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Maps supported by GpsGate Server

Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:28 pm

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here

GpsGate Server supports a number of different map alternatives. For hosted servers Google Maps is included. For servers installed on-site, you need to follow the agreements for each map provider.

GpsGate Native Map Based on OpenStreetMap data.

Google Maps (Geocode enabled) -
Insert the Google Maps key under SiteAdmin -> Maps -> Google Maps to activate.

Geocodefarm (geocoding only, no map).

Shapefiles / Geoserver / WMS (Geocode enabled)
Use Geoserver (free) + Openlayers (free) to display Shapefiles in GpsGate Server.
Setup map:
Setup geocoder:

ArcGIS (geocode enabled)

Import a raster JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP map to GpsGate Server

Navionics nautical maps.


Bing (Geocoder enabled) -

HERE (Geocode enabled) -

OneMap for Singapore (Geocode enabled) -
Here is info on how to activate OneMap for GpsGate Server

Baidu Maps for China -
Here's information on how to activate Baidu maps in GpsGate Server

Vietbando -
Here's information on how to activate Vietbando Vietnamese maps in GpsGate Server

Loftmyndir Iceland -
Here's information on how to activate Loftmyndir Iceland maps in GpsGate Server

Abu Dhabi Geospatial Portal map

Pick Point (geocoding only, no map).


Create new geocoder "stack". You may for example want to create a new geocoder which first checks geofences, then POIs and as a final resort GpsGate and/or Google.

Use POIs for geocoding

How to integrate a geocoder over HTTP/XML

The "AppGeocoder" is a useful tool when setting up a geocoder using POIs and geofences.

If you don't find the map / geocode support you need, please contact us here:

GpsGate Server developer's guide


GpsGate Support

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