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ChangeLog: Cellocator

Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:03 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Cellocator Plugin

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Cellocator v5.0.0.3608 Released: 2019-11-12
- added 'SubReason', 'DriverAuthentication_DriverID', 'DriverAuthentication_PassengerID', 'DriverAuthentication_Authenticated' for Cell-F device
- fix 'IButton_HEX' value

Cellocator v5.0.0.3335 Released: 2019-08-16
* added Lock for Cell-F device

Cellocator v5.0.0.3130 Released: 2019-05-31
* fix IButton value and added IButton_HEX for CelloF device

Cellocator v5.0.0.3118 Released: 2019-05-23
* added IButton and MileageCounter for CelloF device

Cellocator v5.0.0.2728 Released: 2019-01-18
* fix invalid DateTime parsing

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.5115 Released: 2017-02-16
* Fixed the speed unit from the device to be km/h instead of m/s for ModularType of the report

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.5032 Released: 2017-01-23
* Added TotalVehicleDistance, ABSOffRoadSwitch, ASROffRoadSwitch, EngineAvarageFuelEconomy, WaterInFuelIndicator, EngineIntakeMainfold1Temperature, AcceleratorPedal1LowIdleSwitch inputs to Cellocator Cello-CANiQ device mapper

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4675 Released: 2016-10-13
* MainPowerVoltage signal for CelloTrack Power 8M device added

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4652 Released: 2016-10-07
* Support for Cellocator Cello-CANiQ device

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4467 Released: 2016-08-30
* Fix Nano Acceleration and BarometricPressure signals
* Add support for DistressInput, MultiSense_X_ProblemCode signals for Nano devices

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4408 Released: 2016-08-09
* Add support for module 28: Measurement Readings (Temperature and Humidity) for MultiSense

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4316 Released: 2016-07-07
* Fix Nano MultiSense sensors values

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4249 Released: 2016-06-23
* Added Nano MultiSense Door sensor support

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4236 Released: 2016-06-20
* Fix device ACK

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4231 Released: 2016-06-16
* Added support for Nano MultiSense variables: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Acceleration, RSSI, Impact and FreeFall
* Fix ACK issue

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4204 Released: 2016-06-09
* Added support for Nano MultiSense variables. Temperature, Multisense and Acceleration

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4177 Released: 2016-05-31
* Device type CelloTrack Power 8M added

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4061 Released: 2016-05-05
* Supports Message Type 0 (length 25 bytes) and Message Type 1 (length 34 bytes) as Template Commands
More info:

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.4053 Released: 2016-05-04
* Supports Template Commands over GPRS.
More info:

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.3487 Released: 2014-11-06
* Improved stability when using Garmin PND

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.3477 Released: 2014-11-05
* Garmin FMI Support.
Read more:

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.3044 Released: 2014-07-21
* "Type 11" message support for Cellocator Nano devices

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.1958 Released: 2014-11-04
* Added AnalogInput1 to 4
* Fix driving behavior signals

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.1761 Released: 2014-09-16
* Fix: Skip unnecessary CSA Protocol messages

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.1738 Released: 2014-09-09
* Fix CSA protocol ACK

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.1736 Released: 2014-09-08
* CSA Support (Safety application) enables driving behavior signals

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.1715 Released: 2014-09-03
* Fix protocol error missing ACK

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.1706 Released: 2014-09-01
* FIX: Reset buffer when invalid report is received

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.1619 Released: 2014-08-14
* FEATURE: Add IgnitionStatus, Voltage, Internal Battery Voltage, IButton to Cello-IQ

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.1575 Released: 2014-08-07
* FEATURE: Added device type Cello-IQ

Cellocator Plugin v4.0.0.324 Released: 2014-01-16
* FEATURE: Pooling for improved performance.
* FIX: No mix-up when multiple devices share same client IP.

Cellocator Plugin v3.0.0.3448 Released: 2012-06-09
* ACK improved.

Cellocator Plugin v3.0.0.3318 Released: 2012-02-07
* Added device type Cello-R, Cello-F, CelloTrack, Compact 370-50, Compact CAN, Compact Fleet, Compact Security


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Re: ChangeLog: Cellocator

Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:15 pm

Cellocator v5.0.0.3608 Released: 2019-11-12

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