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How to set up DJ1000 Driver Journal (Vehicle)?

Tue May 24, 2016 11:35 am

Hi everyone,

Pls help and advise how to get this report working. I have installed and activated Driver Journal plugin and managed to get the report to appear in Report Manager (DJ1000 Driver Journal (Vehicle)), however when generate the report for selected VehicleID, I got empty report. That is, the report is generated but with no values in any of the parameters. Pls See below:

ABC co.
Name: DJ1000 Driver Journal (Vehicle)
Period: -
Duration: Odometer Start Odometer End
Start End Duration Distance Category Driver Odo Start Odo End

What am I missing, or did not set up correctly? Or pls point me to any instruction for this report
Would very much appreciate your support!

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Re: How to set up DJ1000 Driver Journal (Vehicle)?

Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:39 am


in order to have this report working properly, you need to login with a user that has a right to edit Driver Journal in the Driver Journal Workspace within your application, and then, for each trip, you need to edit the Categories of each journal. Just after you've edited these, will show up in the report, not before.

Another tip:

If you want to display vehicle's trips, as this plugin only 'sees' driver's trips, what you can do is create 1 driver user per vehicle you want to display, then edit this driver and assign a 'default vehicle' (you do this by editing the driver in Driver info tag). After the driver is associated to an specific vehicle, then you just have to select that driver in the Driver journal workspace to display the vehicle's trips. This will even work with trips done in the past (before the driver-vehicle's association).

I hope this helps.


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