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ChangeLog: Sinocastel

Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:37 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Sinocastel Plugin

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More info on how to connect Sinocastel tracker:

Release history:

Sinocastel v5.0.0.3739 Released: 2019-12-16
- added OBDII_FuelType, OBDII_TotalFuelConsumption, OBDII_TotalMileage for Generic device

Sinocastel v5.0.0.3739 Released: 2019-12-16
* added VehicleVoltage for Generic device

Sinocastel v5.0.0.3132 Released: 2019-06-03
* fix parsing of SoftwareVersion and HardwareVersion value

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5813 Released: 2017-09-13
* added proper parser for LT-160/162 devices

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5807 Released: 2017-09-01
* Added support for LT-160 and LT-162 devices
* Fix parser issue

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5764 Released: 2017-08-16
* fix packages parsing (use Protocol length instead of EndIndex to read data from buffer),

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5682 Released: 2017-07-25
* Fixed parser (the case when we have multiple start and/or end patterns in one message from device)

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5582 Released: 2017-06-27
* Changed SaveChangesOnly=false for OBDII_DTC_Flag and OBDII_DTC_Count inputs for generic device

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5556 Released: 2017-06-20
* only history reports (0x400101) will use GPS_ITEM TimeStamp (except latest GPS_ITEM), another reports will use STAT_DATA TimeStamp (this not apply for MPIP620 device)

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5513 Released: 2017-06-15
* set TimeStamp from STAT_DATA to latest GPS_ITEM (for history report 0x400101)

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5474 Released: 2017-06-02
* fix parsing of packages without TrackPoints

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5459 Released: 2017-05-31
* fix STAT_DATA TimeStamp (it will be assigned to the latest GPS_ITEM)

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5412 Released: 2017-05-19
* Fixed GPS TimeStamp

Sinocastel v4.0.0.5336 Released: 2017-05-05
* Fixed the parsing issue when grps connection is broken

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.5315 Released: 2017-05-02
* Fixed the MILAlarm signal to be behaving like events (SavechangesOnly=false) for generic device

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.5307 Released: 2017-04-28
* Fixed FuelType input.

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.5295 Released: 2017-04-26
* Fixed VIN input for Generic Device.

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.5231 Released: 2017-04-05
* Modified the SaveChangesOnly parameter of the DistanceTraveledWitMIL and OBDII_DTCs signals from true to false for generic device

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.5138 Released: 2017-02-27
* Fixed OBDII_DTCs value for Sinocastel Generic device

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.5077 Released: 2017-02-06
* Fix TrackPoint TimeStamp
* Support of EngineCoolantTemperature, IntakeManifoldAbsolutePressure, IntakeAirTemperature, AirFlowRate, FuelLevel inputs

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4837 Released: 2016-11-21
* Mark messages as invalid if no position is included

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4785 Released: 2016-11-08
* Fix SMS Template Commands.

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4698 Released: 2016-10-18
* Fix OBDII_DTCs signal for IDD-213GL device

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4652 Released: 2016-10-07
* Support SMS commands for MPIP-620 device

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4639 Released: 2016-10-05
* SMS Support

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4489 Released: 2016-09-05
* Fix for OBDII_DTC_Flag and OBDII_DTC_Count signals

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4372 Released: 2016-07-28
* Added OBDII_DTC_Flag, OBDII_DTC_Count and OBDII_DTCs for IDD-213GL

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4360 Released: 2016-07-22
* Added inputs: DTCCode, CalculatedLoadValue, EngineRPM, VehicleSpeed, AbsoluteThrottlePosition, TimeSinceEngineStart, DistanceTraveledWitMIL, EGRError, CommandedEvaporativePurge to Sinocastel Generic

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4327 Released: 2016-07-12
* Added support of Vehicle state MIL alarm signal
* Added support of Alarm_LowVoltage, Alarm_Towing, Alarm_MIL, Alarm_PowerOff, Alarm_Emergency, Alarm_Crash, Alarm_IgnitionOff, Alarm_Unlock signals from Alarm package(4007),

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4284 Released: 2016-06-29
* Added support for G-Sensor/PID(without PIDs values) packages.
* Fix Snapshoot/Alarm packages
* Use StatData TimeStamp for TrackPoint when there is no GpsData

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4161 Released: 2016-05-26
* Added SateliteCount, LAC, CellID, BatteryLevel, ACCOff, Speeding, GPSFailure, LowPower, PowerFailure, PowerCut variables for MPIP-620 device
* Added parsign of GPS location for 4007 command

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4121 Released: 2016-05-18
* Added support MPIP-620 device with support of command 4001

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4079 Released: 2016-05-11
* Add status inputs for DTCPassengerCar, GpsData, Login packages

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.4076 Released: 2016-05-11
* Fixed active bit validation

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.2074 Released: 2014-12-04
* TotalTripMilage can now be set as Device Odometer

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.962 Released: 2014-04-24
* Bug showing wrong position fixed.

Sinocastel Plugin v4.0.0.327 Released: 2014-02-18
* First release.


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Re: ChangeLog: Sinocastel

Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:00 pm

Sinocastel v5.0.0.3739 Released: 2019-12-16

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