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All you need to know to install GpsGate Server

Wed May 05, 2010 9:20 pm

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here

All you need to know to install GpsGate Server


For larger installations we recommend to use AWS.

Use AWS Aurora as database. It has a lot of very nice features. Real time backup. Easy to scale up.

The Windows instances AWS offers are easy to scale up as your installations grows.

GpsGate 5 can also run parts of the functionality in a cluster. We do not have any public guides (yet) on how to setup and manage a GpsGate cluster. Setup can currently only be done by GpsGate Support.


GpsGate Server can now be installed on any 64-bit version of Windows supported by Microsoft. For larger installations we recommend Windows 2012 R2 64-bit. (Please note that Windows 2003 and XP are no longer supported by Microsoft)

Make sure you have .NET 4.6 installed.

You cannot install GpsGate Server on a shared web hosting account. You need a dedicated or virtual computer/server to which you can make a normal Windows login.

The server needs one static public IP address.


It is recommend that you use MySQL. MySQL v5.5, v5.6 and v5.7 are supported. MySQL v8.0 is NOT supported.

MSSQL 2005 or later will also work fine. MSSQL Express works but has a database size limitation. We like MySQL better than MSSQL, but both works fine. If you use Express you will run into problems when your system grows.

GpsGate Install Wizard will help you with information on how to download and install a database, or detect any already installed on your computer.

Using MySQL you also need an ODBC driver installed. The Install Wizard will do this for you, but if you decide to do it manually you need to install version 5.3.4. More info:


For testing and for smaller less than 100 users systems any computer can be used.

For larger systems 500+ users, you need to be careful to select right hardware. Use a real server no desktop computer. 16GB RAM. SAS/SCSI RAID1 15kRPM or SSD disks. Multicore Xeon CPU. GpsGate makes very good use of many CPUs/Cores.

You can contact support if you have questions regarding what hardware to use.


If you have not yet downloaded GpsGate Server you can do it here

UNZIP the download and run "Install.exe". The Wizard is straight forward and will guide you through all steps.

After clicking "Finish" on the Wizard a browser window will open and the setup will continue in the browser.

After completeing all setup steps you get the opportinuty to create your first application.

1. Login to SiteAdmin with the user you created during installation. You can typically find your SiteAdmin login under http://localhost/gpsgateserver/siteadmin

2. Go to Applications -> Create New
3. Enter a name. E.g. "My GPS tracking".
4. Click "Next"

You are now about to add an administrator to you new application.
5. Select "Add Existing"
6. Click on "Search". And select your SiteAdmin user in the drop down.
7. Click "Next"

8. Select your Time zone.
9. Click "Finish"

10. Click on the "Url" to the application, and login with the new user you created.

FINISHED! You are now logged in to your first VehicleTracker application!

Supported GPS trackers and how to connect them to your server:


Backup and restore GpsGate Server

How to re-install GpsGate Server with all your old data deleted:

Reset the SiteAdmin password.

Video guides:

GpsGate Server setup and troubleshooting

GpsGate Reports:

GpsGate VehicleTracker - Tips and trix

Supported maps

How to enable SMS

GpsGate Blogs:

GpsGate Server User's guide:

Branding (use your own logo)


You use Windows 2008 and get "System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission". Read this for a solution:

You use MSSQL and get "Cannot open database...". Solution here:

If you use Windows XP or Vista, you want to enable more concurrent connections to IIS, or else you will get "HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected to Internet Information Services". Please read this:

More setup and troubleshooting info here:

More info on selecting hardware:

MSSQL Express has a size limitation. Express 2008 has 10 GB. For a system with more than 25 users never use Express (use MySQL or commercial MSSQL instead). And if you use Express, use the Cleanup Plugin to limit database size.

If you have problems please post questions to this forum or contact support.

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