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Blackberry client from TheByteWorks

Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:56 pm

Updated: How to connect devices to GpsGate, click here Client for Blackberry from ByteWorks

Configure Blackberry application

1. Obtain the Blackberry client application:

2. Direct download and install in Blackberry smartphone, point your browser to the jad file on or:

3. Download the zip package in your PC from, unzip and use Blackberry Desktop Manager to install into your smartphone

5. Important: the smartphone must have filled APN details in Options-Advanced Options-TCP

6. Check the correct settings with your network operator

7. Important: the smartphone must be configured in Options-Security Options-TLS TLS Default as Handheld

8. Failing to satisfy step 2 and 3 will reneder application to fail connecting to server with an "Open tunnel failure"

9. Start the application ( BB)

10. Check "Allow changes" checkbox

11. Fill your gpsgate server address. If you are using service leave default

12. Fill your username and password

13. Fill desired locate interval, in seconds

14. Uncheck "Allow changes" checkbox to save changes

More info at ByteWork's product page

Support forum for ByteWork's Blackberry client

Best regards Markus
Franson employee

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