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GpsGate VehicleTracker - Tips and tricks

Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:53 pm

This page is an index of useful guides on how to use GpsGate VehicleTracker. The guides are typically aimed at VehicleTracker operators and administrators. This is just a selection of guides and does not cover all functionality on VehicleTracker.

View vehicles

Set vehicle icon

How to access VehicleTracker from a mobife phone:

Use Workspaces to customize the VehicleTracker layout

How to set a new default workspace

Customizing the vehicle list. See vehicle status using icons and text messages:

View vehicles on public homepage

View your vehicles in Google Earth (using KML)

Display street address

Add custom fields/data to vehicles

How to move users between applications, and how to add users to multiple applications

Create an overview application for all users and applications on your server (advanced):


Map based searching with Area Search

POI - Points of Interest

Set POI icon

Import POIs from a KML file and use them in VehicleTracker:

How to Import and Export POIs from/to a CSV file.

Use POIs for geocoding


Video guide on Geofences:

Import Geofences from KML/KMZ files

Roles and Privileges

Use Roles and Features/Privileges:

Overview of all common privileges

The _ReadData privilege and _Me tag introduces a whole new concept on how to setup your customer applications. Reports, Views and Event Rules can be made much more generic and you control who can see what using _ReadData and _Me. This will save you a lot of work.

Using _ReadData to determine who can see which vehicle data

Using the _Me tag to only see your own data

How to give different "Roles" of users access to different "Views" in one application: '

Give users rights to see specific reports.

Edit User Access Mask lets you control which fields are visible when editing a User.

Application Templates

Use "Application Templates" to create new configured applications in an instance:

Driver ID using iButton or RFID

Setting up drivers of vehicles

Links, a new framework for connecting vehicles with items or users through time.


Activate reports in GpsGate Server 3.0

Best practices

Reporting docs

Schedule reports to be sent over e-mail.

GPS Tracker off line report.

Customize reports

No data in sending email report manually

Devices / Device Mapper / Odometer

How to use Device Mappers

Add Custom Variables

Which GPS trackers are supported and how to connect them

Odometer setup

Track Filters. Change Track Filters. Use different track filters for city vehicles, and long distance vehicles.

Trip Definition. Set any input from the device (e.g. Ignition) or a Device Mapper Script to define what is a trip and what is idle.

Discover unregistered devices. Check if any unknown (not registered) device is connecting to your server:

Camera, upload pictures from your tracking device

Setting up and using Event Rules

Introduction: The power of Event Rules

Email and SMS alerts from GpsGate Server

Customizing the vehicle list. See vehicle status using icons and text messages:

Event Rule / Notifier variables

How to setup an over-speeding alarm (and to avoid getting to many speeding events)

Speeding area with Geofence

Alarm when car stops for 20 minutes.

Create geofences and setup inside geofence rule (video guide)

How to get an SMS if a vehicle does not start its working day in time e.g. when driver oversleeps. This guide is using the "off line" rule to detect if a tracker is off line when it is not allowed to be.

Non-linear mapping of device variables, e.g. for a non symmetrical fuel tank. GpsGate v4.0

"One shot events" - Trigger event each time.

Use Event Rules to move users in and out of tags:

Multi-step Event Rules

How to use SimOne to test Event Rules

Limit to one event per day

Create Event Rules using JavaScript

FIX: Too many events. Some will not be shown on the map.

Dispatch, Chat and Jobs

Communicate with the driver using Garmin Navigator

Pop up Chat window on new message

More features

Notes can be placed on any user or vehicle. They can be used to inform a technician that a device or vehicle needs maintenance or as a messaging tool between operators.

More plugins (lot's more!!)

Short description of all plugins available for GpsGate Server in alphabetical order for each repository.

If you are missing a guide please contact us, and we will consider creating a new one. Contact us here:


GpsGate Support

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