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ChangeLog: PointsOfInterest (POI)

Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:20 pm

Patches and bug fixes for PointsOfInterest (POI)

Release history

PointsOfInterest build 4534 Released: 2020-08-20
- Fix performance problems when drawing POIs on map.
- REST support for POIs

PointsOfInterest build 4257 Released: 2020-06-18
- Using the "Copy to clipboard" button in the Map Coordinates tool will always copy a Google Maps compatible coordinate string.
- POI Category zoom level names can now be localized again.
- Fixed find POIs when using large distance tolerance

PointsOfInterest build 4115 Released: 2020-04-16
- Compatibility release.

PointsOfInterest 3984 Released: 2020-03-19
Fix case where a miss-configured POI Event Rule could find POIs in other applications (rare)

PointsOfInterest build 3903 Released: 2020-02-13
Compatibility release.

PointsOfInterest build 3600 Released: 2019-11-14

- POI window wouldn't close after editing a POI.
- Added natural sorting rules for POI and Category lists columns.
- Fix: Never reuse an outdated geocoder

PointsOfInterest build 3499 Released: 2019-10-17
- Compatibility release.

PointsOfInterest build 3357 Released: 2019-09-19
- Moved Custom Fields web service methods from IIS to Service.

PointsOfInterest build 3265 Released: 2019-07-18

Points of Interest, POIs, are now displayed below the vehicles for less clutter.

PointsOfInterest build 2983 Released: 2019-04-17

- Fixed POI export to export longitude values in longitude.
- Increment revision of already exported POIs to export them again.

PointsOfInterest build 2909 Released: 2019-03-14

- Fixed an issue that required users to have _EditLocationCategory privilege to be able to add a POI. Add POI now only requires _ReadLocationCategory and one or more available categories to assign the POI to.

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.2359 Released: 2018-11-15

Compatibility release.

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.2191 Released: 2018-10-18

- Updated IconLibrary so it should no longer show the infamous "Cannot read property GetIconByID of undefined" in VehicleTracker.

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.2014 Released: 2018-08-16

- Deleting a POI category now properly closes the Category window and updates the Category List.
- Allow service restart during POI import

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.1843 Released: 2018-07-19

- Archiving fixes.

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.1688 Released: 2018-06-14

- POI panel menu would get duplicate items after map and workspace change.

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.1645 Released: 2018-05-17

User experiance:
- Map layers!

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.1482 Released: 2018-04-19

- Faster scripting engine.

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.1395 Released: 2018-03-28
- Fix in poi search

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.1209 Released: 2018-02-15
- Search on Custom Fields now works again. Issue introduced in January release.

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.1144 Released: 2018-01-15
- No longer timeout when importing large CSV files in an application.
- Added missing localization key in New POI Window

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.1037 Released: 2017-12-14
User experience:
- Visible POI categories are now displayed in the top part of the panel instead of under "Settings" dropdown.
- Settings and Manage Categories have moved to the panel menu in the top right corner.
- Manage POI categories and their visibility by selecting "Manage Categories" in the top right panel menu, or by clicking the category selector icon in the panel header.
- Added a privilege for controlling access to the SOAP API (_SOAP)
- Fix a duplicates result problem on the poi search

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.5828 Released: 2017-09-14
- Fix closing window when new POI is added.

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.5729 Released: 2017-08-15
- Fix: Validates no category of POI name are saved with reserved prefix "_"

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.5417 Released: 2017-06-05
- Security improvements. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.
- Fix: POI import from Archiving

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.5228 Released: 2017-04-26
- Minor issues related to Archiving.

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.5148 Released: 2017-03-28
- Support for Archiving
- Added profiling for SOAP services

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.4975 Released: 2017-01-11
- Fix cannot close form when adding POI with new category

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.4775 Released: 2016-11-24
- Scripting: poi.find method exposed to notifier and timer click scripts
- Added sorter to Custom Fields
- Save POI list column state in workspace
- Fix "could not remove empty category"

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.4452 Released: 2016-10-11
- Fix error when editing a imported POI (under some circumstances)

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.4409 Released: 2016-08-10
- Changing POI category geocoding settings did not take effect until service was restarted or the GeocoderPool was reset due to other actions.

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.4255 Released: 2016-07-04
- POI custom id available as variable for notifiers same as other POI fields
- Search from POI panel now covers custom field values as well

PointsOfInterests v4.0.0.4092 Released: 2016-05-23
- Fixes for import/export POI using custom id

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.3928 Released: 2016-04-25
* Fix resolving of POI rellated event variables using $FINAL() function
* POI category column added to poi list.
* Fix issue where newly added POIs was not included in address lookup result when using POIGeocoder

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.3427 Released: 2015-11-17
* FIX: New POI Categories did not apear in the application until enabled in SiteAdmin

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.3303 Released: 2015-10-07
* Added PointsOfInterest2 Reporting Query - (Faster than previous PointsOfInterest system query)

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.3144 Released: 2015-09-08
* FIX: POI categories was sometimes not auto-included in roles when having "Auto allow new items"

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.2737 Released: 2015-05-05
* OPTIMIZATION: Reduced memory usage

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.2580 Released: 2015-04-08
* FIX: PointsOfInterest report query returned other locations than POI
* FIX: PointsOfInterest report query to include CustomID from import

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.2439 Released: 2015-03-03
* FEATURE: Support accessing POI properties in scripting

* FIX: Added transparency to POI labels to not obfuscate vehicle markers

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.2281 Released: 2015-02-09
* FIX: Error using POI Expression with more than 20,000 POIs while deleting a category.

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.2062 Released: 2014-12-10
* FIX: CSV import can handle file having more values than columns

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.2002 Released: 2014-11-11
* FIX: Removed occurrences of the phrase "gpsgate" to make the plugin neutral for branding Released: 2014-08-12
* FIX: Improved export and import when using custom fields.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v4.0.0.1374 Released: 2014-07-08
* FIX: Outside POI expression resolve variable on NotifyEnd (again)

PointsOfInterest Plugin v4.0.0.1366 Released: 2014-07-07
* FIX: Outside POI expression resolve variable on NotifyEnd

PointsOfInterest Plugin v4.0.0.1113 Released: 2014-06-09
* FIX: Issue where POI were not shown if their category icon was delete
* FIX: Import control to not duplicate custom field values
* FIX: Edit poi handles duplicated values
* FIX: Import custom fields into the selected category
* FIX: Import to not setup nonsense custom field objects for site admin
* FIX: Don't truncate description to 50 chars in edit/create POI form (only in list)

PointsOfInterest Plugin v4.0.0.1064 Released: 2014-05-12
* FIX: Issue where POI categories were not shown if their category icon was deleted.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v4.0.0.764 Released: 2014-03-26
* FIX: Problem when description is null resolved.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v4.0.0.413 Released: 2014-02-05
* FIX: Problem when resizing window.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v4.0.0.394 Released: 2014-01-30
* FIX: Management of POI icons improved.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.5435 Released: 2013-11-12
* FIX: Added localization to compass rose.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.5397 Released: 2013-11-01
* FIX: POI Kml import longitude/latitude switched

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.5064 Released: 2013-09-24
* FIX: Issue fixed when deleting POIs

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.4829 Released: 2013-06-11
* FEATURE: PointsOfInterest can now have custom fields.
* FIX: PointsOfInterest is now enabled for _Administrators and _Operators when enabled in SiteAdmin
* FIX: POI EventExpression available only in applications having PointsOfInterest enabled.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.4541 Released: 2013-04-24
* FEATURE: The radius for POIs (Points of Interest) can now be increased for geocoding purposes. You can also show the distance and direction to a POI as a geocoding result.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.4307 Released: 2013-03-03
* FIX: Memory leak fixed.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.4011 Released: 2013-01-02
- Custom icons can be used for POI categories.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.3935 Released: 2012-11-30
- Import bug fixed.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.3867 Released: 2012-11-08
- PointsOfInterest expression in event rules will no longer end for invalid positions.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.1.0.3840 Released: 2012-11-05
- PointsOfInterest window will no longer automatically pop up in lower right corner when activated. It can instead be found under the Windows menu.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3567 Released: 2012-10-01
- Now works after switching maps without reloading view.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3540 Released: 2012-09-11
- Issue with Dispatch plugin resolved.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3535 Released: 2012-09-07
- MSSQL upgrade now works.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3530 Released: 2012-09-05
- _ImportLocation added. Gives user right to import CSV or KML file in VehicleTracker.
- Possible to clear and delete a category.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3485 Released: 2012-07-20
- Fixed Event Rules issue when a vehicle exit one POI by entering a new POI. (Any reports that depends on this bug needs to be re-processed)

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3343 Released: 2012-02-22
- SOAP API for adding/removing POIs. Download the following file for more info:
- Added "Max map markers" setting. You can now see more than 500 POIs at a time if your computer handles it.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3281 Released: 2012-01-20
- Sets up the _EditLocation privilege automatically on upgrade. All categories that a user has _ReadLocationCategory access to will now also automatically get _EditLocation access.
Later upgrades will not modify the privileges again.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3275 Released: 2012-01-18
- _EditLocation privilege can now be set per category.
- Core v3.0.0.3275 compatibility.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3153 Released: 2011-12-16
- POI geocoder: Sort results by zoom (higher zoom = higher priority).

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3082 Released: 2011-10-14
- Now much faster to generate "Time On Site" reports.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3063 Released: 2011-09-21
- Fixed PointOfInterestCategories system query ORDER BY issue affecting report querys for MSSQL.
- Added POI_ID variable to Points Of Interest expression to enable notifying the POI ID in event notification message.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3039 Released: 2011-09-06
- Added report "EX1000 Export POI", which can be used to export POIs from an application in CSV format. The exported file can be imported to other GpsGate Servers or custom applications.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.3034 Released: 2011-09-01
- Can trigger when vehicle exits/leaves POI not only arrives to POI as before.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.2883 Released: 2011-05-12
- Geocoding using POIs are no longer dependent on feature settings.
- POIs can now be drawn after switching maps
- POIs with invalid coordinates can no longer be saved.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.2818 Released: 2011-04-01
- POI Event Rule to include POIs in event reports and real time events.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.2809 Released: 2011-03-28
Dependent on Core or later.
- Import KML files.
- Much improved performance. Can handle unlimited number of POIs.
- POI geocoding now works.
- Edit POI categories.
- Set colored icons for each POI category.

PointsOfInterest Plugin v3.0.0.2745 Released: 2011-02-10
- Readded the "Add POI (here)" menu item to the map context menu.
- Fixed a bug in the POI map marker drawing (only the POIs visible in the table control was drawn).
- Various other minor fixes.

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Re: ChangeLog: PointsOfInterest (POI)

Mon Aug 24, 2020 11:05 pm

PointsOfInterest build 4534 Released: 2020-08-20

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