 67) for FMA120 device
- KeepAlive the connection when receiving 0xFF from the device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3691 Released: 2019-12-04
- change Beacon_ID value to hex format

Teltonika v5.0.0.3690 Released: 2019-12-03
- fix type mismatch error

Teltonika v5.0.0.3683 Released: 2019-12-02
- fix Codec8 Extended data parsing

Teltonika v5.0.0.3675 Released: 2019-11-28
- fix parsing of Beacon data when there is no data for this input

Teltonika v5.0.0.3660 Released: 2019-11-26
- added support for GH5200 device
- added Beacon_Type, Beacon_ID, Beacon_SignalStrength, Beacon_BatteryVoltage, Beacon_Temperature for FMB120/FMB122 devices

Teltonika v5.0.0.3645 Released: 2019-11-22
- do not overwrite Ignition value if already exists

Teltonika v5.0.0.3641 Released: 2019-11-21
- delete all default mappings which have different data types

Teltonika v5.0.0.3626 Released: 2019-11-15
- 'CAN300_SecurityStateFlags_HEX' added that contains HEX string value.

Teltonika v5.0.0.3608 Released: 2019-11-12
- fix parsing of 'CAN300_SecurityStateFlags' value

Teltonika v5.0.0.3594 Released: 2019-11-06
- fix Harsh signals default mappings

Teltonika v5.0.0.3556 Released: 2019-10-28
- adding green driving events (Harsh) for FMB202

Teltonika v5.0.0.3545 Released: 2019-10-25
- added FMB202 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3520 Released: 2019-10-20
- fix 'AnalogInput2' value for FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3516 Released: 2019-10-17
- added JammingDetection for FM6300 device
- added ContinuousOdometer (ID 99) for FM3612 device
- added default mappings for Teltonika
- added RFID_COM1, RFID_COM2 for FMB630 device
- added OriginalSMS for TMT250 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3457 Released: 2019-10-02
- added 'VirtualOdometer' to OdometerDelta Signals list for FMB630 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3400 Released: 2019-09-13
- added TotalOdometer for FM3612 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3393 Released: 2019-09-10
- added 'Make the position always valid' metafield for RUT955 device
- added CrashDetection for FM3612 device
- added 'DigitalInput1' for FMB001 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3383 Released: 2019-09-06
- added 'Ignition' for all Teltonka devices
- added 'VirtualOdometer' to OdometerAccSignals list

Teltonika v5.0.0.3341 Released: 2019-08-22
added more inputs for FMB640 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3335 Released: 2019-08-16
added LinkModeString for FMA120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3328 Released: 2019-08-09
added BatteryLevel for FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3314 Released: 2019-08-01
added IButton, IButton_Reverse, IButton_Connected for FM36M1 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3303 Released: 2019-07-26
for RUT955 device the position is valid if Speed is not zero

Teltonika v5.0.0.3294 Released: 2019-07-25
added SatelliteCount and JammingDetection for FMB640 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3248 Released: 2019-07-16
- added DigitalInput1{2}, DigitalOutput1{2}, IButton, Immobilizer, UnplugDetection, Movement, CrashDetection for FMB110 device
- added CAN300_EngineRPM, CAN300_EngineTemperature for FM36M1 device
- added RFID_COM1{2} for FMB640 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3240 Released: 2019-07-11
- added FuelLevelMeter1 (ID 201) for FMB640 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3162 Released: 2019-06-13
- added CodeVer for FM1100 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3038 Released: 2019-04-30
- added LVCAN (VehicleSpeed, AccPedalPosition, TotalFuelUsed, FuelLevel, EngineRPM, VehicleDistance, FuelLevelPerCent), CrashDetection, AxisX/Y/Z fo FMB125 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.3000 Released: 2019-04-25
- added SatelliteCount, DigitalInput1/2, AnalogInput1, GsmSignalStrength for RUT955 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2982 Released: 2019-04-16
- added VirtualOdometer, TotalOdometer, CAN200 (VehicleSpeed, FuelLevel, FuelLevelPerCent, TotalFuelUsed, VehicleDistance, EngineRPM, EngineTemperature) for FMB640 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2951 Released: 2019-04-03
- added ExternalVoltage for FMB640 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2945 Released: 2019-03-29
- added TotalOdometer for FMB001 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2915 Released: 2019-03-14
- added 'Control State Flags', 'Agricultural Machinery Flags', 'Security State Flags', 'Tachograph driver card presence', 'Driver 1/2 states' for FM36M1 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2906 Released: 2019-03-13
- added DigitalInput1..4, DigitalOutput1..4, AnalogInput1..3, IButton, FuelLevel1, UL202_Status1/2, UL202_FuelLevel1/2 for FMB640

Teltonika v5.0.0.2884 Released: 2019-03-07
- added support CrashDetection and SatelliteCount for FMB001 device
- added SatelliteCount for FMT-100 and TMT-250 devices
- added CAN200_VehicleDistance, FMS112_TotalDistance, FMS113_ServiceDistance, Tachograph_Odometer to OdometerAccSignals list for FMB630 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2851 Released: 2019-02-27
- fix TemperatureSensor1..6 values (-55..+115)

Teltonika v5.0.0.2824 Released: 2019-02-15
- added AutoGeofenceExit, AutoGeofenceEnter, JammingDetection, OverSpeeding for FMB120 device
- added ExternalVoltage, OBD_EngineLoad, OBD_EngineCoolantTemperature, OBD_EngineRPM, OBD_IntakeAirTemperature, OBD_EngineOilTemperature, OBD_EngineFuelRate, OBD_ThrottlePosition, OBD_FuelLevel for FMB001 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2788 Released: 2019-02-06
- added PulseCounterDin1 and PulseCounterDin2 for FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2779 Released: 2019-02-04
- added Ignition for FMB010 device
- fix 1-Wire sensor value when error code 850 is received

Teltonika v5.0.0.2747 Released: 2019-01-23
- added support of Codec 8 Extended protocol

Teltonika v5.0.0.2679 Released: 2019-01-08
- Added PassengerSeatBelt and DriverSeatBelt inputs to FMB630 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2667 Released: 2019-01-04
- Added CAN200_VehicleDistance to OdometerAcc for FM1120
- Added DTC_Count, OBD_EngineLoad, OBD_EngineCoolantTemperature, OBD_EngineRPM, OBD_VehicleSpeed,
OBD_IntakeAirTemperature, OBD_MAFAirFlowRate, OBD_ThrottlePosition, OBD_RunTimeSinceEngineStart, OBD_MIL_Distance,
OBD_DirectFuelRailPressure, OBD_CommandedEGR, OBD_EGRError, OBD_CodeClearDistance, OBD_BarometricPressure, OBD_ControlModuleVoltage,
OBD_EngineOilTemperature inputs to FMB010 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2659 Released: 2019-01-03
- add CAN2_{0..9}, CAN2_{0..9}_HEX for FMB640 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2649 Released: 2018-12-21
- Fixed performance issue in Crash

Teltonika v5.0.0.2644 Released: 2018-12-21
- added support of FMB640 device.

Teltonika v5.0.0.2592 Released: 2018-12-11
- added HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshCornering for FMB001 device
- added BLE sensors for FMB920 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2571 Released: 2018-12-06
- support of CAN(0-9)_HEX variables (Property IDs 145 - 154) when Data Length is 1, 2 or 4.
- Added SatelliteCount input to FM3612 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2564 Released: 2018-12-03
- Fixed 1-wire temperature values, added SensorTemp4 to FMB120 device
- Added CurrentProfile input to FMB630 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2517 Released: 2018-11-23
- Added CAN0_HEX to CAN9_HEX inputs to FMB630

Teltonika v5.0.0.2485 Released: 2018-11-15
- Fixed CAN300_ModuleID, added CAN300_EngineWorkTimeCounted, CAN300_TotalMileage, CAN300_FuelConsumed,
CAN300_FuelRate, CAN300_AdBlueLevelPerCent, CAN300_AdBlueLevelLiters, CAN300_EngineLoad, CAN300_EngineTemperature,
CAN300_AxleLoad1, CAN300_AxleLoad2, CAN300_AxleLoad3 inputs to FM6320 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2457 Released: 2018-11-12
- Teltonika: Added CAN300_EngineTemperature and DTC_Count inputs to FMB630 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2393 Released: 2018-10-30
- added support of TotalOdometer (Property ID 216) for FM6300, FM6320 and FMB630 devices

Teltonika v5.0.0.2382 Released: 2018-10-26
- convert 1-Wire IDs from decimal to HEX

Teltonika v5.0.0.2374 Released: 2018-10-25
- Fixed TowingDetectionEnter and TowingDetectionExit inputs for FM6300 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2255 Released: 2018-10-09
- 1-Wire improvements: display error messages in terminal window when sensor value is outside the range (-50..+115) or is a sensor error (300)
- added FuelLevelMeter2 and FuelTemperature2 for FMB125 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2206 Released: 2018-10-01
- Added OdometerAcc, Ignition, CAN300_FuelLevelPerCent, ExternalVoltage, BatteryVoltage,HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshCornering, HarshAccelerationValue, HarshBrakingValue, HarshCorneringValue inputs to new FM36M1 devic

Teltonika v5.0.0.2148 Released: 2018-09-21
- Added CAN300_EngineWorkTimeCounted, CAN300_TotalMileage, CAN300_FuelConsumed, CAN300_BatteryTemperature, CAN300_BatteryLevel inputs to FMB630 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2143 Released: 2018-09-20
- Optimizations when devices sends up Crash data.

Teltonika v5.0.0.2141 Released: 2018-09-20
- Alarm is now set to false when released. Teltonika TMT250

Teltonika v5.0.0.2128 Released: 2018-09-17
- Added FM6300 device mapper with the same inputs as FM6320 and added also the input for Towing and Crash detection

Teltonika v5.0.0.2110 Released: 2018-09-11
- Added Ignition input to new FMB110 device type

Teltonika v5.0.0.2071 Released: 2018-09-03
- fix Codec13 parsing. Improved handling of Template command response from device.

Teltonika v5.0.0.2065 Released: 2018-08-30
- Improved Iridium parser

Teltonika v5.0.0.2045 Released: 2018-08-24
- Add support for Codec13, added RS232_Track1 - 4 and RS232_Track_Update inputs to FM6320 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.2020 Released: 2018-08-15
- Compatible with Crash v5.0.0.2020

Teltonika v5.0.0.1933 Released: 2018-08-14
- Added CAN200_DoorStatus input to FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.1933 Released: 2018-07-17
- Added UnplugDetection input to FMB001, FMB100, FMB120, FMB122, FMB125, FMB630 devices,
- Added BLE_Temperature1, BLE_Temperature2, BLE_Temperature3, BLE_Temperature4,
BLE_BatteryVoltagePercent1, BLE_BatteryVoltagePercent2, BLE_BatteryVoltagePercent3, BLE_BatteryVoltagePercent4,
BLE_Humidity1, BLE_Humidity2, BLE_Humidity3, BLE_Humidity4 inputs to FMB120 and FMB125 devices,

Teltonika v5.0.0.1926 Released: 2018-07-13
- Support for TMT250

Teltonika v5.0.0.1912 Released: 2018-07-09
- Fixed DigitalOutput3 and DigitalOutput4 inputs for FM6320 device
- Fixed default mapping of Ignition fails for FMB120 and FMB630 devices,

Teltonika v5.0.0.1895 Released: 2018-07-02
- Fixed HarshAccelerationValue, HarshBrakingValue, HarshCorneringValue for FM5300
- Added OverSpeeding to FM5300
- Fixed HarshAccelerationValue, HarshBrakingValue, HarshCorneringValue for FMB630
- Added Ignition, OverSpeeding, JammingDetection, TowingDetectionExit, TowingDetectionEnter to FMB630

Teltonika v5.0.0.1837 Released: 2018-06-16
- support for FMT100

Teltonika v5.0.0.1820 Released: 2018-06-14
- support of SDStatus (Property ID 144) for FM6320 and FMB630 devices
- "Allow to replace OneWire Sensor ID" meta field for all devices, which allows to replace an unused OneWire Sensor ID automatically

Teltonika v5.0.0.1680 Released: 2018-05-22
- set Ignition value from "Property ID 1" for all devices, but it will be overwritten by "Property ID 239" value if the the device sends it

Teltonika v5.0.0.1662 Released: 2018-05-18
- Added LinkModeString input to FM6320 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.1582 Released: 2018-05-03
- Add Ignition for FMA204 and a device mapper for FMB122

Teltonika v5.0.0.1582 Released: 2018-04-27
- Ignition value for FM3001, FMB001, FMB120, FMB920, FMB125, FM1120, FM1125, FM3622 devices is set from "Property ID 239" instead of "Property ID 1".
- Ignition value for FM1200, FM1202, FM3612 devices is set from "Property ID 1", but it will be overridden with the value from "Property ID 239" if the device sends it. DI-76, DI-77.
- support of NetworkType for FM3620, FM6320, FMB630 devices

Teltonika v5.0.0.1532 Released: 2018-04-16
- add DigitalInput1 for FMB920 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.1516 Released: 2018-04-11
- LinkModeString added to FMB630

Teltonika v5.0.0.1475 Released: 2018-03-29
- Fix HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshCornering values in Codec16

Teltonika v5.0.0.1468 Released: 2018-03-27
- K-line data IDs for FMB630 and FM6320 devices
- Fix FM3612 device type

Teltonika v5.0.0.1423 Released: 2018-03-13
- Added support for FM3612

Teltonika v5.0.0.1393 Released: 2018-03-07
- Added support for FM3001

Teltonika v5.0.0.1326 Released: 2018-02-15

- Fixed parsing issue related to CAN300_TotalMileage input for FM1100, FM3622, FMA120, FMB120 devices, added CAN300_TotalMileageCounted
and CAN300_VehicleDistance inputs to FM1100, FM3622, FMA120, FMB120 devices,

- Added BatteryCurrent input to FMB630 device

- Added DigitalInput1, GsmSignalStrength, VirtualOdometer, Speedometer, ExternalVoltage, BatteryVoltage, BatteryCurrent,
Movement, PDOP, HDOP, SatelliteCount, CellID, LAC, MCC, MNC, OperatorCode, Trip, HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking, HarshCornering,
HarshAccelerationValue, HarshBrakingValue, HarshCorneringValue, CrashDetection and UnplugDetection inputs to FMB010 device,
added support for Odometer to FMB010 (OdometerDeltaSignal with VirtualOdometer input),

Teltonika v5.0.0.1309 Released: 2018-02-09
- Added support for Crash detection over UDP
- Added AnalogInput1, CAN200_EngineRPM, CAN200_FuelLevel, CAN200_TotalFuelUsed, CAN200_VehicleDistance, CAN_200 ACCPedalPosition to Teltonika FMA110

Teltonika v5.0.0.1283 Released: 2018-02-05
- Added OBD_EngineLoad, OBD_EngineCoolantTemperature, OBD_EngineRPM, OBD_VehicleSpeed, OBD_ThrottlePosition, OBD_RunTimeSinceEngineStart, OBD_MIL_Distance, OBD_FuelLevel, OBD_CodeClearDistance, OBD_AbsoluteLoadvalue, AmbientAirTemperature, OBD_RunTimeMilOn, OBD_RunTimeSinceCodeClear, OBD_EngineFuelRate inputs
to FMB920 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.1250 Released: 2018-01-30
- Added FuelCounter to FMB630

Teltonika v5.0.0.1222 Released: 2018-01-26
- add CrashDetection support to FMB630
- add AnalogInput3 support to FMB630

Teltonika v5.0.0.1179 Released: 2018-01-17
- display more detailed error message when login package is missing

Teltonika v5.0.0.1156 Released: 2018-01-12
- add support of AnalogInput2, CellID, LAC, MCC, MNC for FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.1138 Released: 2018-01-09
- added PDOP, HDOP, DigitalOutput1, DigitalOutput2 inputs to FMB120 device
- added support for NetworkType to FM3622 device,

Teltonika v5.0.0.1078 Released: 2017-12-20
- add support for FMA204 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.1058 Released: 2017-12-15
- Camera function improved.
- fixed UDP protocol. Issue introduced in v5.0.0.1051

Teltonika v5.0.0.1051 Released: 2017-12-14
- fix Default Mapper for FMB120 device.
- add support for TSM232 device.
- add support for FMA110 device.
- add support of IButton parsing from Codec16
- add support for FMB125 device,

Teltonika v5.0.0.1031 Released: 2017-12-14
- Support for Camera.
- Fixed parsing CAN200_VehicleSpeed, CAN200_AccPedalPosition, CAN200_TotalFuelUsed, CAN200_FuelLevel, CAN200_EngineRPM, CAN200_VehicleDistance, CAN200_FuelLevelPerCent signals for FMB630 and FM6320 devices,

Teltonika v5.0.0.1013 Released: 2017-12-08
- Added CAN200_VehicleDistance as Device Odometer for FM6320

Teltonika v5.0.0.974 Released: 2017-12-04
- Codec16 support for UDP messages.

Teltonika v5.0.0.939 Released: 2017-11-29
- Added Ignition and OperatorCode signals to FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.930 Released: 2017-11-28
- Fix Codec16 parse error

Teltonika v5.0.0.929 Released: 2017-11-27
- Add support for Codec16

Teltonika v5.0.0.919 Released: 2017-11-26
- CAN200 and CAN300 inputs added to FMB120

Teltonika v5.0.0.901 Released: 2017-11-23
- Added FMS79_BrakeSwitch, FMS80_WheelBasedSpeed, FMS81_CruiseControlActive, FMS82_ClutchSwitch, FMS83_PTO_State, FMS84_AcceleratorPedalPosition, FMS85_EngineLoad, FMS86_TotalFuelUsed, FMS87_FuelLevel, FMS88_EngineRPM, MS89_AxelLocation, FMS90_TireLocation, FMS104_TotalEngineHours, FMS105_VIN, FMS109_SW, FMS110_DiagnosticsSupported, FMS111_RequestsSupported, FMS112_TotalDistance, FMS113_ServiceDistance, FMS114_VehicleMotion, FMS125_SystemEvent, FMS126_TachographVehicleSpeed, FMS127_EngineCoolantTemp, FMS128_AmbientAirTemp, FMS129_Driver1Identification, FMS132_Driver2Identification, FMS135_FuelRate, FMS136_FuelEconomy, FMS137_PtoEngaged, FMS138_TotalFuelUsed inputs to FMB630 device

- Added CrashDetection and UnplugDetection signals to FM1010 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.847 Released: 2017-11-18
- Added EventID to all FMx devices.

Teltonika v5.0.0.819 Released: 2017-11-13
- Added SatelliteCount signal to FMB920 device
- IButton, MNC and MCC added to FMB630

Teltonika v5.0.0.752 Released: 2017-11-01
- Added 1-wire TemperatureSensor inputs to FMB630 that do not require the device to send up 1-wire Senor IDs.

Teltonika v5.0.0.738 Released: 2017-10-30
- Fixed GnnssStatus data type (again)

Teltonika v5.0.0.731 Released: 2017-10-29
- 1-wire temp sensor support added to FMB630 and FMA120

Teltonika v5.0.0.651 Released: 2017-10-19
- Added new FMB100 device type
- Added LLSFuelLevel, LLSFuelTemperature, LLSFuelLeak, LLSAinFuelLevel signals to FM5300 and FM6320 devices
- Added support for One wire variables (Dallas Temperature 1-3) for FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.554 Released: 2017-10-04
* add support of DigitalInput 1-4, Analog Input 1-4, DigitalOutput 1-4, Harsh acceleration / braking / cornering, FuelLevelMeter 1-2 for FMB630 device
* add support for FM1125 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5869 Released: 2017-09-26
* added more variables to FMB920 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5837 Released: 2017-09-15
* Added CAN200_VehicleDistance, CAN200_TotalFuelUsed, CAN200_FuelLevelPerCent, CAN200_FuelLevel, CAN200_EngineRPM, CAN200_VehicleSpeed, CAN200_AccPedalPosition, CAN300_ProgramNumber, CAN300_ModuleID, CAN300_EngineWorkTime signals to FM6320 and FMB630 devices

Teltonika v4.0.0.5837 Released: 2017-09-14
* Fixed the duplicated AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ signals for FMB120 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5834 Released: 2017-09-13
* Added OriginalSMS, CrashDetection, AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ signals to FMB120 device.
* Added support to review and analyze crash incidents for FMB120 device,

Teltonika v4.0.0.5812 Released: 2017-09-06
* Added SatelliteCount, DigitalInput2, DigitalInput3, IButton, IButton_Reverse, IButton_Connected, RFID signals to FMB120 device
* Added support for CAN300_TotalFuelUsed, CAN300_FuelLevelLiters, CAN300_EngineRPM, CAN300_TotalMileage, CAN300_FuelLevelPerCent, CAN300_ProgramNumber, CAN300_ModuleID, CAN300_AdBlueLevelPerCent, CAN300_AdBlueLevelLiters, CAN300_ControlStateFlags, CAN300_SecurityStateFlags signals for FM3622 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5807 Released: 2017-09-01
* Added support for One wire variables (Dallas Temperature 1-3) for FM3622

Teltonika v4.0.0.5793 Released: 2017-08-28
* fix GnnssStatus value.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5778 Released: 2017-08-23
* change GnnssStatus type from boolean to double for FMB001, FMB120 and FMB920 devices

Teltonika v4.0.0.5774 Released: 2017-08-22
* add support of FMS 79 - 90, 104, 105, 109 - 114, 125 - 129, 132, 135 - 138 for FM5300 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5772 Released: 2017-08-21
* add TotalOdometer and VirtualOdometer to supported Odometers list for FMB001

Teltonika v4.0.0.5766 Released: 2017-08-17
* fix OBD_CodeClearDistance value.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5756 Released: 2017-08-13
* Fixed null exception when using FM1100 and FMB120 over UDP.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5753 Released: 2017-08-11
* Added OBD_EngineRPM, OBD_VehicleSpeed, OBD_FuelLevel signal for FMB120.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5750 Released: 2017-08-10
* Added BatteryVoltage input and remove Ignition duplication for FMB120

Teltonika v4.0.0.5746 Released: 2017-08-09
* Support for FMB120 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5674 Released: 2017-07-20
* Removed double mapping to Ignition from FMB920

Teltonika v4.0.0.5670 Released: 2017-07-19
* Added support for RUT955 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5597 Released: 2017-06-30
* Added some CAN300 inputs for FM3622 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5586 Released: 2017-06-28
* Added support for One wire variables (Dallas Temperature 1-4) for FM1100 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5568 Released: 2017-06-22
* Added some inputs from FM5300 to FMB630 device
* Cloned all inputs from FM1100 to FMA120 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5513 Released: 2017-06-15
* Support for FMB630

Teltonika v4.0.0.5500 Released: 2017-06-11
* Fix Null exception bug if Teltonika device did not have Teltonika device type set.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5499 Released: 2017-06-09
* Added AnalogInput1 signal to FMB920 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5459 Released: 2017-05-31
* Added support for FMA120 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5444 Released: 2017-05-29
* Added Ignition, Movement, GsmSignalStrength, GnnssStatus, SleepMode, BatteryVoltage, AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ, DTC_Count, OBD_EngineRPM, OBD_VehicleSpeed, OBD_FuelLevel, AmbientAirTemperature to FMB001 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5420 Released: 2017-05-23
* Added support for FMB001 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5417 Released: 2017-05-23
* Added AmbientAirTemperature, BrakeSwitch, EngineCoolantTemperature, DTC_Count, OBD_CalculatedEngineLoad, OBD_ShortTermFuelTrim1,OBD_IntakeManifoldAbsolutePressure, OBD_TimingAdvance, OBD_IntakeAirTemperature, OBD_MAFAirFlowRate, OBD_RunTimeSinceEngineStart, CAN300_ProgramNumber, OBD_DirectFuelRailPressure, CriticalBattery, CAN300_ModuleID, OBD_CommandedEGR,OverLand, OverWater, OBD_EGRError, BatteryResistance, CAN300_EngineWorkTime, OBD_BarometricPressure to FM5300 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5415 Released: 2017-05-19
* CrashDetection can now be turned off using a Meta Field.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5412 Released: 2017-05-19
* Added FM1120 inputs to FM3622.
* Added RS232_Track4

Teltonika v4.0.0.5401 Released: 2017-05-16
* Added support for FM3622 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5359 Released: 2017-05-10
* Added RS232_Track_Update to FM1120. True when new values sent up from RS232 interface.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5347 Released: 2017-05-09
* Added Tachograph_Odometer to FM6320 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5294 Released: 2017-04-26
- Support for Crash data.
- TotalOdometer for FM1120 device
- Add support for FMB010 device
- Add support of Tachograph_VehicleInMotion, Driver1_WorkingState, Driver2_WorkingState, Tachograph_Overspeed, Driver1_CardPresent, Driver2_CardPresent, Driver1_TimeRealState, Driver2_TimeRealState, Tachograph_Speed, Tachograph_Odometer, Tachograph_CurrentTrip, Tachograph_TimeStamp for FMB6320 device,

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5218 Released: 2017-03-30
* Added CAN200_AccPedalPosition, CAN200_EngineRPM, CAN200_FuelLevel, CAN200_TotalFuelUsed, CAN200_VehicleDistance, CAN200_VehicleSpeed to FM3620 device mapper,

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5175 Released: 2017-03-16
* Modified CrashDetection, AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ inputs for FMB920 device,

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5154 Released: 2017-03-06
* Added RS232_Track1/2/3 to FM1120 device

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5103 Released: 2017-02-10
* Added OBD_MAFAirFlowRate, OBD_BarometricPressure, OBD_DirectFuelRailPressure, OBD_CommandedEGR, OBD_EGRError, OBD_ControlModuleVoltage, OBD_EngineOilTemperature to FM1000
* Fix OneWire error verification.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5095 Released: 2017-02-09
* Ignore OneWire TemperatureSensors with ID=0

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5084 Released: 2017-02-07
* Support for One wire temperature sensors added to FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5077 Released: 2017-02-06
* Device type FMB920 added.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5061 Released: 2017-01-31
* Added CAN0_HEX to CAN9_HEX for FM4200

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4975 Released: 2017-01-10
* Added device type FM6320

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4932 Released: 2016-12-22
* Added CrashDetection and UnplugDetection to FM1000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4928 Released: 2016-12-22
* Added CrashDetection and UnplugDetection to FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4880 Released: 2016-12-05
* Added OriginalSms to FM1000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4846 Released: 2016-11-24
* Fix GPS parsing for AT2000 device
* Fix Time parsing forAT2000 device

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4837 Released: 2016-11-21
* AT2000 device: Added AIN1/2, ExternalPower, CellID, GSMLevel, CurrentProfile, BatteryLevel, Temperature, Satellites and IO events signals

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4825 Released: 2016-11-18
* Fix parsing for AT2000 devices

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4809 Released: 2016-11-15
* Support for AT2000 devices

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4675 Released: 2016-10-13
* FM1100 : Add support for A53_FuelLevel

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4639 Released: 2016-10-05
* FM3620 : Add support for DallasTemperature1, DallasTemperature2, DallasTemperature3, OverSpeeding, JammingDetection

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4604 Released: 2016-09-29
* Fix CAN300_FuelConsumed and CAN300_FuelRate for FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4603 Released: 2016-09-28
* FM1100 device support for: CAN300_VehicleSpeed, CAN300_AccPedalPosition, CAN300_ProgramNumber, CAN300_ModuleID, CAN300_EngineWorkTime, CAN300_TotalMileage, CAN300_FuelConsumed, CAN300_FuelRate

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4474 Released: 2016-08-31
* Added Green Driving (Acceleration, Braking and Cornering) variables for FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4246 Released: 2016-06-22
* AnalogInput1 added to FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4242 Released: 2016-06-20
* More robust recovery from Teltonika protocol error.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4196 Released: 2016-06-06
* TemperatureSensor inputs added to FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4097 Released: 2016-05-13
* OriginalSMS now contains command reply over GPRS as well as SMS.
* DDD messages will now always be live.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4078 Released: 2016-05-11
* Support for FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4028 Released: 2016-04-28
* Complete CellID inputs added to all device types.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3989 Released: 2016-04-20
* Added PlusButtonPressed and MinusButtonPressed for GH4000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3969 Released: 2016-04-15
* Added DTC_Count, OBD_CalculatedEngineLoad, OBD_ShortTermFuelTrim1, OBD_IntakeManifoldAbsolutePressure, OBD_TimingAdvance, OBD_IntakeAirTemperature, OBD_RunTimeSinceEngineStart, to FM1000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3966 Released: 2016-04-14
* Added OBD_CoolantTemperature, OBD_EngineRPM, OBD_ThrottlePosition, OBD_VehicleSpeed, OBD_FuelLevel, OBD_MIL_Distance, OBD_CodeClearDistance

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3959 Released: 2016-04-13
* TemperatureSensor4 added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3826 Released: 2016-02-29
* Added GpsPower and GpsShortcut to FM1120

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3801 Released: 2016-02-19
* Fix for DDD command response

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3741 Released: 2016-02-04
* Add variable representing Teltonika DDD command status.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3712 Released: 2016-01-29
* DataForward now works for TCP protocol tunneled over UDP.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3712 Released: 2016-01-26
* FMS83_PTO_State added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3707 Released: 2016-01-25
* GPRS commands ended by [0x00] are now accepted.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3639 Released: 2015-12-18
* Added GsmSignalStrength variable for FM3300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3606 Released: 2015-12-10
* Show "Pending" instead of "Offline" status in the vehicle list when the device only sends login messages without report for a while.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3569 Released: 2015-11-27
* Improved parsing for login

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3158 Released: 2015-08-25
* CAN200 inputs added to FM1120

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3135 Released: 2015-08-18
* OriginalSMS added as input to FM4200 Device Mapper

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2952 Released: 2015-06-25
* DataForward now works when Teltonika is connected over TCP.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2926 Released: 2015-06-12
* CAN200 now works for FM5300 on Property ID range 211 to 217

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2880 Released: 2015-06-04
* MagnetLock now works for AT1200

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2819 Released: 2015-05-25
* Device Type for GH4000 now added (for real)
* Movement input should now work for GH4000 and GH3000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2773 Released: 2015-05-09
* Added input IButton_Connected to device mapper.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2735 Released: 2015-04-28
* SMS reports without time stamp now uses time stamp of latest report with time stamp.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2672 Released: 2015-04-14
* Tachograph_192 added as possible Device Odometer for FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2496 Released: 2015-03-06
* OriginalSms added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2476 Released: 2015-03-03
* FIX: Trust odometer readings when vehicle is not moving

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2353 Released: 2015-02-06
* Support for FM5300 + K-Line firmware.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2245 Released: 2015-01-21
* Teltonika GH4000 (quad band) added.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2243 Released: 2015-01-20
* IButton value will be ignored if containing zero like data.
- Existing installations will keep old behavior but can be changed by a setting.
* Jamming input for FM3400 improved.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2240 Released: 2015-01-19
* Harsh* inputs added to FM3400

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2223 Released: 2015-01-15
* FM3400 added as device types.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2203 Released: 2015-01-14
* BatteryCurrent added to FM1202

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2159 Released: 2015-01-07
* Changed Garmin FMI link control messages to not be logged as error in terminal

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2150 Released: 2015-01-02
* Device Type AT1200 added.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2066 Released: 2014-12-02
* Work around for Teltonika UDP protocol error.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2053 Released: 2014-11-25
* Added (limited) iBox support to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2000 Released: 2014-11-11
* AutoGeofenceEnter/Exit added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1999 Released: 2014-11-10
* Improved LV-CAN200 support for FM5300. (Requires special Teltonika firmware).

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1914 Released: 2014-10-27
* Added device type FM1010

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1901 Released: 2014-10-23
* Added device type FM1120

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1845 Released: 2014-10-08
* Added CAN200 inputs to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1650 Released: 2014-08-21
* Added TemperatureSensor_Valid, TemperatureSensor2_Valid and TemperatureSensor3_Valid. Which are true when the temp sensor is connected. Useful for Device mapper Scripting.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1593 Released: 2014-08-08
* Handles 8 bytes CAN values.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1478 Released: 2014-07-24
* More Tachograph inputs added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1396 Released: 2014-07-10
* FIX: Muti-step GPRS Template Command now works when Garmin FMI is enabled.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1378 Released: 2014-07-09
* FEATURE: PcbTemperature added to FM1202

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1369 Released: 2014-07-07
* FIX: Tachometer inputs for FM5300.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1363 Released: 2014-07-04
* Fix Teltonika Garmin FMI compatibility with FM5300 Firmwares >= 01.06.09

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1322 Released: 2014-07-02
* (Dallas) Temperature Sensors added as inputs to FM120x

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1284 Released: 2014-06-27
* FM1000 fixes.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1277 Released: 2014-06-26
* Device Type FM1000 added.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1163 Released: 2014-06-03
* IButton input added to FM3300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1094 Released: 2014-05-15
* Added device type FM5500

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1044 Released: 2014-05-08
* Added device type FM1202

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1041 Released: 2014-05-08
* CAN200_VehicleSpeed should now have correct value.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1007 Released: 2014-04-30
* CAN200_VehicleDistance can be selected as OdometerAcc for FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.989 Released: 2014-04-28
* Added Tachograph inputs to FM4200 and FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.522 Released: 2014-02-23
* Improved logging on parsing error.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.203 Released: 2013-12-10
* FIX: More Temperature sensor fixes.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.168 Released: 2013-12-04
* FIX: Disconnected Temperature sensor will no longer produce false values.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.5478 Released: 2013-11-20
* Teltonika FM3300 added.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.5440 Released: 2013-11-13
* More robust to protocol errors.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.5157 Released: 2013-09-19
* Added signals from adapter LV-CAN200 to device type FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4965 Released: 2013-07-23
* IButton_Reverse added to device mapper. It is the same as IButton but in hex data is in reverse order.
* Harsh signals for FM1100 improved.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4891 Released: 2013-06-26
* VitualOdometer now works better.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4836 Released: 2013-06-14
* BatteryVoltage added to FM1200

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4670 Released: 2013-05-21
* Ignition should now work for FM1200

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4630 Released: 2013-05-06
* Added OriginalSMS signal to GH3000 device mapper.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4597 Released: 2013-04-29
* FIX: HDOP and PDOP signals does now get right value.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4547 Released: 2013-04-17
* Added device type FM1200

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4427 Released: 2013-03-20
* Device type MH2000 added.
* Garbage UDP packets no longer generates errors in log file.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4324 Released: 2013-03-09
* Improved performance when using Harsh driving signals.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4254 Released: 2013-02-20
* Improved performance when using IButton or Analog inputs.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4218 Released: 2013-02-19
* Garmin FMI support for FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4060 Released: 2013-01-04
* AutoCAN signals added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.3776 Released: 2012-10-19
* Improved SMS report parsing.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.3732 Released: 2012-10-07
* Improved performance. Will use less DB storage and CPU.

It is recommended that you upgrade to Core v3.1.0.3840 + Patch.3840 for best effect.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.3726 Released: 2012-10-04
* Device type Teltonika FM5300 added.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.1.3551 Released: 2012-08-16
* HDOP/PDOP signals added to FM4200
* GPRS commands can now be sent "on connect", using Template Command with empty first step.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.1.3528 Released: 2012-08-01
* DigitalOutput2 should now work better.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3469 Released: 2012-06-19
* "OdometerAcc" added to FM4200

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3465 Released: 2012-06-15
* Outgoing GPRS commands improved.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3396 Released: 2012-04-28
* AutoGeofenceEnter/Exit added to FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3360 Released: 2012-03-18
* SatelliteCount added to FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3270 Released: 2012-01-17
* SatelliteCount added to FM3200

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3241 Released: 2011-12-30
* Commands can be sent over GPRS for FM4200 using firmware FM42.VER.47.01.00 (2011.08.16) or later.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3191 Released: 2011-12-07
* FM4200 harsh driving. (Check with Teltonika you have an updated firmware version).

HarshAccelerationValue - acceleration in G
HarshBrakingValue - acceleration in G
HarshAcceleration - true when acc > 1G
HarshBraking - true when acc > 1G

before those values were always 0 for FM4200.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3121 Released: 2011-11-08
* Improved handling of SMS from FM2200

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.2995 Released: 2011-06-10
* Device Type FM1100 added.
* Harsh / green driving signals for FM4200 and FM1100 added.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.2919 Released: 2011-06-10
* Updated "Template Commands" for FM2100, FM2200, FM3200, FM4100, FM4200 and GH3000

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.2785 Released: 2011-03-16
- Signals added for FM4100, FM4200, FM3200.
"GpsPower" - 0 if GPS antenna disconnected, and 1 if connected.
"GpsShortcut" - true if GPS antenna is disconnected.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.2750 Released: 2011-02-14
- Works better with Garmin Nuvi (FMI)


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