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GUIDE: Terminal (low level tracker control)

Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:45 pm

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here

GpsGate Terminal

It is now possible to view the raw stream of reports/data going between server and tracker. You can also send back commands which you write manually, or execute predefined template commands from the terminal. Some information about how GpsGate Server interprets the data is also included in the stream. The terminal is one more step to control and manage your trackers.

Monitor one specific device:
1. Log in to SiteAdmin
2. Click on "System Tools"
3. Search on a username, IMEI or phone number. Click "Search"
4. Click "Terminal" next to found item.

List unknown session:
1. Click on "List unknown connections"

List most reason sessions:
1. Click on "View connections last X minute(s)"

Now you can view the stream live!

You can enter a string, select a transport e.g. TCP or SMS and the string will be sent back to the tracker. Please take a look under the "Command" tab for variables you can use like [DeviceImei].

You can also select a "Template Command" in the drop down and execute it. There is a possibility to provide arguments to the command e.g. Arg1=780 would resolve the Template Command [Arg1] to 780

GpsGate Terminal is also available as a window plugin in each VehicleTracker application. It can be enabled for each application under ScriptPlugin in SiteAdmin. By default this option is disabled. This will give the admin of a VehicleTracker application improved control of trackers in that specific application.

Queue Viewer
Using the Queue Viewer you can see and search for all incoming and outgoing SMS messages. You can also see the status of outgoing commands and abort still not delivered commands and SMS messages.

Firewall Test
Under SiteAdmin -> Devices you have a Test button for each protocol. Here you can test if your firewall is setup correctly.



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Re: GUIDE: Terminal (low level tracker control)

Sun Mar 25, 2018 2:34 pm

Thanks for the guide Johan!

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